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Blueberry Regular Marijuana Seeds

Are you searching for an enjoyable and classy cannabis strain that is known for its taste? If so, the Blueberry Regular strain is a good weed variety that you can take into consideration. Repeat customers typically germinate multiple Blueberry seeds, allowing them to look for a special mother plant which is really easy to get some cuttings from. This strain is expected to yield well and is often liked by those who are searching for a strain that can give a relaxing, special, and well-refined high. Growing Blueberry weed regular strain is also quite easy, which means that even if you are a beginner, this strain will certainly work its wonders for you!

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The Blueberry Regular seeds are your go-to strain if you are looking for a classy yet enjoyable smoke with impeccable taste. This award-winning strain has a deliciously sweet blueberry flavor that will make your mouth water the moment it touches your lips. After a few tokes, a relaxing whole-body stone with a clear-minded high will be experienced before you are locked to the couch. The Blueberry Regular seeds are simple enough to cultivate for cross-breeding and/or volumed bud production. The Blueberry regular seeds are a high-yielding strain that will not disappoint. The Blueberry Regular seeds can be cultivated from seeds and clones, particularly if the clippings originate from mature and healthy plants.

Origin of Blueberry Regular Seeds

The Blueberry Regular seeds are the 2000 Cannabis Cup winners for the Best Indica category. This legendary strain can be traced back to the late 1970s when Sativa Thai, Purple Thai, and Indica Afghani were bred into the strong Indica-dominant hybrid we know and love today. For decades, this hybrid has been passed from generation to generation to create incredible varieties.

Effects of Blueberry Regular Seeds

The Blueberry Regular Seeds are packed with a 20.33% THC level and a 1.40% CBD level that is ideal for both recreational and medical purposes. The effects of this strain begin with a soothing cerebral high that clears the mind and uplifts the spirits. After some time, long-lasting body sedation creeps in starting from the head to the tip of the toes. This heavy-hitting strain can be quite overwhelming for new smokers which is why it is known to be a “one hit and quit” smoke. It is ideally smoked in the evening or at the end of a tiring work week. Consumers will be in a couch-locked state after a few hits, leaving them stoned for the rest of the night. Do not underestimate this strain. There is a reason why it is popularly known as one of the best Indica in the marijuana world.

Medical Uses of Blueberry Regular Seeds

The Blueberry Regular seeds have a dominant Indica component of 75% that is more than enough to be used as a numbing anti-inflammatory and soothing pain-relieving alternative medicine for patients suffering from chronic pains, injuries, fatigue, arthritis, muscle spasms, and the like. It is also one of the best strains to consume if you are suffering from insomnia and have a hard time going to sleep. This strain can also be used to improve the mood and relieve stress. 

Taste and Aroma of Blueberry Regular Seeds

The Blueberry Regular seeds have a sweet blueberry fruit flavor with a pleasing aroma. It will instantly make your mouth water the moment you take a hit and the smell will linger around you throughout the whole experience. No wonder cannot get enough of this strain. 

Growing Blueberry Regular Seeds

The Blueberry Regular seeds grow into short, bushy plants with colorful leaves, orange-hued calyxes, and purple-hued nugs wrapped in frosty trichomes. These plants produce as much as 300 to 500 grams of harvest in just 8 to 9 weeks. The Blueberry Regular plants are capable of thriving indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses. Beginner growers will find this simple to cultivate into potent, high-yielding plants. The Blueberry Regular seeds produce a combination of males and females. As the plants are cultivated and the buds begin to grow, the male “ball-shaped flowers must be separated to prevent pollinating the female pistil-shaped flowers.

Blueberry Regular Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Temperature, Continental, Sunny, Mediterranean
Yield: 500g/m2 indoors / 300g per plant outdoors
Flavors: Berry, Sweet, Fruity
THC Level: 20.33%
CBD Level: 1.40%
Height: Average
Harvest Period: October
Growing Difficulty: Easy