How to Make Money Selling Weed

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How to Make Money Selling Weed

Are you sick and tired working on a little cubicle with such minimal income? Have you earned the courage to start something and earn real money? If that is the case, now could be the right time that you begin to consider starting a business, particularly if you are living in a state where complete legalization is not on the range.

Why not consider the ways on how to make money selling weed? You should know that selling can be very rewarding. Nobody says that this venture will be very easy. Similar to other businesses, it is not just a pleasurable pastime, rather it is a business.

Ways on How to Make Money Selling Weed

Are you set to convert those green fantasies into actuality? If that is the case, grant yourself a favor and check the following guidelines on how to make money selling weed for starting dealers.

One thing to know about these guidelines is that they are meant to individuals who plan to sell weeds in states that have not yet legalized pots. Contending against authorized home cultivators and legal dispensaries does not only alter the contest but also makes running as a dealer more challenging.

1. Have Enough Fund to Start Your Business

It may seem simple to purchase a half-ounce and sell it to your friends, then reinvest. By theory, it is rational. However, what will be the scenario if your friends whom you expect to buy your item do not have enough budget when you gather your supply? 

Naturally, you should look for other potential buyers, or you will only end up staying in that area for some time without earning an income. The key point is that you have to secure more than a hundred bucks to start the business if you really mean it. 

Moreover, you will not generate a sufficient profit if you are only securing a close-to-retail for the weed and sell it again. Just like with any other businesses, the best approach to generate money in reselling items is to purchase by bulk at reduced costs, and that demands sufficient finance to invest. Else way, you will be stuck dangling eighths – until you make up your mind that you should have never quitted the job that day.

2. Do Research

Every triumphant business performs research on the market. Perhaps you are aware, from the viewpoint of a buyer, the market cost in your place for a gram, an eighth, or ounce. But do you know the ongoing price for a pound? You should get the data for that. And while you are in the process of collecting the information, you should also know the nature of competition that you are inclined to encounter, as well as their prices.

If you intend to magnify your profit and obtain the right clients, you should be enticed to stash on the superior-quality green. If your common engagements are with brick or ditch weed, though, you should know the ongoing prices for excellent kush before trading with a supplier or learning that you are selling ar a price that is below the price of the market.

You can be mindful that what you intend to carry out may disregard a law. But are you aware of how large your stash should be before your dilemmas turn from transgression into crimes? You should know the legalities of weed laws ins-and-outs in your state before you negligently thrust yourself into a hole where you cannot get out.

3. Secure the Proper Equipment

Certainly, you must secure a scale. However, a kitchen scale is not enough to cut it. Grant yourself a favor and purchase a top-rate digital scale that you can afford, and see to it is capable of reading tenths of a gram.

Spending a bit higher for accuracy could not seem to be the most significant investment you should make if you are managing your own thing, but you surely do not like to be offering your clients more buds than the amount they are paying for. 

A piece of equipment could possibly be even more necessary than a scale, nonetheless, and that is a burner phone which you can regularly change. You have two good reasons for securing a burner. 

Certain dealers are set to operate 24/7. However, the last thing you would like is clients who are all-night partying and calling you the entire hours when you are relaxing, cheering, or attempting to get sleep. Providing your clients, your burner phone could make sense. 

What is even worse than that is the probability that you become a subject of law enforcement. Would you know the first move? It has something to do with your own phone. Remember not to do business using your own number – and the greater businesses you do, the more frequent you should secure another burner phone.

4. Always Choose the Best Places When Doing Business

Never allow your client to come to your house. Before you even notice it, someone you do not like to see in your place like the cops will find their way to your place. Also, you do not like your neighbors to begin spreading the news about you and hypothesizing about the foreign people who constantly visit your place.

Nobody wants to lurk around the street corners or parking lots. However, you should learn to welcome it as a part of your work if you are offering in small quantities. Just make sure that the study you conducted was thorough while you are hawking your weed. 

One option that you can possibly impose is to offer to deliver service for you to lessen the risks of a street transaction as well as the risks of being noticed by the law enforcers.

5. Offer a Satisfactory Customer Service

Considering that you do not like to open a 24/7 service for your clients, see to it that they are aware when is the best time to reach you – and ensure your availability, with available products to offer, just as what you commit. It would be very easy for the customers to look for another seller if they see you not credible.

Your reputation can be put at risk if customers spread the news that you have given them a shortened item. Come up with a fair price and do not cost your customers a big amount or impose a nick of a time price increase. The customers may feel tricked. 

You can either inform the customer ahead of time that you will have to increase the price. Never jeopardize the quality of the weed. Let the customers learn exactly what you are offering. Customers will always acknowledge the impression that they are transacting with a reliable seller, and that they are valued.

Lastly, you can allocate a budget for some freebies for avid customers.

6. Illustrate a Clear Line Between Friends and Customers

The fastest way of failing to be a dealer is by stretching credit. Unfortunately, the people who are likely to ask you favor are your friends. 

It does not suggest that you should not offer your friends some supply. What it implies is that the filthiest word you can hear is the word “credit”. You may result in .losing your money, and even your friends.

7. Do not Become Greedy

Slow the roll. You may find it difficult to manage a big increase in quantity, either in storing or packing, or when it comes to acquiring enough clients for it.

In many situations, going volume such as that demands a chain of dealers beneath you; that is a completely unique model of business that you should not immediately leap into without plenty of preparation and experience. It is also aggressively heightening the risk level.

Moreover, you may experience difficulty in searching for a supplier who is willing to trade you 20 pounds of weed, in any kind. They are taking a huge risk performing that kind of a transaction with you and would like to fully trust you before they decide to put their larger business on the line to trade you large amounts of a flower.

If you do not believe that you are prepared to upscale, do not pressure yourself and opt to do it at a slow pace. Expanding hurriedly may cause the business to fail. In the industry of weed, it can devastate the business and may even cause your imprisonment. 


The weed industry has been very progressive. It is possible if you want to make it a business. Learning how to make money selling weed can be very promising if you commit to following the guidelines on how to effectively do the selling of weed.

The above guidelines should provide you great help. Remember that since the weed industry has been very popular, you could expect quite a competition. But if you adopt the ways of becoming an effective dealer, you should be able to see yourself earning enough profits from selling weeds. Take it slow, and eventually, you can grow your business.

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