Expert Tips: How To Sober Up From Weed

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How To Sober Up From Weed

Experiencing an overwhelming high? Even seasoned cannabis users may encounter moments of unintentionally consuming too much and facing an uncomfortable ordeal. While no fatalities have been attributed to excessive cannabis consumption, it can induce undesirable bodily reactions such as anxiety and paranoia.

Overindulging in cannabis can indeed yield adverse effects. So, how can one mitigate the effects and “sober up” from weed? It’s crucial to recognize that marijuana or weed cannot cause a fatal overdose. However, consuming an excessive amount can result in what is commonly referred to as a weed or “marijuana hangover.” Symptoms may encompass headaches, nausea, vomiting, and the sensation of dry eyes and mouth.

Fortunately, these negative experiences are manageable and typically of short duration. Whether you seek to prevent unpleasant encounters with weed or aim to regain composure, this article presents a range of tips and strategies to assist you in doing so.

How To Sober Up On Weed

The effects of cannabis, commonly known as weed, can vary among individuals due to different body chemistry. While it is true that overdosing on cannabis is unlikely, it is still essential to exercise caution and limit your intake. Excessive consumption can lead to adverse reactions. Here are several techniques that can assist in regaining sobriety after experiencing a cannabis high:

Refresh yourself: Revitalizing yourself can be beneficial if you are experiencing discomfort or a headache. Splashing cold water on your face or neck can provide relief. THC, the primary component in marijuana, can impair your functioning, so stimulating your senses can help counteract the high. Alternatively, taking a refreshing bath can also help snap you out of the altered state.

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee: Coffee is often considered a go-to hangover remedy. Drinking a hot cup of coffee can awaken your senses and aid in sobering up. A study conducted in 2018 suggested that coffee consumption can mitigate the impact of cannabis on certain neurotransmitters. Therefore, sipping on coffee can be advantageous after experiencing a high.

Incorporate lemon: Lemons contain a compound called limonene, which is also found in various cannabis strains. A medical study conducted in 2012 demonstrated that limonene can reduce the risk of experiencing anxiety-like symptoms. To help sober up, prepare lemon juice by adding some zest and sugar to fresh lemon juice. Drinking this concoction can awaken your senses and mitigate the effects of the high.

Consider taking aspirin: Taking over-the-counter pain relievers such as aspirin can help alleviate the effects of cannabis. There have been no reported dangers associated with combining ibuprofen and marijuana. Incorporating this medication can aid in the process of sobering up from weed.

Relax and practice deep breathing: If you feel overwhelmed by the high, find a comfortable spot, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Avoid excessive movement and allow yourself to relax. Discomfort will gradually subside, so try to remain calm. Listening to soothing music can also help alleviate your sensations.

Experiment with black pepper: Surprisingly, black pepper can contribute to the process of sobering up. It contains a compound called caryophyllene, which can alleviate anxiety and reduce the likelihood of experiencing paranoia. You can consume black pepper by incorporating it into your food or by chewing on a few peppercorns.

Integrate CBD: To counterbalance the effects of THC, consider consuming CBD (Cannabidiol). CBD is another significant component of cannabis known for its therapeutic properties. By ingesting CBD, you can help mitigate the intensity of the high.

Stay hydrated and nourished: Drinking ample water helps eliminate THC from your system. It is important to stay hydrated, especially since cannabis can cause dryness of the mouth and eyes. Additionally, consuming food will replenish your energy levels and assist in regaining focus. Opt for plain water instead of flavored drinks, as certain flavors, like mango, may contain terpenoid myrcene, which can prolong the effects of THC.