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Crown Royale Feminized Seeds

Get yourself ready to be impressed with what the Crown Royale Feminized strain has to offer. You will surely be pleased to see its bright purple hues and be alerted with its delightful taste. This signature strain is a bushy, full-bodied plant which will surely amaze you with its yield. You will also be delighted to indulge in its pungent, yet tantalizing smell which gives off the signal of its presence even from a distance away. The taste? Amazingly unbelievable. Whether you are a recreational or a medical marijuana user, you will surely love this strain!

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Origin of Crown Royale Feminized

The Crown Royale Feminized strain is a hybrid of two interesting strains – Blueberry and Purple Kush, making it a sweet cannabis hybrid. This powerful lovechild mixes together the benefits offered by these two popular strains, creating an amazing harmony while producing a unique effect which is far greater than the combined benefits offered by its parents. Its earlier predecessors originated from the landrace strains of Afghanistan, Hindu Kush, and Thailand. This strain offers a modest potency, taking into consideration both THC and CBD levels. This version from Crop King Seeds come in the feminized form, with 70% indica variety.

Effects of Crown Royale Feminized

This strain gives off a rich smoke, which burns a lung-expanding sensation when combusted. Despite being heavy, it does not induce coughing. Rather, it leaves a grape-tinged, pleasant taste which lingers on the palate after exhalation. This strain is usually described as a creeper, taking several minutes before you start savoring its unique taste. It usually starts with a pressure around the temple and eye area, with a subtle tingle that is clearly manifested in the spine and neck area, down to the limbs in a very relaxing way. The overall effect is a full body high, contributing to slightly stimulated mental senses, with some hazy mental effects.

Medical Uses of Crown Royale Feminized

The therapeutic effects of this strain are ideal for those who are dealing with aches and pains usually associated with chronic medical conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia, as well as acute injuries. It also offers an anti-inflammatory property, thus soothing headaches and nausea. Crown Royale Feminized is also an amazing treatment option for those who are suffering from depression and stress, as it calms down the nerves. It may also be used as a compliment treatment for those with gastrointestinal disorders, spasms, PTSD, and several other related disorders. Some cancer patients going through chemotherapy find this strain effective in reducing the loss of appetite and nausea.

Taste and Aroma of Crown Royale Feminized

As a combination of two colorful weed strains, you can expect Crown Royale Feminized as nothing short of quality. It offers a combination of telltale berry tartness and piney aromas. The fragrance can be described as fruity sweet, thanks to the infusion of Blueberry in its genetics. It also introduces some hints of floral and herbal scents, even brightening up the tart scents. Since the flowers are earthy, they also release some peppery or spicy features. The colors of the leaves of this plant do not necessarily have an impact on its unique scent.

Growing Crown Royale Feminized

This strain thrives well in both indoor and outdoor environments. However, it requires a humid or Mediterranean like climate when grown, and 70 degrees Fahrenheit daytime temperature. These plants also need to be “topped”, trimming away those fan leaves that may block the ray of the sun, thus fostering growth. The plants also need to be exposed to cold and darkness at night time, as this is what brings out the purplish appeal of this strain during the vegetative stage. It takes about 9 weeks for the flowering time, with which you can say hello to fat glistening buds filled with yummy resin.

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