Social Media Marketing Tips for the Cannabis Seed Entrepreneurs

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Social Media Marketing Tips for the Cannabis Seed Entrepreneurs

Today’s cannabis business scheme requires having a unique measure of creativity in social media marketing for their business. Even though many states started to legalized cannabis, legal cannabis businesses still usually face rigid limitations when marketing their brand through social media platforms. However, social media platforms are very important to different market businesses, including those related to the cannabis industry.

Why Social Media Marketing

Since cannabis is currently illegal up to a public measure, many social media platforms have their own regulations to restrict social media marketing for cannabis business and other related businesses, including seed entrepreneurs. Those social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and even Pinterest, have their own policies to limit market cannabis products.

For many businesses, social media platforms are considered one of the most effective ways to reach the target audience and profit, including the cannabis industry and other related products such as cannabis seed entrepreneurs. 

Even there are still restrictions regarding marketing through social media platforms for the cannabis industry. You can still set up advertisements that focus on learning and more but avoid selling directly to consumers through social media as you can not advertise. 

Social Media Marketing Tips for Weed Entrepreneurs

Here are some social media marketing tips that you can use to effectively market your cannabis seed product without getting your site shutdown. 

Most Useful and Educational Content

When it comes to cannabis seed business, the basic method to use social media marketing strategy is to post useful and educational content to make your target viewers may be interested. The educational approach in social media division is usually effective in making your site boost readers. 

Here’s how:

  • You must add a kind of content that beneficial in any kind of cannabis-related business. 
  • The content must be not promoting your brand, instead write a meaningful post because once your post is directly promoting your brand, it can be possibly taken down without your notice. 
  • Also, as cannabis is still not legal on the federal level, no one wants to follow a business brand that just promotes their products most of the time. 
  • Educational content usually goes well for most social media platforms. Try adding videos, images, and texts that teach the viewers to make them read more and share it with others. 
  • As a cannabis seed entrepreneur, you must post how the seed grows and different methods on how to plant it.

Use Video and Image Content

Using posting videos and images into your cannabis social media page is important to catch everyone’s attention. You may post a catchy image with aesthetic colors to make your page sharable. When you share video, choose the one that is interesting to watch as your followers may share it or tag it to their friends. As beautiful images and video content are popular these days, your content will immediately grow with its own. However, you must post it with appropriate content to prevent it from shutting down.

Obtained Media and Organic Influence

One of the greatest social media marketing opportunities for cannabis seed entrepreneurs and other related businesses is creating and obtaining media and organic influence. 

Here’s how:

  • You can easily obtain your target media once other people talk and share your content to other social media platforms, blogs, and social media groups. 
  • Instead of paying a big amount for your product exposure, you may expand your seed products to naturally influence more audiences. 
  • You can motivate your target viewers and other customers to develop their very own summary content, which is connected to your product and can share it on other social media platforms. The main purpose of obtaining social media is to become useful for people to share and extend your product’s relationship and easily reach new target viewers.

Use SEO to Boost Your Cannabis Seed Products and Online Visibility

Adhering to the Search Engine Optimization is also one of the best social media marketing tips to increase your sales product and visibility online easily. Entrepreneurs usually don’t know about social media marketing because Google is commonly separating the good things from nonsense stuff.

Maybe the Google site is trying to figure out how popular the brand is because once your brand is popular, then most people will try to search your site, making your rank build up its reliability. If your SEO content shows within 1 out of the top 5 natural rankings, your seed products will usually be seen by searchers interested in different cannabis seed products.

It means, including SEO for your social media marketing strategy can be very useful to market your product and ranks as popular for cannabis-related keywords. SEO can help you publish your content products, making your monthly revenues increase for your business.

Use Social Media Influencer to Help You Market your Product

Another tip that you may consider is to find a certain social media influencer to market your product. Different kinds of audiences follow many famous social media influencers. Look for an ideal social media influencer and offer to partner with them to share content about your products into his/her followers. 

Here are some tips when using social media influencer:

  • You don’t have to look for a celebrity. You may begin with an influencer who already matched with your content and fits with the product image. The influencer must build up your seed product and must not ruin it.
  •  Moreover, your preferred social media influencer must know the laws and regulations related to your product content to prevent possible restrictions. As the influencer promotes your product, he/she may now be connected with your business and published content. 
  • Entrepreneurs must be very careful when choosing an appropriate influencer. The influencer must know the company’s main target is to become identified and reach new viewers, so the chosen influencer must meet the target market for great effect in business.
  • The influencer must be a middle-aged man interested in different kinds of cannabis seed to cultivate it effectively or how long it takes the seed grows. 
  • The use of social media influencers usually goes well with most related industries. It usually meets the target market, so ensure that the chosen influencer may fit in your required capabilities.

Use Appropriate Hashtags

Using hashtags is one of the easiest ways to connect with other brands, people, and services with similar likes and interests. As you post images or videos on your site or other social media platforms, using hashtags can be highly beneficial for your products.

Though it sounded easy to do, you can still be careful about what hashtag you use as there is a chance that you use the wrong ones. It is highly recommended to know the audience first and must use specific hashtags. Avoid writing too long for other interested people who may easily copy your hashtags. 


As you market your cannabis seed products, you must approach appropriate viewers to prevent cannabis exposure at young ages. Before they proceed in your social media platform or sites, you must first add confirmation about their age.

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