4 Challenges of Selling Marijuana Seeds Online

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4 Challenges of Selling Marijuana Seeds Online

Throughout the years, the US is slowly relaxing its stance on cannabis. More and more states are opening up to the possibility of legalizing marijuana, both medicinally and recreationally. In several states across the country, it has allowed the use of marijuana for recreational purposes as well as a growing weed at home. If you plan on selling seeds at home, you might encounter some issues. This is where it gets complicated. In some states, your package can be tagged and confiscated. For this reason, it is very difficult to purchase seeds online and even more challenging when it comes to selling marijuana seeds online.

In this article, we discuss the challenges of selling marijuana seeds online and how you can legally purchase them within the country.

Challenges of Selling Marijuana Seeds Online

Marijuana seeds are typically in a separate category as using cannabis. It is the act of cultivating the plant that puts you in the crosshairs of the law. Purchasing seeds online might be a discreet way of acquiring them, but if you get caught or if your package gets intercepted by law enforcers, you will be facing legal problems. This is also the reason why some of the more reputable seed banks are in Europe.

The fact that you can still face legal issues even if you live in a state where it can be legal to cultivate cannabis, the complicated regulations regarding the plant still does not provide enough guarantee that you are safe from the law. A reputable seed bank will always be your go-to place for seeds.

Selling marijuana seeds online is even more challenging. Here are some of the difficulties that you may encounter when selling marijuana seeds online.

1. Finding Your Initial Funding

As with any new investments or starting up an online business, you will need a huge capital. The costs for starting up a business can be very high, and it might even trigger you to get a loan. You will need to have a budget for your seeds, its storage, your website, packaging, delivery, and many other aspects within the online business industry that you will need to prepare.

Speaking of finances and loans, you will also have trouble acquiring your needed capital from banks who may be very reluctant to lend you the money to start your online business. Most banks will immediately decline your loan application if they see that you are planning on establishing an online marijuana seed bank.

If you want to start a business establishment selling marijuana seeds with the option to sell them online, you will also need to deal with booking real estate for your physical store. You also need to have a separate budget for constructing or modifying your facility and hire people.

2. The Application Process Can Take A Lot of Time

The application process can be quite tedious if you do not know the rules and regulations, as well as the requirements to have a license to operate. Each state has different rules and guidelines when it comes to selling marijuana seeds. You will need to go through each regulation to understand and know the restrictions within your state. 

As for the application process, countless requirements will take a lot of time to prepare. You will need to provide extra effort, time, and money to fulfill all the requirements needs by the government for you to start selling seeds online. Some might even be disheartened at this point to pursue a business venture within the cannabis industry, even if it is just through the internet.

3. Restrictions With Promoting Your Products Online

Promoting your product online can also become an issue. The internet may be accessible to all, and your products and services can reach a wide area, including regions that have not yet legalize the use or cultivation of cannabis. You will need to be careful about what you post and who can access your website to purchase marijuana seeds online. This way, you avoid facing any legal issues if there are any.

Marketing your products online can prove to be very difficult, especially if you use social media. Social media websites such as Facebook have very strict rules regarding advertising marijuana. You may run the risk of getting your account suspended or even banned, as you may not have followed their guidelines with marijuana.

4. Limited Choices For Payment 

Payment options and payment processing can also be a challenge when you want to sell marijuana seeds online. Many banks are very hesitant to do business with marijuana and some of its forms. On the same note, some payment processors also have very high fees and charge for the services that you want from them, which can take its toll on your business.

Finding Resolutions To These Challenges

While these challenges and difficulties might prove to be very disheartening for many aspiring online businessmen, establishing your business online in selling marijuana seeds can still be achieved through finding different solutions according to the laws and regulations within your state.

  1. While you won’t be able to change the guidelines from banks with regards to loan applications for your online marijuana business, there are other options that you can still do. You can always start saving up money to fund your business venture. This is the most common way for businessmen to start their cannabis seed banks online.
  2. Promoting your product within the internet can still be effective, but it should be done outside the realms of social media. The internet is a vast landscape that uses different methods in marketing your product. You can build your website and start making blogs and posts to promote your product. Create organic content that will keep your audience engaged.
    You can even post positive reviews and testimonials from regular customers to boost the confidence of potential buyers. This is a great way to earn trust from potential customers.
  3. Know your target audience. When it comes to setting up an online store, you will need to understand that your products are geared towards a specific type of person. Gather enough information from your selected target audience so you will always know their demands and supply them with it. It will help sustain your online business. It also makes it easier for you to make content from your website to garner their attention and attract new ones.
  4. There are payment processors or financial services that are willing to accept transactions from this type of industry. Remember that you have the internet as a tool for research and find out which one is more favorable for you and your online customers.
  5. Never forget to know the laws surrounding the sale of marijuana seeds online. It pays to learn more about the rules and regulations, or else you run the risk of getting your business shut down. Consult experts in the industry so that you have an idea of how you can run your online business.


These guidelines will help you set up your online establishment and allow you to avoid having any challenges in selling marijuana seeds online. What truly makes a business succeed is understanding your audience, their needs, and how you can supply them. Needless to say, it also pays to conduct your business within the confines of the law.

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