Expert Tips to Follow When Choosing The Best Cannabis Product Packaging

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Expert Tips to Follow When Choosing The Best Cannabis Product Packaging

Having a cannabis business isn’t the same as other businesses. Cannabis product sellers are faced with strict regulations that should be met piece by piece. Such as the case with their cannabis products, it should follow proper packaging, from glass, acrylics, plastics, and all sorts. That’s why if you have a cannabis business, you should know what the expert tips to follow when choosing the best cannabis product packaging are.

Selling cannabis products has its fair share of unjust criticisms surrounding the social stigma of cannabis. So, as a seller, you have no choice but to follow the rules. Whether what kind of regulations you come across, it is your duty to abide by the authorities to avoid harsh penalties. If you want to learn more about expert tips on picking the best cannabis packaging, stay for a while. 

Things to Consider for Choosing the Best Cannabis Product Packaging

Having a packaging that stands out from the rest of the competition is the best way you go about it when it comes to packaging. There are things you need to consider from different types of designs, materials, or any sorts before chiming in on the bandwagon.

  • Target market – it will always be the type of consumers you are going to attract, are they the type of consumer who likes to spend large sums of money? Or are you targeting the budget-friendly market? Or cannabis veterans who like some old-fashioned products? Regardless of what consumers you target, your packaging should address their needs and wants.
  • See-through their eyes – once you’ve determined your target market, the next thing would be seeing everything through their eyes or acting as a customer of your shop. Envision what goes through their mind once they have seen your products and consume them. Imagine where they would take the product or who will they share it with. Picture out what is the feature they are most excited about. If you envision these kinds of scenarios, you’ll know how to attack your packaging.
  • Consider packaging style and materials – this would ultimately play a huge role in your business. If you’re aiming at the top shelf that caters customer who doesn’t care how much money they’re spending as long as they see the quality of your product, then the best choice would be a glass packaging. It is essential to create and produce a brand that came from your vision. If you are targeting the budget-oriented people, then you’ll have to go with plastics. When dealing with packaging and materials used, it is essential to have attention to detail, from color combinations, great containers, and custom printings can be the things you need to stand above the rest.
  • Budget – just like any other business, the budget should always be considered. Decide on how much you are going to spend on your packaging. Ideally, for lower cost items, you should be targeting a budget of 1.5% to 5% of the retail price of your packaging or higher if the items are cheaper. The range should depend on the quantity of cannabis inside and the packaging used. For example, a $15 pre-roll should have a more significant percentage cost for packaging than a $300 ounce.

So, have you set it all in your mind? To learn more about the suggested packaging guide, continue reading.

The Best Cannabis Product Packaging Types

If you happen to visit a local dispensary, you will find that packaging is often made up of glassware, plastics, jars, and all sorts. This will give you a good idea of how to package your products. Another good thing about the packaging is you can buy reusable empty jars for dirt cheap. Here are some of the best options to consider when choosing the best cannabis product packaging.

Best Packaging for Cannabis Buds

  • Smell-Proof Bags– to start, this type of packaging is usually made with compound films with a pre-installed zipper on it. The zipper locks out the freshness even for multiple uses. Also, they are heat-sealable and can be either black or clear colored depending on the consumer’s preference. They are the best option when it comes to consumer-friendly and price. They can be quite durable depending on how it is used and is easily customizable with various designs such as colors, printouts, and many more.
  • Pyrex Jars – although they may have similar uses as with glass jars, Pyrex jars are much cheaper. Many dispensaries love this kind of packaging because it is highly customizable, an ideal choice for brand printing, and works with various lid materials. Pyrex jars target the budget-oriented market.
  • Glass Jars – a costlier choice compared to Pyrex jars, glass jars are the best choice for product packaging, they are air-tight and no odor leaks. They are the gold standard of cannabis product packaging. They are great for storing cannabis flowers as they maintain the flower’s overall structure, from their shape and texture. Also, consumers can easily see the buds inside. Out of the three choices, this is the most expensive option you have.

Best Packaging for Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates targets one specific consumer, and those are the hardcore stoners. Cannabis concentrates the highest concentrated form of THC that usually hovers around 50% to 90%. Because cannabis veterans are more likely to be opinionated than beginners, it is essential to get the materials and products right for the work to be appealing to them.

  • Pyrex Jars – another popular option again. Pyrex jars or Borosilicate containers are products with lab-grade glass, and you can apply heat to the glass without fearing it would break the entire glass.
  • Polystyrene container – they are more compact compared to their glass counterparts. However, they are much cheaper and cost-effective. Thus, making them an ideal choice for custom printing and many more.
  • Silicone containers – they are available in food-grade or medical-grade levels. Whether you want to store medical cannabis or recreational cannabis, it offers a little bit of everything. Some cannabis concentrates the tendency to react with food-grade silicones, and some with medical-grade. So, it is essential to test your products first!


Finding the best cannabis product packaging might overwhelm you from the start, but keep in mind that these will play a crucial role for your products to be sold at a fast rate. At the same time, they are what lead you to stand above the competition. So, take your time and put every little detail onto it.

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