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Green Crack Feminized Seeds

Heard about the Green Crack Feminized strain? There’s nothing short of excitement offered by this strain as it is named by none other than the famous Snoop Dogg himself. Looking for that intense body high that is promised by this strain? Why not try it for yourself! With an interesting combination of spice and lemon hints, you can expect that a little can go a long way with this spacey yet smooth strain. You will surely be delighted to see the robust plants growing fast, which means that you need to get ready for a very interesting gathering at harvest time!

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Origin of Green Crack Feminized

The Green Crack feminized strain is a Skunk No. 1 cross. Specifically, it is an interesting combination of Afghani and Skunk strains. These parent strains are considered as two of the most sought-after and popular strains available out in the market today. Each of them has amazing properties, characteristics, and features fused beautifully in Green Crack. If you want to experience how powerful each strain is, trying out some Green Crack buds will give you the answer that you are looking for. As a lovechild of superstar strains, you will definitely enjoy the best of the Green Crack feminized strain.

Effects of Green Crack Feminized

If you are searching for that heavy body buzz which tends to kick in quite hard, the Green Crack feminized strain is a good option that you can take into consideration. With just a few hints of this strain, you can expect a very satisfying couch lock sensation, while enjoying its citrus-like aroma. It will also make your muscles feel soothed and relaxed, allowing you to rest away, and calm down those tired muscles as you completely indulge yourself under the influence of this powerful strain. There is no need to smoke each of the parent strain individually just to enjoy the effects, as tasting the Green Crack feminized will give you that amazing sensation combined.

Medical Uses of Green Crack Feminized

This feminized hybrid offers its users a mental buzz which can effectively eliminate stress. It contains a low amount of CBD level of just 0.45%, and a high level of THC content. Therefore, if you need to rest after a very long week at work, this is a good strain that you need to consider. Green Crack feminized is a strain that will leave you feeling energized, focused with an invigorating and steady mental buzz that will keep you going throughout the entire day. As it is mostly an indica strain, it can give you that energetic high which will also make you feel productive at the same time when taken at daytime.

Taste and Aroma of Green Crack Feminized

The Green Crack feminized strain offers a very distinct aroma. The fragrance is both pleasant and invigorating, with some hints of natural earthiness and fruity goodness. Some actual users comment that the smell of this strain reminds them of tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, and others. Some also say that they notice a hint of pine and fresh grass. Smoking this strain will allow you to enjoy that citrusy taste, with some earthy and fresh accents which stem out of its natural fragrance. You will certainly enjoy its fruity sweetness, bringing you to a nearby tropical island, with a delightful aftertaste as a bonus.

Growing Green Crack Feminized

Green Crack feminized strain is a variety that is pretty straightforward. The seeds are very flexible, perfect for growing either indoors or outdoors. This strain is a high yielding one, producing up to 600 grams in an indoor environment, and 300 grams outdoors. This strain is no doubt your best bet if you are looking for an option that can give you an impressive yield. You will certainly enjoy those trichome-coated, sparkling buds which are perfect for big-time growers who are looking at attracting weed lovers who are searching for premium dank weed that offers an intoxicating scent and lasting body buzz.

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