Dark Phoenix Feminized Marijuana Strain

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Dark Phoenix Feminized Marijuana Strain

Experience the power of the Dark Phoenix strain! A cross of the renowned Trainwreck and mythical Jack Herer, this strain packs a punch for those in need of relief from sleep loss, pain, or loss of appetite. With the compactness of Trainwreck and the incredible fox tailing of Jack Herer, you’ll also enjoy a delightful aroma and impressive yield. Try the Dark Phoenix weed strain today and feel the difference!

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What is Dark Phoenix Strain?

The Dark Phoenix is a balanced hybrid strain with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genes, perfect for both recreational and medical use. With THC levels of 20.0-25.0%, it offers a potent and euphoric high. The Trainwreck genetics bring in compactness, while Jack Herer contributes to aroma and yield. With low CBD levels, it’s not ideal for medical use but still offers a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.


The fragrance of the Dark Phoenix combines the earthy, pine, and Haze aromas of Jack Herer with the lemon and spicy scents of Trainwreck.


The flavor of the Dark Phoenix merges the earthy, pine, and Haze tastes of Jack Herer with the lemon and spicy notes of Trainwreck, creating a dynamic explosion of flavor in the mouth.


The Dark Phoenix plant produces a large central cola covered in trichomes and foliage that can range from dark blue to black.


Dark Phoenix Strain Feminized Specifications

Strain Parents: Trainwreck x Jack Herer
Strain Dominant: 60% Indica – 40% Sativa
CBD Content: 0.1% to 0.6%
THC Content: 20.0% to 25.0%
Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

Dark Phoenix Strain Growing Information

The Dark Phoenix strain has a flowering time of 9-10 weeks and can yield 500-700 g/m². This plant grows tall but is still manageable for indoor growing, potentially through the topping. The growth is vigorous during the first weeks of flowering, forming strong branches and a crown-like shape. Expect big, beautiful preflowers that eventually connect to form long colas with a striking Sativa fox tailing. The yield is impressive, with a possible variation in color from blue to deep black leaves on some plants. This plant is a true showcase of vibrant colors.

What are the Medical Benefits of the Dark Phoenix Strain?

The Dark Phoenix strain has medical benefits, thanks to its heritage as a cross between California cut Trainwreck and Jack Herer. The Trainwreck is well-known for its medicinal use, providing relief for sleep loss, pain, and lack of appetite, while Jack Herer has its own reputation as a mythical strain. The combination of these two strains creates a potent and effective medicine for patients seeking relief from similar symptoms.

Final Thoughts

The Dark Phoenix strain is a balanced hybrid with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genes, offering a potent and euphoric high with THC levels of 20.0-25.0%. Its aroma combines earthy, pine, and Haze scents from Jack Herer with lemon and spicy notes from Trainwreck. With impressive yield, beautiful colors, and potent medical benefits, Dark Phoenix is a must-try strain. Get it wholesale at Vancoast Seeds for a great price and a quality product.


Q: What is the THC content of Dark Phoenix?
A: The THC content of Dark Phoenix ranges from 20.0 to 25.0%.

Q: Is Dark Phoenix good for medical use?
A: Yes, Dark Phoenix is suitable for medical use due to its heritage from strains with a history of providing relief for symptoms such as insomnia, pain, and lack of appetite.

Q: What are the genetics of Dark Phoenix?
A: Dark Phoenix is a cross of Trainwreck and Jack Herer, with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa genes.