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Early Miss Autoflower Seeds

Go ahead and experience the relaxing body high offered by the Early Miss Autoflower strain. If you are interested in having a superstar right in your garden, having this strain is the next step that you can consider. Growing them from seeds will allow you to enjoy the cultivation process, as this strain can thrive really well both indoors and outdoors. Relaxation is what also awaits you after smoking this strain as it offers that smooth relaxation that will creep right into your senses. With a strain that has earned its reputation in the cannabis industry, you’ll never go wrong!

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Origin of Early Miss Autoflower

The Early Miss Autoflower strain is a cross between two amazing strains – Big Bud and Original White Widow. It is a strain from Spain, and is primarily Indica, at 60%. It also shares 30% Sativa and 10% Ruderalis genetics. All thanks to its reliable and solid genetics, this strain is known and is used commonly for pain therapy. The yield is quite amazing, which is common among most autoflowering strains. With its solid genetics at hand, you can expect nothing but quality with the Early Miss Autoflower strain.

Effects of Early Miss Autoflower

Early Miss Autoflower strain is known to have a really smooth and relaxing effect that can be felt in every inch of the skin and muscles. With a high THC content level, this strain guarantees an intoxicating effect that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Thanks to its genetics, this is a good option of a strain for those times where you just want to relax, life down, and feel buzzed. If you are in pain and needs a stress free time all for yourself, this strain is a good companion to consider.

Medical Uses of Early Miss Autoflower

With a THC content level at 20.06%, you can expect that the Early Miss Autoflower strain can remove your stress, especially after a long day at work. The scent, for example, is enough to pull you in, keeping you well in your senses. This strain is also known for its capacity to deal with pain, being used in pain therapies among medicinal marijuana patient. While it may not completely remove the source of the pain, it helps in dealing with it. For this reason, it is one of the most famous genetics in Spain. The effect when smoked is relaxing, with a high THC content level, at 20%.

Taste and Aroma of Early Miss Autoflower

Early Miss Autoflower strain gives an intoxicating effect that will leave you feeling relaxed. The taste and aroma of this strain are often described as peppery and spicy. It hits hard just like its parent, which gives that uplifting high but really relaxing. When taken in higher doses, it has cerebral and self-contained effects, making it a perfect strain when going to a party, watching films, intense discussions or even listening to music. You can also expect herb dank upon exhalation, triggering coughing, especially if you are a beginner. Later on, you will enjoy that uplifting energy after smoking this strain.

Growing Early Miss Autoflower

This strain is fast flowering, which is easy to grow at 7 weeks. This indica dominant strain can offer you a bountiful yield, which can be grown any time of the year in an outdoor environment, provided that the temperatures are higher than 10C. Early Miss Autoflower is easy to moderate to grow strain, flowering in a short period of time. When it is ready for harvest, you will see the thick buds coated with resin. In an outdoor environment, you can expect up to 100 grams in yield. On the other hand, in an indoor environment, the yield is expected at 200 grams.

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