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White Widow Feminized Seeds

Only a few strains around the world have reached the level of fame that White Widow has. White Widow, a potent hybrid with exceptional flavor and easy to grow, rapidly became a popular strain among consumers and growers. It first appeared in the cannabis scene in the mid-1990s and has since gained iconic status among cannabis users worldwide.

White Widow produces thick, pale green buds with a famous white trichome coating that spreads out into the surrounding leaves. White Widow’s appearance is difficult to ignore since it stands out in every grow. White Widow is a stable cross of landrace genetics that is resistant to climate change and needs less maintenance than most other strains, making it an excellent alternative for your garden if you are just getting started with growing.

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White Widow is one of the most well-known strains globally, and it can be found in any Amsterdam or Dutch coffee shop. It’s known for having a high THC content, which gives it an energizing high.

Sonoma Seeds offers it as one of their premium cannabis strains. The White Widow achieves higher yields with higher THC levels than the autoflowering cannabis version. You’ll be amazed by the white resilient resin buds that make up its potency. It’s no joke that White Widow is one of the world’s most sought-after cannabis strains. This incredible strain is medicinally beneficial, with a CBN content of 3%.

Origin Of White Widow Feminized Seeds

The White Widow is an absolute Dutch classic. It was founded in 1994 in Amsterdam. White Widow is the result of crossing a South Indian Cannabis Indica hybrid male with a Brazilian Cannabis Sativa female. This weed strain got its name from the white crystal-encrusted tops. This strain has a lot of success, and even people who don’t know anything about cannabis are familiar with it. A real cannabis smoker smoked the iconic White Widow at least once in their lifetime due to its popularity. It’s notorious for producing a lot of smoke, making it a popular topic in Hollywood movies and rap songs. It’s also discussed a lot on TV shows like Weeds. It has received several awards, including first place in the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Effects Of White Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow marijuana releases an intense burst of energy and euphoria. It stimulates creativity and good conversation. The results of the Sativa-dominant strain are dynamic but pleasant. The White Widow fills the throat with a sugary, sweet smoke that starts mild and quickly spreads. White Widow produces a strong buzz that is both uplifting and thought-provoking. It’s ideal for getting together with friends or going on adventures. To achieve the desired effects, you can smoke or vape this strain.

Medical Uses Of White Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow is a mellow, soothing cannabis strain that can assist with a variety of ailments. This cannabis seed is widely prescribed to relieve stress, muscle pain, anorexia, anxiety, and insomnia symptoms. White Widow removes your insomnia and prepares your body for a peaceful night. Both forms of discomfort, including menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhea, migraines, and back pain, will be gone. You’ll feel relaxed in your body and stoned, with a content head up. It’s the ideal strain to unwind after a long day at the office. You now have a weed strain that can help you relax and experience life to the fullest after a long day.

Taste And Aroma Of White Widow Feminized Seeds

The fragrance of White Widow is fresh and floral, and the taste is intense and bittersweet. It has a powerful physical influence and a fruity, natural aroma that you can remember. This marijuana strain has a strong, sweet, and fresh taste. White Widow may seem sweet and gentle, but it is jam-packed with Stoney trance. Of course, the comfort level, the form of consumption, the volume consumed, and how it was grown all play a role. You’ll be surprised by White Widow’s unique taste and scent, which you won’t see in other strains. She has the ideal blend of fragrance and flavor for a well-balanced influence. White Widow is a great catch, as you’d predict, from a high-quality hemp variety with excellent taste and aroma.

Growing White Widow Feminized Seeds

White Widow seeds are a fast-flowering cannabis plant that is easy to cultivate. It grows thick buds that are densely packed with resin. In particular, as compared to other strains, it has more resin. A lot of cannabis breeding programs have used the White Widow marijuana strain. It is most effective in small indoor spaces. Outdoor, it thrives in dry, sunny, and warm climates. White Widow Feminized marijuana seeds can also be grown in a greenhouse.

White Widow has a consistently high yield that will never fail you. Flowering lasts about 8 to 9 weeks. Don’t be concerned; the wait would be well worth it. Lovely white crystals encircle it with firm, tight tops. White Widow needs a lot of light and warmth to thrive. This cannabis plant would not grow higher than 1 meter when grown indoors, but it will reach a height of 2 meters when grown outdoors. White Widow is an excellent strain, and premium quality seeds are available from Sonoma Seeds, one of the most reputable online seed banks today!

White Widow Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indoor/Outdoor
Growing: Easy
Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Effect: Strong High
THC: Very High 24.1%
CBD: 0.70%
Country: Spain
Yield: Up to 400 grams indoor / 300 grams outdoors
Genetics: Original White Widow