9 Best Apps to Help You Create Weed Logo Designs for Your Cannabusiness

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9 Best Apps to Help You Create Weed Logo Designs for Your Cannabusiness

Due to the increasing number of countries that cannabis is getting legalized, the business pertaining to it are also increasing and thriving. The marijuana leaf logo, which has been the overrated style in many cannabis businesses, can mean overused. So, to stand out from the others, what do you think you should do?

Well, some people may even hire a professional designer for the brand to stand out, because only designers can understand the basic elements and harmony of colors and fonts. However, you can save tons of money for this by creating your own logo for yourself and represent your own brand. Take a look at the best apps below we have gathered to help you on how to make your own personal brand for yourself. 

Weed Logo

Logo maker can help businesses to create their own branding of their businesses which will speak entirely of their themselves and help in making them known to everyone. Since there are many businesses that have already come to cannabis, it is important that yours stands out from the rest. It also makes your business look more professional and trustworthy. 

9 Best Apps For Creating Weed Logo Designs 

1. Wix Logo Maker

This weed logo maker app is a powerful tool that gives the user all the functions of creating a unique logo for yourself. It is easy to use, and all are for free.

2. AI Wizard

This is a unique app that generates a unique weed logo design for your business from your answers to their questions. The app works by giving you a series of questions pertaining to your business to get a deeper understanding of what makes your business different from the rest. It automatically generates a logo from it; however, there is always room to customize it by choosing various designs or icons, fonts, text, and everything else, that are more particular to your taste. After, your weed logo design is now ready for download. 

 3. Brand Crowd

This app has a lot of premade logo designs for your business of all types, from medical cannabis to dispensaries to vape business, there just so much you can make and to choose from. However, if you want to make your own, the app can help you generate one within a few minutes only. By following three easy steps, first is to pick a logo in the search button, then you can customize it according to your preferences, and once you are done, then it is ready for downloading. That is how easy it is to do, and all these are for free. 

4. Place It

If you are looking for a high-quality brand and logo design for your canna-business, this weed logo app will generate designs that will suit your picky taste. It has numerous designs to choose from, and you can also customize it by changing it visually and apply your artistic skills.

The app promises you unique and professional-looking designs for your business, and there are over thousands and thousands of pre-made designs you can choose from, and it has way controls that can simply navigate its tools. It also offers a subscription package that can provide access to all their templates and quickly add your customization. 

 5. Placeit by Envato Elements

This app is a great way to find your logo resources in just a click away. It is a great advantage if you have skills in navigating adobe photoshop because you can spend your time customizing your logo design. 

Although not free, this app is very affordable and can already generate designs that will suit your professional and unique branding for your business. It has promising features that are friendly to beginners and can already provide you not only logos but also some videos and mock-ups which are easy to customize, and you can download it in no time.

The affordability of their packages will surely suit your budget and give you access to all their features. It is a great way to spend your branding on this app. 

 6. Logo Crisp

In making your own logo designs, you do not need expert skills to have your own. This app allows you to have a library of many unique designs you can choose from, and you can also upload your own image you prefer. There are also graphic designers available online that will help and guide you in creating. Logo designs are intricate matter that is not easy to find. Hence, this app will help you the technicalities of designing one by providing easy navigation of tools and an understandable way of operation with three simple steps.

First, you need to fill your brand, and you can select or upload your own design or icon. Next, you can choose from thousands of designs from the app to help you have a free and easy idea of what could be suitable for your taste, and lastly, edit it, make it unique and speak more of your business. If you are done, you can download it immediately. Within minutes, your brand that will take years before being recognized will only take minutes to achieve 

7. Tailorbrands

This app gives the users the power to have a better start end putting up a business by providing easy and simple ways to design your own brand and make extraordinary logo designs. Even if you have no experience in editing and photoshop, there is always a room for you to explore. 

 8. Design Free Logo Online 

If you desire to do your business to create a great first impression, it must have a great representation of your brand through logo design. You can choose from thousands of premade design logos in their app, and make it personalized through customization and fitting it more to your brand. The designs are made by professional graphic designers that give you full opportunity to navigate tools in a much easy and faster way. 

They also have packages that are affordable when you intend to get full access to their library of design ideas. Their customer service is always available to assist anyone at any time. 

9. Logo Design

It is easy to knock out other businesses with a unique logo design that will represent your own personal branding. No one understands better than the graphic designers of this app because they made sure that everything is easy but unique for everyone’s taste. You can always easily access free logo templates and customize them on your own. After this, you can already download your logo easily and free of charge. 

Tips in Creating Weed Logo Design

The purpose of logos is to represent your business and to sell your products successfully. The logo of a business is always seen of how it was well represented by its logo used and if it depicts the personality of the business’ nature. 

Choose the most appropriate icon for your brand and make sure it is not too funny and too serious at all, as it won’t attract potential customers. Usually, cannabussiness is represented by the marijuana leaf, but of course, you want to stay away from this overused branding but embrace your creativity by making your own yet within the parameters of cannabis. 

Fonts are an important element of your logo as well because it gives the impression of how your business operates. Just like the icons, it will showcase the personality of your business. For instance, recreational users are your target market; you can opt for bubble fonts or more on light fonts, which may seem cheerful to look at. While for medical cannabis, you may select from a variety of fonts that showcase a more professional and clean style. 

Lastly, the color. It is an essential element of logo design. As they say, it is a representation of your services and personality. Typically, green is the most used color when it comes to the weed logo. Although there is nothing wrong with that, the actual issue should be, what kind of tone of green you think best suits your business and make it stand out. 


Indeed, weed logo design is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to putting up a business because nothing is more unique and special about how you represent your brand and services through visuals. Choose the most appropriate logo for your business and stand out from the rest.

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