How to Sell Medical Marijuana to Dispensaries

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How to Sell Medical Marijuana to Dispensaries

Medical marijuana is a hot topic, even for those who don’t use or smoke it. It’s always an issue to the law in any country and even set the US with intrigue. However, the legalization of medical marijuana in some states or countries all over the world has been an extraordinary process. More and more people are taking advantage of it, especially because there are many mandated and regulated laws for growers and sellers who want to partner with a dispensary. 

With the massive growth of medical marijuana, the growth of dispensaries is now popping too. Thereby making everyone to be fascinated with the profit, and wanted to know how to sell medical marijuana to dispensaries. So if you are one of those interested sellers and growers, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will know ways and guidelines through the necessary steps in selling medical marijuana. 

Knowing What is a Dispensary

Marijuana Dispensaries are establishments where you can always go when you want access to marijuana. It usually takes place in a clinic or a hospital, for its level comes with the same traits as drugstores or pharmacies. However, unlike any other pharmacy or drugstore, a dispensary sells marijuana that comes in a jar with plants and herbs inside. 

For you to further understand how to sell medical marijuana to dispensaries, get to know these two, the difference between medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries: 

Medical Dispensaries

This is where the marijuana needs of patients are being catered. However, they can’t just sell marijuana without any doctor’s prescription, orders, or written letters. You should also be registered at the dispensary before you can take any marijuana medication. It’s a very strict dispensary because they keep it in private. More so, the people inside selling medical marijuana can always track all your purchase. 

Recreational Dispensaries

The Recreational dispensary may work differently than medical dispensaries. Only people who are 21 years old and above can visit the store, and there will be no doctor’s prescription needed. You can buy a variety of products like flowers, topical, and even edibles. And unlike medical dispensaries, the recreational dispensary is less private. This is a place where there is more of come-and-go practices. 

How to Sell Medical Marijuana to Dispensaries

Perhaps you are interested in selling medical marijuana to dispensaries. For some reason, you have the capacity and the supply to selling. But you must also know the considerations when you sell to dispensaries because you should know that selling to a dispensary isn’t as easy as it sounds.

There may be challenges that you need to go through, most especially when it comes to the law and legalities. Here are the things you should always remember when selling medical marijuana to dispensaries. 

  • First and foremost, you need to have a license and the authority to sell, especially if you are a beginner. Also, know that licenses may vary depending on the state you belong to or your target market. You must always remember that the dispensary you are selling with is legal and with a license. 
    This is an integral part if you want to be a part of their success and to avoid conflicts later on to arise. It’s always better if the group you are being partnered with is already established and with a good reputation or ratings. 
  • You should also know and define which kind of marijuana you are going to sell. You must be open if you are selling medical or recreational marijuana. It’s one of the most important decisions you can make, so you know what marijuana you’re going to grow. 
    You should be true to your words. When you say you supply medical marijuana, always make sure that it’s intended for medical purposes only. If you lie about your products, chances are; the dispensaries may sell your products to the wrong people. Instead of selling for medical purposes, there’s a big chance that they are selling the wrong marijuana. 
  • It would help if you always abide by the rules and laws of the dispensaries. Most especially in coping with the requirements on what type of marijuana you are going to sell to them. 
  • It’s also an advantage if you do terms and written agreement with the dispensaries like having wholesale and retail pricing. It’s a good decision, and the buyer wants to buy more if you have that kind of consideration. 
  • You must also reach the standards for the marijuana you are selling. This is highly important because you are going to sell medical marijuana. It must always have that very strict medical quality.
    You should always see to it that the products you are selling are approved safe and legal. This is to avoid facing lawsuits in the future.  
  • Lastly, to truly know about selling medical marijuana to dispensaries, you must also be open to selling specific or organic strains. This would help in narrowing your choices so you can focus on growing well your chosen crop. 


Knowing how to sell medical marijuana to dispensaries is not an easy task. Of course, it’s risky since there is still a debate regarding using marijuana for medical or recreational use. You should be cautious, especially if you wanted to sell medical marijuana for it talks about the health of a patient, and the orders from medical professionals.  

Hopefully, you were able to know the information and guidelines on selling medical marijuana to dispensaries. You now know how to contemplate things towards becoming a good seller and do a very good job in the industry. With the controversies about medical marijuana selling and legalization, it is always advantageous to stay well-informed when selling it to the ones who need it. Always ensure that you do business in a very safe and legal manner. Just do what you’re intended to do, and there will be no issues and consequences.

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