Definitive Guide to Starting Your Commercial Marijuana Grow Operation

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Definitive Guide to Starting Your Commercial Marijuana Grow Operation

If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you will surely know that the cannabis industry is booming. More than 50 percent of the states are going for the decriminalization or legalization of some marijuana form. Overall, people are likely to consider growing operations and dispensaries. If you are one of these people, we have prepared a definitive guide on how to start your commercial marijuana grow operation.

To initiate and run your commercial marijuana grow operations, you have to allot more of your time, resources, and inspiration. First, you should get the license to grow marijuana in your state. You should be very particular about this since every state has a unique way of application. Once you figure out what the entire requirements are, you should be prepared to begin the necessary steps.

The Basics

The process of commercial marijuana growing operations can be quite tedious. But learning to take things one at a time will save you from exhaustion. 

Before anything else, you have to make yourself ready for the venture. Before you collect the information you will need, you must be willing to do hard work. Once you are done with the psychological obstacle, you have to check the background of the industry of cannabis production and be ready to monitor the legal and political issues in the state down to the level of the local.

Conferring to a Lawyer

You will have to confer to a lawyer to provide you assistance in helming the laws related to starting marijuana grow operation. Given the fact that the federal and state laws shall be embroiled, it is imperative to get a lawyer whom you have the confidence to help you comprehend the distinctions. Remember that marijuana is still federally unwarranted. 

Do not engage yourself in a dilemma on a federal level by attempting to bypass and approach the state level directly.

Process of Application

To secure your cannabis license, you have to forward an application to a program of the state that is supervised by the public health department. After the submission of your application, it will be rated or graded according to the criteria of the state. You should know that there is a bold rivalry; hence, you may want to ensure that your end product is very refined. If you can find a way to handle it, think about employing a director and a master editor to refine your application and turn it close-knit.

Establishing a Development Team

Your development team can be the concluding element between your submitted application and another one. The state prefers to find a team composed of top-rate individuals – they are people who will deliver the service to the community the moment your operation has started. 

These are the people whom you may like to consider employing:

  • Doctors, particularly if you intend to cultivate medical marijuana
  • Horticulturists, to assist you in planting, growing, and cloning cannabis
  • Engineers, to assist you in designing your marijuana grow operation
  • Administrators with a background in marijuana growing, to lead the team
  • Managers with background in operational, financial, and zoning in medical cannabis, to stand in your lack of knowledge
  • Managers with background in security, to secure your assets

Setting Up Your Finances

Your finances are also a great factor to consider in your application. The state government and the health department like to see that your proposed business has sufficient capital to keep up during the first few years. 

The application may require proof of capitalization at a minimum of $250,000, although the definite amount can vary In every state. You must target to collect higher liquid capital than what the application demands. By doing so, you will make a mark favoring your application, which can also benefit your business. More capital implies greater possibilities of succeeding. 

Securing a Facility

When searching for a facility, you must remember these four things:

1. Physical Features 

Think whether the real estate is big enough to keep up the kind of growing operation you like to build. Think whether the ceilings are sufficiently tall to suit your plants, ventilation system, and grow lights. Do you need to clear the plot of land first before you can begin your cultivation outdoors? Does the building have a kind of layout that makes security more accessible?

2. Zoning Requirements and Associated Concerns

Consider whether the building adheres to the entire zoning requirements of the state. For instance, do you have a suitable distance from arcades, libraries, schools, or other kinds of buildings where minors frequently visit? Are there close-by neighbors who might be ungrateful to have a marijuana grow operation cropping up nearby.

3. Financial and Legal Considerations

How much is the price of the rent? Do you think your new operation can take on that cost? Were you able to get the approval of the landlord about your plan to cultivate marijuana in the land? Were you given the alternative to buy the real estate from the landlord after paying the rent for a certain year?

4. Leasing or Owning

You have to seriously consider which one is more economical. Will the cost of rental accumulate higher than the cost of purchase through time?

Furthermore, you will have to forward documents that could establish facts about your conformity with the zoning requirements of the state and the local. These count in proof of ownership, letter of intent, or lease.

If you were not considering the security system, perhaps now is the best time to think about it. The facility must be not too huge and should be easy to be guarded; otherwise, you cannot employ enough personnel for the security to maintain the safety of your product. 

If a group of guards is very costly, think about buying an access control system. Limit the admission to yourself only or some of the employees in various parts of the facility. Utilize your phone in acquiring entry and prevent losing keycards where clients or thieves can easily locate them. 

Writing Your Growing Plan

This time, you will have to write your commercial marijuana grow operation plan. The first thing to do is to make a mission statement. However, before you begin writing down your ideas, perform research. Various states give importance to the various aspects of the cannabis industry.

Some states give importance to the safety of medical cannabis patients. Others value the protection and safety of the product. Read the website of the cannabis department of your state and check what goals it has. Assimilating these goals into the mission statement can boost your application.

Your plan in growing operation must undertake the ensuing processes:

  • Breeding
  • Cloning
  • Vegetation
  • Flowering
  • Harvesting and drying
  • Trimming
  • Curing
  • Packaging
  • Delivery

You must also elaborate on every stage of your plant production and the process of the supply chain. A lot of applications will demand characterizations of your facility and technology, and also your testing procedures and quality control.

Your application may also require the following plans:

  • Financial projection plan
  • Organizational business plan
  • Record keeping
  • Patient confidentiality training
  • Security plans
  • Inventory tracking plans from seed to sale
  • Product safety testing plan

Managing Your Marijuana Grow Operation

After completing the paperwork, just give it enough time, and you are on your way to acquiring your license. A few more things to put into consideration when initiating your plan is how to manage your commercial grow.

  • Will you cultivate indoors or outdoors? Every state has unique guidelines depending on the structure. For instance, some states only allow indoor grow operations.
  • The cost involved when finding a location for your grow operation can vary. Outdoor cultivation can cost around $10 to $17 for every square foot. The value for greenhouses is around $50 for every square foot. Indoor spaces, on the other hand, are around $75 for every square foot.
  • If you make up your mind to grow in an indoor space, you can do the following steps to begin now:
    • Make a blueprint for identifying the number of plants that can fit the space
    • Prepare the space by taking out the gratuitous elements and inspecting the   plumbing and electricity
    • Assemble all water systems and lights by dangling light components, functioning wiring, and linking and examining everything.
    • Prepare your pots by organizing them in the space and verifying the number of seeds, plants, and pots you have
    • Begin planting


It is a very astonishing moment to be embroiled in the industry of cannabis. There are immeasurable possibilities to work together with a large array of businesses.

Hopefully, you now have a comprehensive understanding of how to start your commercial marijuana grow operation. Those who are amenable to endure and comply with the rules are likely to become very successful. Simply follow the above guides, and you can do well in your chosen business.

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