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Candy Cane Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Get ready to be impressed with the capabilities of the Candy Cane Autoflower strain! This strain is designed to bring out that little child in you. Candies – what else do you expect? There’s no need to outgrow those favorite sweet treats, as the Candy Cane Autoflower variety is not just nice and delicious, but it offers more in terms of effects. If you love fast, then this strain will give you the fast-acting effects, even giving you a highly intense experience. With a high THC level, you will surely feel euphoria bringing you up!

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Candy Cane marijuana strain is very well-known because of its features. This train could bring back your childhood feeling with its sweetness, and you’ll feel nostalgic. This Candy Cane has a delightful and delicious flavor, but it also offers various effects to the users. This marijuana strain has a fast-acting and intense impact that you’ll surely love. The elevated THC level of this strain will offer the consumers a euphoric and mood-boosting buzz.

Origin Of Candy Cane Autoflower Strain

This Candy Cane Autoflowering is a three-way crossbreed of some of the best and most potent marijuana strains in the industry: Widow widow, AK-47, and Mango strain. First, the AK-47 was a multi-awarded strain that delivers an excellent mental buzz, concentration and enhances creativity. Next, the Mango strain is also known to produce massive buds with fruity scents. Lastly, the White Widow strain is known for its stimulating and energizing effects. The parents and the origin of this Candy Cane Autoflowering just showed how potent the offspring could be.

Effects Of Candy Cane Autoflower Strain

This marijuana strain doesn’t only contains a tasty and pleasant taste and scent, but it also has a lot of effects that users will surely love. The fast-acting impact of this strain delivers an intense feeling to your senses and gives a delicious treat for your palate. After several puffs, you will instantly feel the boost of the mental buzz could intensify after few moments. The effects of this strain could enhance your creativity and make you productive during the high. You will indeed feel so delighted because of this strain. When the physical boost sets in, it will then take away your stress and discomfort. As the effects progress, well-balanced physical and mental relaxation will set in and will leave the user feeling satisfied.

Medical Uses Of Candy Cane Autoflower Strain

The Candy Cane Autoflower strain has balanced Sativa and Indica medical benefits. This strain could deliver a euphoric and uplifting buzz, and at the same time, it’ll offer you a physical relaxation that could be very beneficial for medical marijuana patients. This strain could quickly alleviate stress, depression, fatigue, and anxiety that users might be struggling with. Medical marijuana patients will feel happy and positive after consuming this strain, as this could take away all their worries and depressive thoughts.

Taste And Aroma Of Candy Cane Autoflower Strain

This three-way crossbreed marijuana strain could offer distinct and tasty textures. The scent at first is very pleasing and delivers an intense fruity aroma. When they grind the buds or break it, the smell will be more intensify but with a touch of skunky undertones. Most marijuana consumers find this marijuana strain very appealing due to its iconic aromas. The Candy Cane Autoflower also emits a creamy moke that could be very smooth, thanks to its menthol hints. 

Growing Candy Cane Autoflower 

Cultivating Candy Cane Autoflower could be very fun and satisfying. This marijuana plant could thrive either indoors or outdoors setting; however, it may not be an excellent choice for new growers, although you will learn many things when growing this marijuana plant. The Candy Cane has a brief flowering period, and it could only take seven weeks to finish flowering, and it will generate decent yields of 200grams when developed indoors and 100grams fresh buds if grown outdoors. Just keep in mind that this plant thrives well in a warm, sunny environment.

Candy Cane Autoflower Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: AK47 x Mango x White Widow
Flowering Period: 6-7 weeks
Climate: Temperature, Continental, Sunny, Mediterranean
Yield: 200g/m2 indoors / 100g per plant outdoors
Flavors: Fruity, Sour, Sweet, Candy
THC Level: 17.81%
CBD Level: 0.10%
Height: Average
Harvest Period: September
Growing Difficulty: Easy