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Haze Xtreme Regular Seeds

Your world will turn upside down with this ‘extreme’ version of the famous Haze strain. The regular Haze strain is already known for its extreme effects, which means that the intensified version presents a more potent effect and high for you. You will definitely agree that this strain has been pushed to popularity, even turning non-fanatics to actual real supporters. You might also find yourself turning into a fan after trying it out! If you have been a fan of the Haze strain and is currently searching for a good option to step things up, the Haze Xtreme Regular strain may be your best way to go and be among those who made this strain an international favorite.

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Origin of Haze Xtreme Regular

Origin-wise, the Haze Xtreme Regular strain comes from the popular Haze strain, making it an ‘extreme’ version, with increased psychedelic effects combined with a potent Sativa high. Haze, with its reputation, is the most grown and popular 100% sativa strain all over the world, with origins tracing back to the 1970s. This strain was cultivated by two brothers. It all started with a hybrid of a landrace strain from Colombia and another landrace sativa from Mexico. The crossbreed did not end there, because the new hybrid was then crossed to another landrace strain from Thailand, and the rest is history.

Effects of Haze Xtreme Regular

The effects produced by the Haze Xtreme Regular strain is awesome, leaving users with a body and head high which can leave you to feel awake. This only goes to say that this strain is not a good one for use at night time. Instead, it is perfect for those who would like to experience an active and productive daytime mood. The THC content of this strain is at 22%, which is high, which makes the effects mainly focusing on the mind, and still keeping your body pain-free and relaxed. Its CBN content, on the other hand, is also high with 1%. This means that you may also experience psychedelic effects as you continue managing your routine every day.

Medical Uses of Haze Xtreme Regular

If you frequent a dispensary for medical marijuana, chances are you have already been familiar with this strain. It is sought after because of its uplifting and intensified effects. Because of its THC content, this strain will surely offer you relaxing and mellow effects, accompanied by an enhanced capacity to focus mentally. For patients who are suffering from depression or chronic stress, the Haze Xtreme Regular is a good strain to take into consideration because of its naturally high THC content and mellow effects. If you need to medicate during the daytime, you will be delighted to know that you can still go on with your tasks accordingly.

Taste and Aroma Of Haze Xtreme Regular

One thing that characterizes the Haze Xtreme Regular strain is its overwhelmingly pungent aroma which makes it interestingly irresistible. Its scent offers a unique combination of different notes, lingering in your senses for quite some time. This is the kind of aroma that you just want to enjoy basking it and start your day with. The taste is also as evident as its smell. The moment you smoke it, you can already taste the Haze in it, distinct, powerful. You can immediately notice the surge of notes which will certainly stay in your palate even way beyond after the high wears off.

Growing Haze Xtreme Regular

The Haze Xtreme Regular strain is quite easy to grow. It is a plant that yields huge and can be grown in both indoors and outdoors. The difference between the two environments is about 200 grams in terms of yield. At the same time, the flowering time ranges between two and two and a half months, with yields which can go as high as 550 grams indoors. In an outdoor environment, the approximate yield is at 350 grams. As it is a mostly sativa plant, it can reach up to ten weeks to flowering. If you are a beginner in growing cannabis, this strain is tolerant of newbies.

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