Morning Rose Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Morning Rose Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Morning Rose is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that hailed from the alluring genetics of Wild Rose. It is a very inviting marijuana variant the comes with a very pleasant and delectable sweet candy aroma and flavor. Morning Rose is the perfect strain to motivate yourself to rise from your bed in the morning because of its potent mentally stimulating effects that are centered on providing a sense of euphoria, mental clarity, and energy boost. If you wish to get rid of that mind-boggling anxiety and relieve your stress, utilize the effects of Morning Rose and manage those symptoms.

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Origin of Morning Rose Feminized Seeds

Morning Rose originates from the modification of Wild Rose. With its feminized genetics, you can anticipate a great yield and potent effects from Morning Rose.

Effects of Morning Rose Feminized Seeds

Morning Rose is an aid to people suffering from both physical and mental disorders because it will make you feel relaxed and productive at the same time, and these effects just take a few tokes from this strain. Being a sativa-dominant strain, Morning Rose will kick-start your day with the rush of euphoria and boost of energy it brings. Furthermore, it encourages creativity, thus, consuming this when you need to feel inspired to create innovative ideas will truly assist. It will relieve you from negative thoughts and feel motivated as the high spreads throughout your body. There are no currently reported severe cases that are brought by using Morning Rose. It is advised to be careful in using this strain because it can trigger depression and anxiety. The common adverse effects such as dry eyes and dry mouth are also expected to be experienced if you use this strain.

Medical Uses of Morning Rose Feminized Seeds

It is expected to enhance mood which makes it beneficial for patients dealing with depression and anxiety. This is also used as a pain reliever for muscle sclerosis, back pain, and chronic pain. Morning Rose can also boost appetite. This strain is used mostly by patients who are suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress.

Taste and Aroma of Morning Rose Feminized Seeds

This strain will make you taste more. It has a blend of sweet candy scent and fresh citrus aroma with hints of bubblegum.

Growing Morning Rose Feminized Seeds

If Morning Rose will be properly taken care of it can be productive. This strain prefers to be in a warm and sunny climate but can actually be grown both indoors and outdoors. It could cultivate a decent yield in a favorable climate if grown outdoors. It will only take 9 weeks for this plant to reach its flowering period.

Morning Rose Feminized Strain Specifications

Ty>pe: Hybrid, Sativa Dominant
Genetics Parents: Wild Rose
Flowering Period: 9 Weeks
Yield: Mid – High
THC Level: Average
Growing Difficulty: Moderate