Top 9 Best Online Apps Cannabis Entrepreneurs Should Download

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Top 9 Best Online Apps Cannabis Entrepreneurs Should Download

There’s no surprise that cannabis seems to gather its audience worldwide with the emergence of different research-based benefits that no other medication can give. Besides that, connoisseurs enjoy the recreational feeling of ingesting cannabis that either made them reach cloud nine or have the best sleep of their lives. With the growing prominence of weeds, users at all levels aren’t the only ones affected.

Today, the upcoming appearance of convenience that comes with the internet is beating the term “handy.” Not only can you send an instant message, but you can also shop and buy with a simple click. Who would’ve thought that mobile apps are now available for cannabis entrepreneur’s comfort and for the purchasers to feel at ease? Here is the list of the top 9 best online apps for cannabis entrepreneurs.

1. Leafly

Have you ever found yourself curious about things there is in regards to Cannabis? Upon searching, surely, you already have crossed Leafly’s reliable contents. Well, it’s a piece of good news for you since Leafly is also available as a mobile application. What makes Leafly impressive is due to the extensive amount of information you can get and far from how many cannabis strains you can name.

Like its website, Leafly allows consumers to rate and write reviews about various cannabis strains and things related to it. Aside from rating, Leafly will also let you express the feeling each Cannabis strains give. Each strain carries essential qualities that users and ganja-entrepreneurs should know. 

For someone who markets cannabis strains and other products infused with weeds, Leafly has to be the best phone application to have. To top it all, everything you read is free!

2. Weedmaps

Though Leafly was the most famous on any search engine platform, Weedmaps was the first that initiated hassle-free service. Hence, making users dub it as the “True OG” of the marijuana industry. As the name suggests, Weedmaps offers useful information on where users can have their favorite weed strains, whether for medical or recreational purposes.

Besides that, Weedmaps also lets users select their preferred mode of payment. At the moment, Weedmaps isn’t only giving people maps but also dissecting data about their Cannabis. Additionally, the evolvement of Weedmaps brings other forums in tiny screens to let their visitors learn and be updated regarding what’s new in the field on Cannabis.

3. Seamless

This free application highly favors both cannabis munchies sellers and buyers. Like any food delivery service online, Seamless allows users to order any snacks infused with Cannabis to arrive at their doorstep in a matter of minutes. The mode of payment will depend on the consumer’s capability and preference. 

The good thing about Seamless is that it perfectly balances the sellers’ needs to endorse their product to users who are more than willing to get stoned anytime and anywhere. There may be limited options that you might not be happy about, but with the rising popularity of the app, soon, it will expand in the future.

4. Green Entrepreneur

Green Entrepreneur is very much a nod to homegrown cannabis business owners, no matter how small or large the expansion owners have in their states. Unfortunately, it does not offer a marketing option to cannabis entrepreneurs and consumers. 

Instead, it lets audiences to read articles, watch videos, and hear podcasts about cannabis entrepreneurs. Sometimes, the discussion revolves around inspiring stories, strategies, difficulties, and other topics related to business. 


TRYM is also a must-have phone application for marijuana growers, and newbies can sign up for this convenient platform too! The app will give cultivators a real-time observation of their crop’s progress throughout the whole cycle. While monitoring the plant’s growth condition, it will also allow cultivators to have easier data reading from their sensors if they have one. 

Suppose you happen to run a business for cultivating a cannabis plant. In that case, you should download TRYM as it offers you a smooth flow of the workplace that will guarantee an optimal working environment.

6. Simleaf

Not satisfied with modern applications? Surely, Simleaf would catch your attention and leave you mesmerized with the innovative concept of the app. Simleaf will allow you to practice your aspiration to become an expert cultivator with its 3D gameplay of growing cannabis. The simulation is like any real-life occurrences, which will start from planting seeds up to different life cycles of a weed plant.

It will notify you when you need to water the plants or any necessities you should be applying at a specific hour. Thus, making the experience more realistic and less hassling. 

7. Go Fire

Go Fire is more of an application for consumers who wish to find the optimal cannabis plant-derived medications to treat their ailments. The app lets consumer fine their suitable dosage with every form of cannabis such as topicals, edibles, etc. One of the awe-worthy property of Go Fire is the importance of ratings since it will lead new consumers on what to buy.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s only applicable from the side of the purchasing power. With ratings attached to comments, sellers and manufacturers can refine their products and create the best version. 

8. Duby

Duby may be a social networking site for cannabis users, but it also brings informational tips and recommendations for newbies, whether in using or growing marijuana. This safe space of users will permit them to vent their canna-hobbies and relate with other fellow stoners. 

Most of the time, growers and users with high-level familiarity share their knowledge about things they’re good at, which in return may be a lending hand for struggling individuals. They can also post photos and videos for their cultivation status where people in the comments can add suggestions and tips.

9. Best in Grow

This promising platform is designed for marijuana market owners, similar to what social networking apps can do with the purpose of the sole difference. Best in Grow assures users to have extremely efficient tools by giving them updates, training, and such through communication. Hence, it can be great for beginners who have no idea to grow cannabis.


Honestly, if you wish to stick to the traditional way and conform to what most cultivators do, nobody will be stopping you. As the listed online application apps above, it can only mean one thing: the internet is not only for idling. You can be productive on the internet by just merely having the necessary platforms and applications. While there’s the freedom to do so, and while everything is free, make sure that you won’t be taking advantage of such innovation.