Digital Marketing Ideas for Your Online Cannabis Seeds Business

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Digital Marketing Ideas for Your Online Cannabis Seeds Business

Nowadays, it is always a good idea to explore entrepreneurial opportunities in the field of cannabis business. However, the only hindrance that makes it difficult to advertise your business and promote your products are the restrictions of laws and various misconception of people. 

Hence, it is essential among cannabis seeds business to seek for any suitable means that they can market their products online effectively and reach to probable customers. With the numerous social media platforms and other websites, there are a lot of digital marketing ideas for your online cannabis seeds business. Take a look at below. 

Active Promotion On Social Media

When it comes to promotion in social media, there are restrictions included in that. Cannabis posts or anything related to it undergoes review and generally denied ti be viewed in public. So be careful about what content you are going to promote but maintain the astute of your subject. Never forget to answer questions from the audience to build their trust and reputation of your brand. There are many social media platforms you can choose from to promote your content, including:


With the popularity of Facebook, it is not surprising that this platform is a great way to make digital marketing of your cannabis seeds. Facebook features a shopping experience for business brands that can be easily explored by potential consumers. It adds features that you can link your e-commerce website that can purchase on the shopping tab of Facebook. 

The best way to make your products advertised without having to worry about restrictions but still abiding by constraints is to make your posts subtle. The competition in cannabis advertising is already established, and you should start marketing now. The good thing about Facebook is that the marketing campaign for it does not require a minimum amount of investment, which can be an advantage for those who can only afford little budget. 


Instagram has opened new opportunities for digital marketing that could be helpful for cannabis seeds businesses. There are additional features on Instagram that allows audiences to shop and see your stories. Moreover, you may also try using hashtags, mentions in giveaways that will encourage interactions from the audience.


We all know that Twitter is also one of the largest social media platforms that offer businesses the opportunity to do digital marketing and promote their brands through posts and track what is trending. You can use hashtags and create a user-friendly engagement with the audience. It is also another platform you can use to provide significant information about cannabis. Influencers and journalists are also being hired to cover and promote cannabis businesses. 

Hire or Ask Influencers/Ambassadors

It is not surprising that influencers can attract more viewers and audiences. The influence they have on their audience is a great opportunity for your content to get attention. Influencers can be easily found at Followerwonk and type in relevant keywords pertaining to cannabis. You may check their sites or social media and try to include them in your content. You can accentuate their favorable accomplishments and influences, so it can encourage them to get effortlessly share by them. 

Know Your Market

Marketing, in general, requires an understanding of your target market. This does not only apply to the cannabis business alone but to the rest of the businesses. Being able to research your target market provides you a better awareness of their needs. A medical consumer’s demographic and background is different from recreational consumers. The same goes for the cannabis seeds business; if you intend to sell high-quality seeds or feminized seeds, research on the characteristics of potential consumers.  

Engage in Community 

Doing a cannabis business is more than just knowing cannabis. It is also part of a movement because of the wide and huge cultural background of cannabis regardless of what kind of business you are into. And being part of the movement, your brand in the cannabis seeds business must be part of the driving force through this evolving community. Hence, it is important to make connections and engage in conversations within the community and forums around cannabis. 

Advertising on Websites

There are relevant websites that you can choose to advertise your cannabis seeds business through websites related to the business, provided that most mainstream sites are not accessible by any cannabis industry. 

Guest Posts

There are certain websites that allow the audience to be a guest poster that are experts in different relevant fields. Usually, you will write high-quality articles and content that help people get answers to their queries. To use this to digital marketing, you can insert a link to your website to increase the audiences and traffic and as a means to acquire new audiences and customers. 

Display Ads

There are numerous advertising alternatives you can find on the internet that caters specifically to the cannabis industry. These websites can help you make growth in your cannabis seeds business. For instance, and other related websites, as well as a sponsored newsletter, are excellent means to promote and market your brand on the other websites related to yours. 

Text Messages

With the intention of SMS, technology is one means to efficiently make digital marketing of your cannabis seeds business. In today’s generation, almost all people receive and read text messages after a few minutes of receiving it. This fact is, according to statistics and making it an ideal marketing opportunity. 

Although there might be restrictions on this idea since laws prohibit businesses of all types to use sensitive information to be used as a way to secure the privacy of clients unless they give permission to it, nonetheless, it is a great and efficient way to market without spending so much money pertaining to legalities. To ask for permission or consent from customers if they are willing to receive promotional messages on the initial message. Moreover, the cannabis business must always provide the customers the opportunity to decline or stop receiving promotional messages anytime they want through replying to certain code texts. 


Day by day, the industry of cannabis is evolving, and there are more and more things that you can do to make your business go everywhere and attract audiences. It could be somewhat overwhelming for small-time cannabis seeds businesses to get involved with marketing strategies, but there are always other ways to promote products digitally. However, you are not free from restrictions of law in digital places, which can also provide you with a bumpy ride to advertisements. 

Nonetheless, it is still the best way to encourage attraction from the target audience that values more on reviews and sources from credible brands and friends. That’s why it is the best option to invest in learning how to reach the audience on the internet and create unique digital campaigns organically.

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