Lemon Sherbet Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Lemon Sherbet Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Lemon Sherbet is characterized to serve pure bliss and intensely relaxing sensations to its users. The blast of lemon and other citrus fruits is sure to make your tongue tingle with its acidity while leaving an enticing aftertaste of subtle spice contributed by its mint undertones. Lemon Sherbet is the best strain to use when seeking for ultimate relaxation to relieve stress and unwanted muscular tensions. It is recommended to utilize the glory it brings forth before heading to bed for a peaceful sleep.

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Origin of Lemon Sherbet Feminized Seeds

Lemon Sherbet is a classic strain that was created through the crossing over of two female Lemon Bubble and Sunset Sherbet. The by-product of the combination is the feminized variant of Lemon Sherbet which offers potent qualities right off the bat.

Effects of Lemon Sherbet Feminized Seeds

It is safe to say the Lemon Sherbet is a front-runner when it comes to providing ultimate relaxation. Being an indica-dominant strain, Lemon Sherbet centers its high on physically calming your body, making it the perfect strain to use after a long day of work. Apart from that, during the onset of its high, it also provides a rush of euphoria, clearing the mind from unwanted negative thoughts. Thus, your journey to dreamland is without a fuss. However, it does still instill some adverse effects, that although minor, should still be taken note of. Just like any other marijuana strains, Lemon Sherbet can also cause cottonmouth, dehydration, and dry and itchy eyes. More so, when taken beyond your level of tolerance, or excessively, can trigger mild paranoia, increased anxiety, and even dizziness. That is why it is recommended to be taken in caution so as not to encounter the more serious side effects. Lastly, it is important to note that Lemon Sherbet can be quite acidic, so it must be consumed lightly with those who have weak stomachs in order to not cause further problems.

Medical Uses of Lemon Sherbet Feminized Seeds

Lemon Sherbet not only is exceptional in its recreational effects but is also equally good as a therapeutic strain itself. Having mostly indica qualities, Lemon Sherbet offers anti-inflammatory properties that are helpful in relieving chronic pain, muscle spasms, and tensions on your body that causes discomfort. Moreover, it also contains antidepressants, those who are dealing with depression, anxiety, and stress can take refuge on Lemon Sherbet when managing its symptoms.

Taste and Aroma of Lemon Sherbet Feminized Seeds

The prominent flavors and aroma that you will notice from Lemon Sherbet are its delectable blend of berries and refreshing lemon, accompanied with notes of petrol on the side.

Growing Lemon Sherbet Feminized Seeds

Lemon Sherbet is an easy-to-grow strain considering its indica genetics. To successfully cultivate this plant, it is best to apply the Sea of Green (SOG) method in order to fully cater to its growth potential. Lemon Sherbet can be expected to harvest a minimum yield of eight ounces per meter square when indoors in eight weeks. While it can produce around 11 ounces per plant when planted outdoors, which can be harvested from late September to early October.

Lemon Sherbet Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indica dominant
Genetics Parents: Lemon Bubble x Sunset Sherbet
Flowering Period: 8 Weeks
Climate: Warm
Yield: 8oz/m2 indoor / 11oz/p outdoor
Flavors: Earthy, Sweet, Mint, and Citrus
THC Level:  15 to 20%
CBD Level: Low
Height: Medium
Harvest Period: Late September to Early October
Growing Difficulty: Easy