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Super Lemon Jack Strain Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Allow us to introduce Super Lemon Jack strain, the ultimate hybrid strain for those seeking a delectable and uplifting experience. This strain boasts a distinctive combination of Super Lemon OG and Jack Herer genetics, resulting in an exquisite blend of fruity, spicy, earthy, sour, and piney flavors. Inhaling Super Lemon Jack can induce a sense of happiness, creativity, tranquility, and pain relief, along with an enhanced appetite. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor this remarkable strain – indulge in Super Lemon Jack today!

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What is Super Lemon Jack Strain?

Super Lemon Jack strain is an incredibly popular Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, blending the potent genetics of Jack Herer and Lemon OG. This magnificent strain contains 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, making it an ideal choice for daytime use. Boasting THC levels ranging from 13% to 18%, Lemon Jack strain offers a mild to moderate high that allows for productivity and focus. Its energizing kick is often compared to a robust cup of coffee, making it an excellent replacement for caffeine. As the high progresses, Lemon Jack strain’s effects transform into a relaxing whole-body buzz, making it a perfect option for unwinding after a long day. This well-rounded strain delivers an exceptional experience that combines focus, energy, and relaxation, making it a must-try for cannabis enthusiasts.


Super Lemon Jack strain exudes a unique aroma reminiscent of a tangy and zesty lemon infusion with subtle hints of chemical undertones.


Super Lemon Jack’s flavor profile boasts a complex blend of fruity, spicy, earthy, tangy, and woody notes, creating a delectable taste sensation that tantalizes the palate.


Super Lemon Jack strain, features compact and resinous buds, enveloped in a rich green hue with vibrant orange pistils. With skillful cultivation methods, growers can elicit stunning crimson patches on the nugs, creating a visually striking appearance.


Super Lemon Jack Strain Feminized Specifications

Strain Parents: Jack Herer x Lemon OG
Strain Dominant: 70% Sativa and 30% Indica
CBD Content: Unknown
THC Content: 13% to 18%
Flowering Time: 10 weeks

Super Lemon Jack Strain Growing Information

Growing Super Lemon Jack can be a rewarding experience for those looking to cultivate their own cannabis. This strain is known to produce a moderate to high yield, making it an attractive option for growers. When grown outdoors, Super Lemon Jack can yield around 35 ounces per plant, providing a bountiful harvest. For indoor cultivation, hydroponics can be an effective method for maximizing yield, with an average of around 28 ounces per square meter. This strain prefers a warm and dry climate with plenty of sunlight, so it’s important to provide the proper environment to encourage healthy growth. With proper care, Super Lemon Jack can thrive and produce an abundant yield that’s sure to impress even the most experienced cultivators.

Final Thoughts

Super Lemon Jack strain can be a gratifying and fulfilling experience for aspiring cannabis growers. Renowned for its generous yield, the Super Lemon Jack strain presents an alluring option for cultivators seeking optimal returns. Outdoors, Super Lemon Jack strain flourishes and can generate a plentiful yield of approximately 35 ounces per plant, while hydroponic techniques indoors can enhance output, with an average of approximately 28 ounces per square meter. A warm, arid climate and ample sunlight are imperative to stimulate healthy development, making it essential to create a conducive environment. With careful attention to care and cultivation, Super Lemon Jack strain can thrive and deliver an impressive yield, even for the most seasoned growers.


Q: Is Super Lemon Jack a Sativa or Indica-dominant strain?
A: Super Lemon Jack is a hybrid strain with a mix of Sativa and Indica genetics. It’s typically 70% Sativa and 30% Indica.

Q: Is Super Lemon Jack a good strain for beginners to grow?
A: Super Lemon Jack can be a good strain for beginners to grow, as it has a moderate to high yield and is relatively easy to cultivate.

Q: Where can I buy Super Lemon Jack seeds?
A: You can purchase Super Lemon Jack seeds from reputable seed banks or dispensaries. Vancoast Seeds offers wholesale purchasing options for this strain.