10 Best POS Software for Your Cannabis Dispensary

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10 Best POS Software for Your Cannabis Dispensary

The rising amount of states and countries legalizing the use of marijuana, whether in terms of recreational or medical purposes, is undeniably getting high each year. Nevertheless, as a result of gaining approval and acceptance from various world leaders, opportunist-minded individuals are taking the chance to boost their store reach through retail dispensary businesses. Since they are riding the bandwagon of “modern problems require modern solutions,” that means dispensary owners will need software systems to track their customers and deliver their services.

The outcome of modernization and marijuana legalization going well together is the rise of POS or point of sale techniques. Today, numerous POS systems are available for every dispensary store to use, so what should you pick from all of it, then? In helping you choose the best of the best, this article will give you the top 10 best POS software for managing cannabis dispensary.

1. Flowhub

Among all POS software for cannabis dispensaries, Flowhub managed to lead the rankings based on popularity and services. The software is not only subjected to customization, but retailers can also construct custom compliance flows like handling tax tools, and so on.

Flowhub is also available in multiple dispensary settings, where everything to look out for is on the same page, which will save you time and effort. Today, some of the well-achieved dispensaries are using the services of Flowhub.

2. Bindo POS

Bindo deals not only with marijuana dispensaries but to different retail stores that trade cannabis as well. The transaction is more accessible than usual with other options, and devoted customers might acquire loyalty cards or programs. This online POS has different features that will let you handle all agreements at less-hassling clicks.

Though it’s not as popular as Flowhub, it remains a well-reviewed POST due to its amenities. Upon reaching their site, you might also try their free trial to see if fits well with the likelihood of you.

3. WebJoint

Webjoint is a point of sale software suitable for cultivating and retailing marijuana products. This software will allow users to track inventory and sale records easily. While most of the software is online, Webjoint is available for mobile phones so you can be at ease while doing the work.

Additionally, the software can be a tracking app for marijuana delivery, aside from being suited as a cannabis dispensary technology. Hence, making it the best and almost complete package among all. If you’re still struggling with what software you should choose, they are offering demos and videos.

4. Cova Software

This software has got to be the most efficient among all POS with its speed transaction period that makes its efficiency higher than everything else. It also has an offline mode, so you won’t need an internet connection to track your dispensary. 

Some features favor people who are savvy in engaging in the nifty interface. Thus, making retailers applaud its web designers and services, too. 

5. Indica Online POS 

Indica online POS has outstanding features for managing inventory, profiles, staff controls, and sales. They also have a digital indication system that will prompt users to be ready themselves when medical marijuana is up for grabs. Though everyone should follow the state regulations, this software ensures that privacy is well-taken care of so no records will leak.

A free 14-day trial will await you, and when you think it suits you after the said period, you may now subscribe to them through different modes of payment.

6. Cannalogic

CannaLogic aids marijuana dispensaries to have a healthy relationship with their customers with their gratified features. They will allow retailers to customize their commercial websites on mobile or website to attract all kinds of customers while alerting them with promotions and fresh products.

Alongside this, it is also an assisting software for cultivators with their plant tracker that will monitor the plant’s condition throughout its lifetime.

7. 420 Soft

This marketing software system is suitable for dispensaries that meet troubling issues like accessing their employees’ availability and tracking the patient’s wants and needs. 420 soft is a binding system that will allow patients to have a conversation with their employees and retailers. 

One of the most sought-after features of this software is that all features are available for everyone despite being an online demo user. In that way, the retailers will know if it will accommodate their problems and give them concrete solutions.

8. Meadow

Meadow is the newest POS system to provide cannabis dispensaries a new way of systematic management. The software’s comprehensive style will ensure the friendliness mode of sellers and tons of excellent specifications, such as being in control of everything until the delivery period. While doing so, the software will guarantee an open and honest conversation between two parties.

9. Nature Pay

The interface Nature Pay is offering is suitable in smaller or bigger screens, for all types of cannabis dispensaries. It helps the management of multiple branches fall at ease while staying obedient to state regulations. The payment modes of Nature Pay will not force you to sign up for anything because you can use whatever you have. 

On top of that, they are incredibly reachable, too. Thus, perfect for on the spot software creation in case of inquiries.

10. Greenbits

Out of all software ever done, Greenbits is the easiest to handle with automatic registration to law. Therefore, no matter where you sell your medical marijuana, rest assured that the process is legitimately legal. It highly favors both the side of consumers or patients and resellers. As a result, a surge in loyal customers is stacking up, making them enjoy discounts for all access.


The importance of point of sale software for your cannabis dispensary is to observe proper record tracking, monitoring, and connecting with customers. Then, the part where you will have to reevaluate and redirect your terms will come in last based on well-kept automated receipts of activities. Hopefully, with the ten best POS software listed above, you’d be able to choose which feature you’ll be most comfortable at and where you think you will thrive the most.

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