Sativa VS Indica VS Ruderails: A Comparison

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Sativa VS Indica VS Ruderails A Comparison

The cannabis world has grown so much these past few years. Cannabis is no longer just a plain plant that is smoked for recreational use and with limited medical benefits. Many kinds of research have been conducted subjecting cannabis to be able to explore its benefits.

While the global economy is excited with how things are going with the cannabis industry, it has raised the curiosity of many on what is exactly is cannabis? Why is it making this so much noise? Where did this all start? 

Let’s go back to the very beginning. Go back to where it all started. Let’s talk about cannabis.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a group of plants that contains psychoactive compounds or properties called cannabinoids. When the flowers of cannabis are harvested and dried, you will have the most illicit and abused drugs in the world, the marijuana. 

The cannabis plant is made up of hundreds of compounds called cannabinoids. Among these cannabinoids, there two who are prominent. These two prominent cannabinoids are the Cannabidiol or the CBD and the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. THC and CBD affects the body in different manners. To make things simpler, the THC is responsible for the “high” that you get in consuming cannabis while the CBD is more on the medical benefits.

There are different types of cannabis plants grouped according to their effects. Cannabis plants can bring about different effects on the body. It can bring about strong psychedelic high and many medicinal benefits. Some cannabis can bring about relaxing and tranquilizing effects, and they are good against a variety of medical conditions incusing pain, anxiety glaucoma, poor appetite, and more. 

What are the Three Types of Cannabis and How They Differ from Each Other?

There are their kinds of cannabis, the Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis. 

Cannabis Sativa

The cannabis Sativa is the most popular and perhaps the largest among the three types of cannabis. Sativas originated in tropical countries, and they are plants that love to be exposed to the sun. In appearance, Sativas looks more loose and airy compared to other the other kinds. These plants will grow well in warm temperatures. Sativa has a longer flowering time compared to Indica and Ruderalis, but they can produce monstrous yields. You can recognize Sativa plants because of their long spindly leaves, which look like fingers.

Sativas have a high concentration of THC, which can bring about very strong high and low CBD content. Clinical researches have been conducted studying the effects of Sativa, and the results showed that Sativas could let you feel:

  • Ecstatic high
  • Euphoric high
  • Energetic
  • Motivated
  • Focused 
  • Alert
  • Creative
  • Inspired 

Sativas have been proven to reduce nausea, stimulate the appetite, and is a great aid in treating anxiety and depression.

Cannabis Indica

Unlike the Sativas, Indicas have higher CBD content, which makes it a very useful plant for medical use. The main difference between Indica and Sativa is that you won’t be getting the “high” that you get from Sativa; instead, it will allow you to enjoy a more calming and relaxing experience. Indicas are perfect for cannabis consumers who want to experience a sense of tranquility and relieve stress in the body.

Indicas are said to have originated in sub-tropical countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. Taking a look at its physical appearance, Indicas leaves are like fans with the fingers of the leaves grows wider apart from each other. 

Indica strains flowers faster compared to Sativas. This is because they take full advantage of their exposure to the light. Unlike Sativas, Indicas are small; thus, they can be grown discreetly or indoors.

Medical studies have shown that Indicas can bring about the following effects:  

  • It can relieve stress
  • It can reduce the risk of anxiety
  • It can reduce inflammation
  • It is very effective in pain management
  • It can induce sleep
  • It is a great sedative
  • It can boost the appetite 
  • Increases dopamine production
  • It can give a strong body buzz
  • It can be a very good muscle relaxant

Most Indica strains are primarily being used in the medical community as an aid to treat a number of medical conditions. 

Cannabis Ruderalis 

Before, there was just Sativa and Indica. A few years ago, cannabis experts discovered a new line of cannabis, which was found growing in wilds of colder regions such as Russian and China. The biggest difference between this Ruderalis among the other two is that it is auto-flowering.

Auto-flowering plants are flowers fast, and they are resilient to nature. It is easy to grow, and you do not have to be hands-on. It flowers faster; thus, you can have a faster harvest time. With Ruderalis, you can have several harvests in a year.

Unlike Sativa and Indica, Ruderalis has low THC and CBD contents, which makes them unpopular in the cannabis community. But what cannabis scientists have discovered made a remarkable impact on the cannabis community. Ruderalis, when combined or crossed to a Sativa or Indica, can produce either a highly Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant strains, which are referred to as hybrids. 

Because of that, cannabis manufacturers have developed hundreds of hybrids that are remarkable, and they are unique from their kinds in terms of flavor, scent, and effects, and it also retains the auto-flowering feature of the Ruderalis. 


If you are to consume cannabis either for recreational or medical use, it is just basic to have enough knowledge of what you are about to take. Knowing the different types of cannabis will give you an idea of which strain is for you or which among the hundreds of strains you would want.

If you want to experience a euphoric, mood-altering, and psychedelic high, then Sativas are for you. If you want to experience relaxation and tranquility, then get an Indica. Then you can also try hybrids in which you can experience the combined effects of Indica and Sativa depending on its percentage.

The cannabis industry is growing. It is changing. It all started with a simple plant. Cannabis in whichever form is changing the face of the globe. Look back and see where it all began. You will be amazed at how much has changed in the world of cannabis.

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