How Much is a Gram of Weed?

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How Much is a Gram of Weed

Legalized weed is extending throughout states, and whether this is your first time or going back to smoking after a few years of self-restraint, or you are used to transacting with the black market, and you are curious to check an authorized dispensary, you may question – how much is a gram of weed?

Well, the cost of weed may significantly differ based on your location. However, for all rational purposes, you can find a general idea about the prices of weed.

The Evolution of Weed Transaction

For the longest period, weed was a classified product. It was discussed in silent tones and traded carefully to prevent disclosure. 

During those grim days, the prices of weeds were significantly relying on the disposition of the seller. You cannot find any online infographics elaborating about the costs of the weed. You simply paid what the seller imposes because you think that you have nowhere else to go to get your weed.

Fortunately, those moments are over, and the market has been modified completely. Not very distant to the future, we are meant to witness a major firm that sells or cultivates weed bartered on the stock market.

Weed is not openly discussed by anyone from large financiers to the common people on the net. In certain states, you may even simply approach a corner store and buy a small weed for your weekend’s consumption.

That sounds promising; however, the timeworn question still lingers: how can you tell if you are shelling out a lot of money for your favorite weed? 

Well, do not be upset! You can research to collect all the data in one area so you will no longer have to spend many hours checking for the ideal deal.

Weed Costs – How much is a gram of weed?

Let us resolve the concern by separating the quantities, and then point out how much is likely the amount for each: Check on the following information to broaden your knowledge about the prices of weed.

A Gram

How much is a gram of weed? The gram is the fundamental unit when measuring weed. Scholarly speaking, it is a metrical unit of mass equating to one-thousandth of the unit kilogram. Sadly, somewhere in the line, someone has opted to quantify weed in a bigger volume according to the ounce. 

Now, an ounce is a component of weight approximately equivalent to one-sixteenth of a pound. Hence, if you are getting the measurement of cannabis, you are blending imperial and metric units. It is quite regrettable; however, it is how the world of marijuana runs, so you must make yourself familiar to it.

However, going back to gram – the different ounce measurements are according to grams. Hence, it is important to know the cost of this little quantity.

A good viewable citation for one gram is the cap of the bottle. The size of the cap of the bottle is approximately equal to one gram of weed. We needed to mention “approximately” since the bud’s density can differ. Considering this variation, the size of a gram can alter. However, for contrasting purposes, the cap of the bottle makes an ideal architecture of citation.

Another good approach to assess these typical quantities is the total joints they produce. It does not refer to a precise science; however, your typical joint weights 0.7 grams of weeds. Substantially, then, one gram provides you an equivalent of 1.5 joints. Still, it is a rough assessment. 

Commonly, the least volume you can purchase loose is 1 gram. A gram of weed will have a cost of around $8 to $20.

As to the costs shown below, these figures are according to the common cost for one ounce of average-quality weed. 

  • Alaska – $10.82
  • Arizona – $8.28
  • Arkansas – $8.31
  • California – $8.93
  • Colorado – $7.14  
  • Connecticut – $10.03
  • Delaware – $9.35
  • Florida – $8.06
  • Hawaii – $9.49
  • Illinois – $10.61
  • Maine – $8.41
  • Maryland – $10.10
  • Massachusetts – $10.18
  • Michigan – $ 9.74
  • Minnesota – $9.99
  • Montana – $8.69
  • Nevada – $8.37
  • New Hampshire – $10.64
  • New Jersey – $10.68
  • New Mexico – $8.13
  • New York 0 $9.67
  • North Dakota – $11.72
  • Ohio – $8.32
  • Oregon – $6.65
  • Pennsylvania – $10.03
  • Rhode Island – $9.11
  • Vermont – $10.78
  • Washington – $6.61
  • Washington, DC – $18.08
  • West Virginia – $9.00  

Twenty or 2 Grams

Veteran smokers will refer 2 grams of weed to “twenty” out of a common practice because of the prices of the traditional black market. However, that number has no longer meaning nowadays. Purchasing 2 grams of weed will cost you around $16 to $40.

Eighth or 3.5 Grams

Although it was given the name during the days of the black market, an eighth remains an eighth simply because it is that – an eighth of an ounce. Conventionally, these were also named “forties” since they are normally priced at $40. However, nowadays, they may have a price of $35 and can go up to $60.

Quarter or 7 Grams

A quarter of an ounce provides us into a large price zone and may vary from $60 to $150 based on the quality of the weed. On a viewable scale, that is around seven caps of the bottle. Bear in mind that it is not a precise visual illustration. Nevertheless, it is an ideal estimate you can utilize to assess the quantity of weed you are getting.

Half or 14 Grams

At ½ ounce, the total prices can become affordable. The prices may differ from $90 to $200, although they normally take place at around $130.

An Ounce or 28 Grams

Ounces are substantially the foundation of the weed measurement. All things are run-down from that figure. They are approximately around $230 to $240, although they can go down to $200 and can go up to $300.

What are the Factors that Affect the Price of the Weed?

Now that you already have an idea about the costs of weed let us now scrutinize the elements that impact the price of the weed. By doing so, you will understand why there is a certain distinction between the cost of weed in North Dakota and the cost of weed in Montana.

Prices of Weed By State

Your residence is probably the greatest element affecting the cost of the weeds. And it is simply not geography, but rather your state taking a stand on its law. In many places where the use of weed is not permitted, dealers are subjected to jail if caught selling. Due to this fact, you can expect their prices to go higher since it will serve as an illustration of the risk they take.

So far, there are only eight states that legalized the use of recreational weeds: Washington, California, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, and Oregon.

We do not include Washington, D.C. since even though they have opted to legalize the use of marijuana for medical and recreational purposes for adults, it does not authorize the buying of this item. 

Twenty-one states have authorized the use of medical weeds, which demands a recommendation from a doctor before you can purchase. The good thing about it is that many states are pondering to question the authorization in forthcoming ballots. Given these drives are granted, it will be more manageable for many people throughout the US to buy the weed they require.

Checking closer on the geography, it is simple to discern why this element can impose a big effect on the amount you shell out for the weed, Many weeds are cultivated in places with warmer climates with adequately fixed daytime temperatures which range from 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Temperatures that go over 88 degrees Fahrenheit and below 60 degrees Fahrenheit may reduce the content of THC and delay the growth. That implies that the ideal locations in growing weed are limited and distant between. The weed can be cultivated in not-so-ideal locations; however, the quality of the weed can be impacted.

It tells you that that weed you purchase will have to be shipped. Transportation is another thing to consider, and that price shall be considered into the final amount you pay for the weed.


So, what do these things imply to you – being a consumer? It tells you that the answer to your question – how much is a gram of weed – is dependent on numerous factors.

Although quantities may differ from each state, the prices of weed are starting to show some appearance of a reasonable-market value. While more and more states authorize the use of recreational weed, the numbers of storefronts selling it are likely increasing.

While the industry of marijuana keeps on, growing, prices will ultimately turn considerably stable throughout the country. You will never pay a similar amount wherever you go; however, you can expect the prices to be fairly stable. If that moment comes into reality, you will know for sure, regardless of your location, whether you have an acceptable deal on your required weed.

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