10 Ideas on How to Ship Marijuana Seeds Discreetly

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10 Ideas on How to Ship Marijuana Seeds Discreetly

With future users increasing every day, marijuana sellers are intensely advancing to ensure that supply is attained sufficiently. They have to consider and examine the different types of mechanisms to make sure that sales are managed properly, regardless if it is done physically or online.

When it comes to shipping marijuana seeds, it is very important that the transaction is kept discreet and safe. You do not want to be put into trouble after the law enforcers discover your ownership of the marijuana seeds. Good thing now that there are numerous ideas you can use to help you do discreet shipping of marijuana seeds.

Shipping Methods of Marijuana Seeds

If you are a potential buyer who wants to order online, one of your concerns is to determine whether the purchase can be shipped from the shop. Are there any nearby reputable sellers? What are your other options to acquire superior-quality marijuana seeds? Do you find it a safe approach?

Once you decide to purchase from a shop that is thousands of miles from you, you should make sure that it provides discreet shipping. Not all stores can provide you the convenience of secrecy when shipping your item, so make sure to assess your chosen shop well before you process your transaction. There are several ways that you can do to determine the credibility of your shop. If you find it authentic and provide good service, you can then proceed with your order.

Common Ideas You can Use to Ship Marijuana Seeds Discreetly

If you are thinking of developing a marijuana garden in your area and sell marijuana seeds, check for potential clients, and make sure that you provide sure-fire discreet shipping. Just like the reputable seed banks situated in different countries, they have been masters in shipping their marijuana seeds sensibly. And you can follow their ideas on how to ship marijuana seeds discreetly.

  1. Execute a masking strategy. You should know that your package will undergo a series of inspections via machines, customs officials, and even service dogs. One good idea that you can use is masking the package. You can either perform this by cleansing the plastics that are used for stuffing with water and soap. You can do this repeatedly, but you have to ensure that you are using a soap that is gentle enough to mask the item a bit in a particular manner.
    Service dogs are known to be very responsive to smell, particularly to colognes and perfumes, and they shall quickly alert their officers. Once the dog senses that there is an absolute objective to mask the package, that package shall be instantly seized.
    Another way of masking the package is by hooking up the seeds to a specific gift that your customer picked. These gifts are typical items like gadgets, toys, or any objects that can be transported both internationally and locally.
  2. You can also get vacuum-sealed containers to completely confine the scent of the marijuana seeds.
  3. Guarantee good packaging of your item. Essentially, marijuana seeds that are packed well for shipment are something that is smash-proof, clean, and properly closed to ward off conjectures. You can do the following things when packing your marijuana seeds:
  4. Utilize solid cardboard boxes that are enough to inhibit dents, tears, and holes. It will be best to consider using new ones since the old ones could be supple already.
  5. Layering can also help. Packing peanuts and bubble wraps are used to provide an additional layer of padding to the package. Performing this will guarantee that the marijuana seeds shall not be smashed.
    You can also place the marijuana seeds into a plastic bottle or tight package then put them with extra padding within the package.
  6. You can choose to get a small container or a smaller box to make sure that the seeds are secured.
  7. One would know that the marijuana shop provides discreet shipping if it suggests an assured schedule of delivery
    Orders can take around days or weeks to come to the destination. Nevertheless, buyers should not be anxious about it since this is only a part of sensible delivery. The shop ensures that no hint of the marijuana seeds can be tracked. The best thing buyers can do is wait and ask for an update about the delivery.
  8. When properly sealing the box, you should use plenty of tapes to make sure that the box will not tear apart easily.
  9. You can use white envelopes encased in a DVD casing. See to it that you only get mailing services that do not need to conduct tracking and does not require a signature.
  10. Use USPS when sending your products. Distributing marijuana seeds via online purchasing is not permitted in numerous areas. As such, it is always a possibility to be involved in trouble. Nevertheless, it is only feasible if you happen to be get caught.
    The use of USPS when distributing marijuana seeds will essentially reduce the risk of being captured. They would commonly need warrants and documents.
    Shipping via USPS is a good idea, particularly in states that impose no definite regulations about marijuana growing. One characteristic of the USPS that is well appreciated is that they do not demand a return address.
    When shipping with USPS, the packages are guarded by the law. Practically, USPS shall require a search warrant before they can confiscate and open the items.

You should realize by now how critical it is to ship the marijuana seeds immediately to provide your clients with the reduced waiting time. The sooner you can have the item shipped, the faster it will arrive in your customer with less or no difficulty at all.

How to Determine the Reputable Marijuana Shops

You will know that the marijuana shop is reputable by checking the following things:

1. Website 

An easy way to determine if the shop is credible is through its website. Appropriate certification and documentation are needed for legal businesses to run. A lot of websites commonly show posts that confirm the trustworthiness of the shop. This is a sure way of attracting consumers and assisting the business to excel.

2. Information About the Offered Product

Anyone would prefer to order from a shop that provides information about the product that they require. A credible shop will commonly offer customers with relevant information about the product that they offer. Moreover, customers commonly go back to this detail as a guide while cultivating the plants.

3. Location

It may seem a bit strange to certain people. But what exactly is the significance of learning the location of the shop? You see, you must learn accurately about the origin of the seeds. 

The kind of marijuana seeds greatly depends on the location they originated. Numerous places are recognized for their excellent seeds. This can create a large distinction on how marijuana plants will become. 

4. Details of Shipping

The shipping methods are the most critical parts when ordering marijuana seeds. This can completely impact the entire process if both the seller and the buyer are not cautious. Always choose for discreet shipping. By doing so, you set yourself away from groundless attention about your transaction. Also, it minimizes the possibilities of your item being seized.

5. Contact Details

Let us just assume that your item goes through some troubles while being shipped. What will happen if it becomes missing, and it has no tracking number? What will you do if your item is delivered but in poor condition? Hence, it is important for customers to secure a means of communication with the shop. This will assist them in articulating any issues about the orders.

6. Discreet Shipping

It is conceivable that you have been carefully studying for the possible marijuana seed banks. However, by some means, there is still none that you like to buy from. One thing you may consider doing is to check for foreign stores that process shipment internationally. Nevertheless, you should be cautious with the choices of delivery that they provide.


Wherever you live, your dream to grow and sell marijuana is already made attainable. With the aid of some effective ideas that guarantee the discreet shipping of marijuana seeds, transporting marijuana seeds need not be very hard.

Just a reminder, it is always best to learn the laws that are ruling your area. Some countries have a more rigid custom control that offers more possibilities of confiscating your package. Perform research, and if you still decide to continue with the transaction, always choose the express shipping to provide guaranteed delivery.

The discreet shipping of marijuana seeds is always a necessity. This makes sure that your seeds come to their destination on time with fewer concerns. You see, negative thoughts are always attached when it comes to using and consuming marijuana. In essence, it is always smart to meet the marijuana pursuits in concealment. That way, you can relish the entire health benefits that marijuana provides without being anxious about the undesirable attention. 

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