6 Best Weed Documentaries: A Must-Watch for Weedtrepreneurs

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6 Best Weed Documentaries: A Must-Watch for Weedtrepreneurs

If you think that documentaries are only for food, tuna, and old buildings, you got it all wrong. As the growth of the cannabis industry shook the world, a lot of people, especially the media industry, have grown interested in the cannabis plant as well as the cannabis community.

Here are the best weed documentaries that you can check out, especially if you are a “Weedtrepreneur”.

In this article, you will know more about the cannabis culture, growth, and useful information that you can incorporate with your cannabis business and marketing plan. You will also be informed about the ongoing issues that the cannabis industry experience. 

1. The Culture High

The Culture High is a good documentary that you can start with in terms of all the laws and regulations that the cannabis industry faces. This documentary focuses on the stage of prohibition for cannabis in America; this will give you a deep dive as to why cannabis is being prohibited and why laws were created to forbid the people from using it. This documentary will give you an in-depth view of the underlying issues the community faces.

Based on their webpage: The documentary is an exciting series that everyone should focus on because it reveals more than the issue; it goes beyond the tip of the iceberg as it reveals the motives of lawmakers, whether the opposition or for those who agreed to approve its legalization. 

The documentary focuses on their interaction with the police, dealers, and artists in order to provide unprecedented information regarding cannabis. They also feature famous celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and Joe Rogan.

2. Weed the People

Weed the People is an idea of the famous actress and cannabis enthusiast Ricki Lake, it is directed by Abby Epstein. This documentary focuses on the medical marijuana stage by looking deeper into the benefits and the life-saving capabilities of the plant. They showcase a number of families that benefited from medical-grade cannabis.

At first, the documentary was only intended for cannabis itself. However, Ricki Lake and her husband got very hands-on with the project and also focused on helping a cancer patient in finding alternatives to replace chemo and find other therapies that will help the patient. This is where they encountered cannabis oil that has properties that can solve the problems with tumors. This is where they got the inspiration to film medical marijuana instead.

This documentary is set to inspire people and to bring awareness that medical marijuana exists, and it is very effective. If you are interested in medical marijuana and want to start up your own medical marijuana dispensary, then this is your introduction. This might give you the drive that you need.

3. Grass is Greener

This documentary can be available in select regions exclusively streamed on Netflix. This series is being hosted by hip-hop legend Fab 5 Freedy; he will give you a tour of the mind-boggling relationship of the US to the growing industry of cannabis. The show features celebrity guests such as famous rappers and well-known weed enthusiast Snopp Dogg and Damian Marley. The Grass is Greener takes you to the unseen truth about the racism involved in the cannabis stage, whereas black people are discriminated against and stereotyped as weed stoners.

This documentary is a full package because it tackles government issues as well as the pop culture side of the cannabis world. As a business person, you learn a lot about the issues that you yourself must be aware of as well as the new trends in cannabis production and distribution.

4. A NORML Life

The first three documentaries already provided you with all the information that you need to get you up to speed about the history and issues of the cannabis community and the cannabis plant itself. At this point, you will now learn the people behind the fight on cannabis legalization of marijuana in America. The term NORML came from one of the earliest orgs National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) that has been fighting the legalization of cannabis in the 70s.

The documentary focuses on medical marijuana legalization and provides the details on how it occurred in Washington. This will also give you the in-depth details on what cannabis is made up of, its interaction with the brain and body. This will be scientific at some point and also legislative. This documentary will give you the knowledge you need for the product and also a great conversation starter for your customer.

5. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

The people behind The Union: The Business Behind Getting High are the people who filmed The Culture High, which means you have quality content all over the whole duration of the series. The unique thing about the documentary is their focus on business content. They tackle the market growth, sales, and distribution of cannabis products deeply. This also goes around the cannabis market by interacting with the growers, police authorities, medical professionals, political figures, and famous artists.

6. Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

This documentary is focused on the scientific aspect of medical marijuana. Due to the promising effects of cannabis health, a lot of people are interested in funding the medical marijuana field. The documentary shows all the processes that medical marijuana undergoes before being manufactured into medicine, supplements, and other products.

This is beneficial to entrepreneurs because it gives them the idea of how marijuana works and the products that they can potentially sell to consumers. Not only that, but it also gives business people the ability to spread awareness to their customers regarding the medicinal benefits of the plant.


As a weedtrepreneur, you must have the essential knowledge about the products that you carry. It is a good way to be a responsible business owner in the sense that customers and your employees can rely on the knowledge that you have. Plus, it is very cool to know a lot of stuff in this field. These are the best weed documentaries that you can binge-watch!

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