How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Dispensaries?

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How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Dispensaries?

The world of cannabis has changed enormously since the beginning of its very existence. The use of cannabis for recreational and medical use has been legalized in several states and countries, and it is getting positive votes and acceptance from the public. 

The interest of many cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers are often focused on medical marijuana because of its benefits. Aside from knowing which strain is very helpful therapeutically, the other concern is how much does medical marijuana costs in dispensaries.

For places where medical cannabis is legalized, marijuana is used as a natural alternative to cure a variety of medical conditions, given that you have sought the approval of a specialist and to obtain a prescription as well. Medical marijuana can be bought in local dispensaries physically or online. 

What is Medical Marijuana?

By now, we are all aware that marijuana is derived from a cannabis plant. It is also known as weed, Mary Jane, pot, herb, ganja, bud, and many more. Marijuana is composed of hundreds of cannabinoids, and the two most prominent cannabinoids are the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and cannabidiol, or CBD. To make the argument simple, the THC is responsible for the “high” from the weed, while the Cannabidiol or CBD is responsible for the medical benefits.

Medical marijuana or medical cannabis are strains that can be used to treat many medical conditions. It has been proven to be effective against nausea, chronic body pains. Muscle cramps, migraine, muscle spasticity, and loss of appetite, among others. In states where the use of medical marijuana is legalized, medical doctors are allowed to certify persons with severe medical conditions to purchase medical cannabis from a dispensary. This is very helpful to those who are suffering from medical conditions which cancer, diabetes, seizures, multiple sclerosis, other neurological diseases, and HIV/AIDS.

Medical marijuana refers to marijuana or cannabis that is obtained for medical use. It can be used in many ways to help patients who are suffering from a variety of medical condition:

  • Edibles
  • Oil
  • Tincture
  • Topical
  • Pill
  • Liquid
  • Vaporization or nebulization

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost in Dispensaries?

Local and online stores are legally allowed to sell medical marijuana. Before anything else, just a very helpful tip, buy your medical marijuana to a reputable marijuana store. Why? Because of quality and safety, knowing that the main reason that you are buying the weed is to heal an illness from which your body is suffering.

It is important to take note that the prices of medical marijuana vary in different locations, as well as which medical marijuana you would like to purchase. Here’s a rough estimate on how much does medical marijuana cost in dispensaries: 

  • Concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are very popular in the cannabis community because they are very potent as well as they are easy to use. Concentrates are easy to administer to cannabis patients. Cannabis concentrates like Cannabis Oil contain a high amount of either THC or CBD. Depending on your doctor’s prescribed dosage, you just have to drop oil underneath your tongue. It goes directly to the bloodstream quickly compared to other methods. A gram of marijuana concentrate will cost you around $ 20 to $ 60.
  • Edibles. Marijuana edibles are easy to administer, especially to cannabis patients. Not all patients would like to smoke marijuana edibles are an effective and delicious alternative way for patients to consume marijuana. This is infusing cannabis to a food or drink. It can be cookies, ice cream, brownies, etc. This would usually cost you around $ 3n- $ 5 per dose of the edible.
  • Buds. This will cost you around $5 – $20 per gram of high-quality weed. Note that the price of the marijuana bud will depend on its quality and the location where you purchased it. 
  • Tinctures. These are liquid marijuana concentrate that can be administered easily to cannabis patients. Tinctures can also be mixed with food and drinks. The price of tinctures depends on its concentration. The price plays around $ 20 to $ 40.

As mentioned earlier, several important factors determine the price of medical marijuana:

  • Quality. This is very basic and very important. If you want the best quality bud, then you have to pay the best price as well. The higher the price, the better the quality of the weed. Top-quality weed is very effective in the body. As such, low-quality buds may come cheaper, but they are less effective and may be harmful to the body.
  • The Quantity. Apply the law of supply and demand here. The more supply that you have, the better the price. You can give discounts for customers to buy your products. If you have a few quantities of a certain product and the demand is high, expect an increase in the price as well.
  • The Season. Cannabis can be seasonal. Usually, the harvest season is around September and a few months after that. During these times, expect that prices are lower compared to the previous season. 
  • Check for Competition. This is no just in selling or buying medical marijuana. The more competitors a dispensary has in the area, the more competitive their prices as well. This because the person or the consumer has several options where to buy their bud. Given that all dispensaries have great quality products, the game plays around how much they are selling their products or if they have discounts or other perks. How you convince your customer depends on how creative you can be.


So to answer the question of how much does medical marijuana cost in dispensaries, it depends. There are important factors to consider in determining the price of medical marijuana. The estimate we have with which form of medical marijuana is based on regular prices. Note that marijuana dispensaries can give you discounts as well as the different perks prepared for their new and loyal customers. Just make sure that you don’t disregard quality when you are purchasing your medical marijuana bud. Happy shopping!

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