How to Store Marijuana Seeds Properly

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How to Store Marijuana Seeds Properly

Common concerns raised by the new cultivators are mostly associated with marijuana seeds. Such concerns include their safe storage. They also wonder about how long the seeds can stay in the storage. Will these seeds still possess the same traits, just like the fresh seeds?

If you are curious to learn how to store marijuana seeds properly, you can check the following guides to help you with your concern.

The General Rules

Remember that marijuana seeds are natural organisms. Once they rub elbows with water, their nutrients – which are the ones that activate the process of germination, shall be released. Hence, to inhibit the unused marijuana seeds from turning damaged or germinating, it is important that you keep the seeds in a cool, dark, and free from moisture place.

Marijuana seeds can endure even a very low temperature; however, temperature fluctuations and air humidity must never be allowed to take place. 

Importance of the Proper Storage of Marijuana Seeds

The concept of hoarding marijuana seeds may likely seem quite absurd to a lot of people. Many individuals portray marijuana idealists with a pot having all their most treasured seeds, concealed in a secured place.

Nevertheless, the best reason for storing marijuana seeds is completely a rational one. There are times that some problems would stop you from immediately using the seeds once they arrive.

Well, if marijuana sees are stored properly, it is possible to cultivate the best marijuana plants with aged seeds – similar to cultivating seeds that are only a few months old. The common things to bear in mind is to place the marijuana seeds in a dark, cool, and dry place, and to never expose them to direct sunlight.

With the right process of storage, marijuana seeds can stay usable even after five to ten years. Proper storage of your seeds is essential for numerous reasons. People, who formulated their own, first-rate genetics, may like to keep the seeds to recreate the strain. 

Some individuals who reside in regions where there is plenty of marijuana activism and revolution are recently stashing marijuana seeds of the chosen strains to cultivate once it is legalized in the future. No matter what your reason is for wanting to have seeds, bear in mind that nourishing them is the most significant thing you can perform for your yield.

And what if you are running commercial marijuana growing business? A major part of viable best habits is to guarantee that you can immediately create your strains, utilizing blended breeding and, hence, you have to cultivate marijuana seeds. If you have a marijuana strain to offer, you always result in an excess that should be kept for the succeeding season. 

Also, bear in mind that marijuana seeds are efficiently serving as eggs for upcoming baby plants. If you fail to properly treat your marijuana seeds and make sure that they are stored the best way, then they may immediately die.

Your seeds are currently in the condition of hibernation before their germination. Hence, you do not only preserve them for their future germination but also healthy, dry, and far from infiltrating any condition of germination. You do not like your seeds to be awakened before it gets time.

The Key is the Atmosphere

Marijuana seeds should be kept in a cold and glacial place. Whether you keep them in a fridge, freezer, or in a drawer or in a cabinet, you should understand that it is imperative to keep them there until such time that you germinate. Brisk temperature fluctuations will damage the genetic purity of the marijuana seeds.

Additionally, seeds should not be placed to direct sunlight. It should be stored in the dark as well as a dry area. Extreme humidity and too much light can cause early germination. Preferably, 9 percent or an even lesser amount of humidity is favored. 

Various Methods Used When Storing Seeds

If you only intend to keep the marijuana seeds for several months, the use of a grip-seal bag should be enough. Put it in a jar or any other kind of sealed container. However, for lasting storage, the use of a vacuum-airtight package is very common. A lot of veteran seed-savers prefer to put a desiccant in the package too.

Perhaps the most effective way of storing the marijuana seeds is through the vacuum pack. Excess moisture, air, and all are sucked out, which only leaves nothing but the seeds and guaranteeing their safety for plenty of years.

As discussed, marijuana seeds demand cold temperatures in order to make sure that they do not lack substance. Either with a fridge or freezing, it will do. Nevertheless, when refrigerating the seeds, place them far back to make sure that they will not be displayed to any changes in temperature once someone opens the door.

It is also necessary to know that if freezing the marijuana seeds, every moment they are defrosted and frozen again, their usability lessens. Both the fridge and freezer may also direct to extreme moisture. Hence, that is another thing that is worthy of monitoring.

Do not forget that freezing and defrosting marijuana seeds can depreciate their future quality since they become flawed when frozen. The cellular enlargement that occurs when frozen implies that, if there is at least one gram of surplus water in the marijuana seeds, they will slowly crack and break down.

Consider to only freeze the marijuana seed if you have to since it is commonly more ideal to regularly keep them in a closed and dried place for extensive storage. Another great benefit is that you do not have to thaw them in a cautious, supervised manner thoroughly – you simply remove them from the package to do it simpler.

If marijuana seeds are secured properly, numerous cultivators see that most of them are still very lively even after several years. A lot of cultivators have even managed to cultivate prime marijuana with seeds aging ten years. You cannot see any definite equation when handling natural organisms. Nonetheless, just like human beings, marijuana plants always get benefit from a bit of TLC.

Use the Best Storage Container

When storing marijuana seeds, you should first consider the container to be used. You cannot simply use any random container. The preferred container must be built from one material.

Do not use containers that have a blend of materials. Containers that are built from two or more materials respond distinctly to temperature as well as other types of changes, and this may make space for abominable conditions to penetrate your stored marijuana seeds. For example, the metal lid used in a glass jar will stretch as a unique rate if the temperature increases, and this can let some moisture to get into the container.

A lot of people recommend the use of plastic containers, especially for long-term purposes, when questioned how to properly store the seeds. Sadly, that is not a brilliant idea, either. Plastic containers have tiny pores that can allow air to creep in the container and destroy the seeds. If you are serious about making your seeds last for a long time, do not keep them in a plastic-type container. The best solution is to use a glass container.

Labeling the Containers

There is a good chance that you are keeping more than one kind of marijuana strain. But regardless if you are only using one strain, it is important that you label the container. Else way, if you keep your seeds for many years, you may not remember which one is the strain you are looking for. Label the container with the name of your strain, and you can also put a date on it to put a mark of your storage date.

How Long Can the Marijuana Seeds Last in the Storage?

Knowing that marijuana seeds are organic, it is always possible to preserve them for an incredibly long time. 

If you store them in a safe and advisable container – a place that is dry, dark, and properly sealed, it is possible to stretch its life longer. A lot of people are using marijuana seeds after a complete five years of keeping them, speculating that they were properly stored.


The idea about storing the marijuana seeds properly is to manage them attentively. You should also decide which ones to keep. You should understand that some seeds are not used for storage, whether because of having withheld for a long time or because they went through damages. See to it that any marijuana seeds you intend to store long-term are completely undamaged and 100 percent healthy. 

No matter what, do not forget to carefully treat your seeds and be tender with them. Learning how to store and germinate marijuana seeds is beneficial, although not as beneficial as recalling that you cannot get anything useful from them if you do not treat them right.

Secure them in a dry, cool, and dark place. However, it is also important that you provide them your love and care. Treat them properly, and they shall reciprocate your kindness with some high-quality buds in the future.

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