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White Cookies Feminized Marijuana Seeds

We took two of the world’s most popular strains, White Widow & Girl Scout Cookies, and created the world’s best hybrid with ‘White Cookies’. A knockout in high THC levels, with white crystals and a medium flowering time of 9 weeks, this Indica-dominant hybrid has characteristics of both parents. Fun and easy to grow, this strain flourishes in indoor grows.

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The White Cookies came from the world’s excellent strains, a hybrid of White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has a high THC level, with a flowering time of 9 weeks. It is an Indica-dominant blend that has features of each parent. White Cookies strain is an easy-growing plant that thrives in an indoor and outdoor setting.

Origin of White Cookies Feminized Seeds

White Cookies originated from two famous genetic parents which is the White Widow and the Girl Scout Cookies. White Cookies has all the positive traits and features derived from its genetic parents. 

Effects of White Cookies Feminized Seeds

White Cookies provides calmness, contentment, ecstatic, and body-heavy effects. It is an excellent smoke during finals at the school or during the end of the month rush at work. Its potent effects provide the most effective of both worlds and are suggested for expert users. When the high intensifies, it causes users to be more social, and with a more significant amount, it leaves users in a couch-locked experience. Depending on the dose, this impressive strain is best consumed during daytime or nighttime.

Medical Effects of White Cookies Feminized Seeds

White Cookies Feminized can treat pain, food aversion, mood problems, and nausea.  It has a regular THC level of 19.25% and a CBD level of 0.75%, providing a cerebral buzz that can alleviate pains, depression, and anxiety. It is an excellent strain for people undergoing chemotherapy and vomiting.

Taste and Aroma of White Cookies Feminized Seeds

White Cookies features a sophisticated and alluring aroma and a flavor profile that adds up to its reputation. It emits an earthy smell, with a lemon-like scent and hints of spice and herbs. It also blends a chocolate aroma with moist and funky notes. Its aroma is sweet with a minty chocolate scent. It’s additionally filled with a peppery flavor that mixes admirably in its sweet taste.

Grow info of White Cookies Feminized Seeds

White Cookies Fem strain level of growth is superficial, which implies that it can be grown even by new growers. It can reach a height of  100 cm tall, and it has a flowering period of 9 weeks. The bud is coated in trichomes with bright colors, creating an attraction within the garden. White Cookies are cultured indoors, considering they can adjust in a supervised setting and collaborates in any growing environment. In the outdoors, this strain requires to be put in place with enough sunlight. It is high-yielding, and it can produce up to 200g-400g once fully grown outdoors and indoors.

White Cookies Feminized Marijuana Strain Specifications

Type: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Genetics Parents: White Widow x Girl Scout Cookies
Flowering Period: 9 weeks
Climate: Mediterranean
Yield: 200g to 400g
Flavors: cookies, sweet vanilla, mint chocolate, earthy
THC Level: 19.25%
CBD Level: 0.75%
Height: 1m
Harvest Period: mid to late September
Growing Difficulty: moderate

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