How to Effectively Sell Your Marijuana Seeds Products

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How to Effectively Sell Your Marijuana Seeds Products

If you’re interested in getting into the marijuana industry, selling seeds is an excellent option. Not only can you sell to a wide array of clients, but you have a product that will always be in demand. Since cannabis is an annual plant, growers and buyers must purchase new seed batches every year. Most operations try to avoid pollinating their plants at all costs, especially when it’s easier and more cost-effective to buy them from a distributor like you. 

That said, while demand for seeds will only continue to grow (pun intended), you need to be able to adapt to the industry and your customers. Here are the steps to knowing how to sell your marijuana seeds effectively. 

Step One: Understand Your Seeds

If you’re going to sell seeds, you have to offer multiple options for your clients. If you only sell one kind of seed, you won’t make it very far in the industry, especially when competing with growers that have all three types. If you’re unfamiliar with the different kinds of cannabis seeds available, here’s a rundown. 

Autoflowering Seeds

While these seeds may seem like regular cannabis, they’re actually far more efficient at growing and maturing. While the standard lifecycle of a cannabis plant is between four and ten months, autoflowering varieties can develop in as little as eight weeks. 

Another advantage of autoflowering seeds is that they can be fully feminized. In this case, all the seeds are female, with no males. However, you can also create feminized cannabis seeds, so it’s crucial to understand the difference. 

As a rule, autoflowering seeds are best for smaller operations that don’t have much space or time to grow full-sized plants. The downside is that the buds are smaller and less potent, so it takes more of them to achieve the same results. 

Regular Cannabis Seeds

If you’re just starting in the industry, you should learn how to pollinate and collect regular cannabis seeds before moving to other varieties. Despite what some people may claim, it’s impossible to tell a male from a female until the plant has grown for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, as a seed manufacturer, you don’t have to worry as much about pollination. That said, you still have to be diligent and take control of the fertilization process. For example, if you’re trying to cross-breed different strains, how can you know your results if you’re unsure which male pollinated your females? 

The primary benefit of regular cannabis seeds is that they’re plentiful and cheap, so some clients may prefer their cost-effectiveness. 

Feminized Seeds

As we mentioned, feminized seeds are those that are female-only. To achieve this effect, you have to put the plants under stress. When stressed, cannabis will produce female seeds in an effort to perpetuate the species. As a seed manufacturer, you have to know how to stress your plants just enough to create this effect, but not so much that you damage your cannabis. 

Step Two: Understand Your Buyers

Growing and selling marijuana seeds is different than selling whole plants or buds. Since you’re only selling the seed, you have to know the types of clients that want this kind of product. Generally speaking, you can sell to individuals or commercial growing operations. Here are some factors to consider with each demographic: 

Personal Growers

Many states allow individuals to grow marijuana plants at home without a permit if they’re not selling the plant or any byproducts. States also set strict limitations on how many plants someone can grow for personal use. So, when selling to individuals, your orders will be pretty small. Also, you’ll likely get a lot of newbies who don’t know much about growing cannabis. 

Commercial Growers

If you have the space and the infrastructure, the best way to make money by selling weed seeds is to sell them wholesale to commercial growing operations. Best of all, you’re not competing against these businesses because you’re fertilizing your plants while they’re not. Cannabis buds are only suitable for consumption when they’re unfertilized. Otherwise, the female plant loses much of its THC and CBD because it’s so focused on producing pollinated seeds. 

Since you’ll be selling bulk orders, you have to be able to produce enough seeds consistently. Also, commercial operations will likely have strict standards you have to meet. Realistically, you should set up a contract to make your arrangement mutually beneficial. For example, you can get paid half of an order upfront to cover the costs of starting a new crop, then the rest once you deliver the seeds. 

Step Three: Become a Resource

The best way to sell any product is to make your brand valuable to your customers. As a seed grower and distributor, becoming a resource for your clients is much easier than in other industries. Some ways to offer value can include: 

  • Blogging and Vlogging – You can write articles on how to grow different seeds, identify the sex of plants, and germinate seeds for the best results. By creating video clips of this information, you can easily capture your audience’s attention. 
  • Tutorials and Classes – Many individual growers may need help starting their new endeavor. So, you can host hands-on classes or virtual webinars to make the process easier. Not only can you make money from the course or webinar itself, but it should lead to seed orders too.
  • Q&A Sessions – Growers will likely have tons of questions about making their operation as profitable and streamlined as possible. As a seed grower, you can provide some valuable insight. 

Step Four: Diversify Your Options

While seeds may be your primary source of revenue, you can expand into other products that will strengthen your bottom line. Some alternatives include: 

  • Growing Equipment – Either you can make your own gear (i.e., irrigation and lighting rigs) or resell wholesale products from a manufacturing partner. 
  • Cannabis Plants – If you’re already selling the seeds, why not grow and sell whole plants as well? You can sell hemp and cannabis to make even more. 
  • Merchandise and Other Products – As you build brand awareness, you can sell branded merchandise to new customers and existing clients. These pieces can also act as marketing channels to bring in new business. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, selling cannabis seeds can be an excellent business opportunity. However, you have to be prepared and understand the ins and outs of the industry. Now that you’re empowered with this knowledge, success is around the corner!

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