10 Basic Things you Need to Know When Starting a Cannabis Seeds Business

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10 Basic Things you Need to Know When Starting a Cannabis Seeds Business

Cannabis seeds are the essence and central part of any cannabis business. Whatever is your objective, it all begins with the seeds themselves. Selecting the best cannabis seeds can get confusing, especially to the beginners. Sellers of cannabis seeds can have draining lists of seeds that exhibit various content levels of THC and CBD. They also have a wide list of flowers and plants.

It is never a question that the cannabis business has a great potential to generate profit. You, too, can enjoy these profits if you do the right execution.

Common Things you should Know in Cannabis Seed Business

If you are planning to start a cannabis seed business, it is not enough that you have a little background on the cannabis industry. Remember that you will be joining a race where competition is tough. Hence, you have to fully equip yourself. 

There are plenty of things you need to know as you found your business. To give you a guide, here are the basic things you should learn before you finally start your business:

1. Laws About Cannabis Seeds

The laws about buying cannabis seeds and the growing of the plants are quite diverse, depending on the location. Some countries permit personal crops, while others are declaring it to be highly unconstitutional. Some places will allow you to acquire seeds, while others do not.

Particularly in the United States, laws differ greatly from one state to another. It is imperative to be apprehensive of what the law dictates about cultivating cannabis in the comfort of your home. You must also make yourself familiar with the associated laws with the place you intend to purchase your seeds.

2. Procedure in Ordering Seeds

Online shops offering cannabis seeds are prospering. It is not hard to locate a store that can provide your specific needs and demands. Nevertheless, you should be certain that you only acquire your cannabis seeds from a credible store. Also, you have to make sure that they are legally accomplished in delivering your seeds. 

Just because the store can offer you seeds legally, and in return, makes it legal for you to have them does not imply that it is permitted to germinate the cannabis seeds or cultivate the plants.

You must know the laws of whatever country you are transacting with. Also, you have to be attentive with the reviews and ensure that what you are purchasing is the one you will be getting. Be attentive with the manner the store conducts its storage, packaging, and shipment to guarantee quality once the seeds arrive.

3. Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are genetically formulated to be female. Most producers do not wish to have male plants since only the females bear the smokable buds. A single male plant can already destroy the whole crop; hence, it is necessary to be on guard on your plants as they are thriving to make sure that no make plants will make it to the flowering phase.

Feminized seeds can eliminate the hunch from the system. Bear in mind that nothing is perfect in science. When it comes to feminized seeds, it is still feasible to end up with a male one. If you are dealing with a credible seed seller, then the possibility of a male plant to occur will be lessened with the quality of the end product.

4. Auto-flowering Seeds

Auto-flowering seeds exhibit advantages and disadvantages. Hence, you should be particular about what you like to cultivate before you get your seeds. Auto-flowering plants are perfect for home cultivators who simply like a stash of gentle, smokable weed. Many cannabis strains of this kind have a lower content of THC compared to the conventional strains, but also requires minimal time and work to cultivate.

Auto-flowering strains can be harvested after around 2 months since they instantly shift from the vegetative stage to flowering without requiring various photocycle. With conventional strains, you will have to begin cycling the quantity and depth of light the plants receive to stimulate the growth of the buds. 

Another consideration when cultivating these strains is that the plants are a lot smaller and more solid compared to their Indica and Sativa correspondents.

5. Growing the Seeds

Growing cannabis seeds demand a little space – that if you do not intend to use an auto-flowering strain. If you want to grow indoors, see to it that you have large pots, a lot of ideal soil, grow lights incorporated with timers, as well as fans to provide the plants the fresh air that they require. 

See to it that you review the particular growing strategies made for the kind of seeds you plan to buy before you purchase it – so you will not be stranded with a small number of seeds that you cannot cultivate.

6. CBD vs. THC

While the news on how beneficial CBD is, there is also an increasing number of people who are aiming to cultivate either CBD-exclusive plants or varieties that create a bigger CBD ratio over THC.

Relying on what you like from your upcoming plant, see to it that you are aware of the precise ratio you are searching for. The higher content of CBD, the lesser is the psychedelic effects. Higher THC, on the other hand, means the higher you can get. 

If you intend to make CBD-exclusive oils and tinctures since these strains are permitted to own in certain countries that prohibit recreational cannabis, see to it that you study the best choices for your requirements.

7. Cloning Plants

An impressive way to carry on a crop that you have passionately cultivated during seedling is to make clones. The cloning of plants is not specifically hard and is the only means to assign a plant with similar characteristics as the mother. Cannabis plants shall change genetically utilizing generational replication. Hence, although you can grow and gather seeds by yourself, the upcoming generations shall be unique from the originating plant.

To make a clone, select a strong and hearty lower branch taken from the chosen mother plant. Through the use of a razor blade, trim as close to the stem of the mother plant at an angle of 45 degrees. Quickly put the stem in the water and let it root.

8. Pollinating Cannabis Plants

To pollinate your plant, you should first cultivate a male plant and lead it to the flowering phase. The moment the pollen sacks start to develop, a few will crack open and produce pollen. Once this occurs, remove the entire pollen sacks carefully and allow them to get dried for around one week. After drying them, put them in a plastic-made sack and jolt until the entire sacks have produced their pollen. 

When you have selected your mother plant, around 2 to 3 weeks into the period of flowering, get a paintbrush to take up the accumulated pollen and scrape it into the white hairs of the mother. After around 6 weeks, you must have your cannabis seeds.

9. Gathering Seeds

To gather the seeds you have created, simply collect them while they slump from the plant. You will know the mature seeds as they are roundish and full, with dark-brown color. Many mother plants will start expiring immediately when the seeds begin to develop. So make sure to revive your plant as long as possible to allow the entire seeds to reach their viability. 

Once the mother plant dies, hang it backward to make them dry. You can still collect the extra seeds that did not fall off. Once she is dried, crack up the plant through a screen and gather any seeds falling out.

10. Storing Seeds

To store the cannabis seeds properly, see to it that they are excellently clean after collection. Any excess plant matter may pollute them and turn them more difficult to use afterward. Cannabis seeds are notably squeamish and demand particular settings for them to attain long-term storage. See to it that you keep the cleaned seeds into a sealed container, ideally vacuum packed.

Stored cannabis seeds cannot be put in exposure to oxygen, light, or excessive moisture. Some individuals will place a little quantity of rice along with the seeds to serve as a desiccant. After properly sealing the seeds, put them in a freezer or fridge to make sure that they will not germinate.


Starting a cannabis seed business may not be that easy. Surely, it requires a lot of your time and dedication. It is a challenging venture, but nobody says that it is not attainable. A lot of people have succeeded in this business. As long you are willing to grasp the necessary things about the cannabis seed business, you will eventually find your way up.

Above are just the basic things you should know. Take some time to familiarize them and put them by heart. It is crucial that you are knowledgeable about the business you are choosing to run.

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