Advantages of Buying Marijuana Seeds in Bulk

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Advantages of Buying Marijuana Seeds in Bulk

The marijuana market is growing globally. The demand for marijuana products increased since its legalization to almost have of the states in the US and about 40 countries. Marijuana products have to change the flow of the market and have taken over the cannabis industry.

Marijuana has been around for a long time, but it has been discreetly used because of its legal issues. Unlike now, the use of marijuana is allowed, especially in places where it is legal. It gave marijuana consumers better access to using weed in both medical and recreational use.

The popularity of marijuana is growing, and it is attracting non-consumers to try it as well. Cannabis cultivators are growing in numbers, and they are producing high-quality marijuana. If you are a marijuana grower, you may have tried purchasing marijuana seed in a local or online cannabis store, and sometimes they ran out of stocks of the particular strain. How do you go about this? Did you know that you can buy marijuana seeds in bulk? That’s right. Almost all marijuana dispensaries and stores offer their customer to buy in bulk. 

What are the Advantages of Buying Marijuana Seeds in Bulk?

An experienced marijuana grower would always want to have a stock of weed somewhere in the house. Don’t you think it is quite a hassle if you keep on buying seeds very often, every time you use it? Sometimes they also ran out of stocks, so how do you go about this? Buy in bulk.

  • You will get more seeds. The main reason why marijuana users prefer to buy in bulk is that they can keep a considerable amount of marijuana seeds handy at all times. Usually, you can buy a small number of seeds at a higher price, but you have an option to buy in bulk of your chosen strain at a retail price and enjoy it for months. This means that though you may have spent more than buying in a small amount, looking at it from a long term point of view, you will see that you have saved some money. You can keep the remaining seeds and use them in the next planting season.
  • There’s no need to go to your local cannabis store or buy online every time you need to buy cannabis seeds. This will save you with your precious time and some gas! First, you have to know that if you buy your seeds online, you have to wait for a couple of days (depends on the location of the store) before you receive your purchase. That takes time! If you keep buying at a local store every time you need cannabis seeds, save your time and gas and buy in bulk. You can buy bulk marijuana seeds online and have it delivered safely at your doorstep perfectly sealed. This is true with buying in local dispensaries, after buying in bulk, you can use the purchased seeds and start cultivating and keep the rest safely stored. 
  • Affordability of buying in bulk. Just like in other commodities, buying wholesale will give you a lesser price compared to buying it at a retail price. This is a significant financial advantage. You might wonder why it is economical since you will be spending a large amount of money on the one time purchase, but if you do the math, it will give you some savings, especially if you are to use the seeds for the next months.
  • You will never run out of marijuana seeds. One of the important reason why most experienced marijuana cultivator buys pot in bulk is that they never would like to experience running out of their favorite marijuana seeds. Running out of seed for a cultivator is a helpless situation. The best solution to this matter is to buy in bulk and store them safely. Cannabis dispensaries sometimes ran out of stocks of a particular strain, so if you see that there are stocks of your favorite strain, do not hesitate and buy them in bulk.
  • Perks, freebies, and discounts. Some cannabis stores and dispensaries give discounts, freebies, and some perks for cannabis customers who are buying in bulk. Buying in bulk means the customer is paying a large amount, and this is a good sale. They are not actually on the losing end because their products are being sold, and they are gaining another loyal customer. This is a good customer service practice for the marijuana store.

Buying in bulk is ideal for experienced cannabis cultivators who constantly grow their cannabis garden per season. You may but different kinds of seeds in bulk and plant them in your cannabis garden. If you have committed yourself to cannabis cultivation, then it is just proper that you have seeds in hand so you can continually work on your cannabis garden.

In buying in bulk, the most important thing is that you must have a good place to store your marijuana. Keep inside a tightly sealed jar or plastic and store it in a cool room. Just make sure to keep away from light or heat to avoid moisture. Having a good place to store marijuana seeds is the problem of some growers, that is why they are not buying marijuana seeds in bulk. Seeing the advantages of buying marijuana seeds in bulk, allocate an ideal storage place for your seeds, and store them safely.


Buying marijuana seeds in a physical cannabis store or online is easy, especially if the use of the weed is legal in your place. But as a marijuana grower, it is not just enough that you grow marijuana and sell them. Marijuana growers are also after the profit. Marijuana cultivation is a business. If you are into it, you must find ways to be cost-effective without sacrificing the quality of your products, and one way to do that is to buy marijuana seeds in bulk. You may shell out a larger amount in this one-time transaction, but you are economically speaking, you can save money, time, and effort.

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