The Do’s and Don’ts When Doing Cannabis Business

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The Do’s and Don’ts When Doing Cannabis Business

Marketing your cannabis business is an important part of making your business a success. However, with restrictions on the law about advertising cannabis business, it has placed many owners on thinking of new ways that represent their brand to the public. To fully understand what you can and you can’t do in doing cannabis business, we gather all the necessary information and sum it up for all of your convenience. In this article, we have listed the dos and don’ts when you have a cannabis business.

The DO’s of Cannabis Business 

Do Look for the Most Suitable Location

Before deciding where to start up your business, make sure to evaluate the environment and climate around your area, especially for those who are interested in the cultivation business. For instance, in Colorado, the environment in the area is predictable and does not generate too humid conditions which are favorable for the cannabis business to thrive. One mistake of a bad location can potentially allow the development of molds and pests to thrive. It could even make you spend more money by buying pieces of equipment that will control the temperature and humidity of the area. 

Do Always be Remarkable

You don’t need to hurry in creating your brand because the brand is now the customers will remember you. Always create your own story and how much struggle you have to go through to reach success. 

Do Maintain to be Creative

Always maintain creativity because this is how your brand will be known to many. Make your own products that only your businesses can deliver or tell the world by educating people of cannabis culture. In any way possible, you can always think of ways to be creative. 

Do Cater to All Range of Consumers

Cannabis is for everyone, and although marketing only caters specific target market, make sure you don’t miss any potential customers and include them in your advertising. 

Do Create Connections

A new way of reaching out to new audiences is through social media and the online web. Most of the new generation of people are engrossed with the internet; hence, come up with ideas to make a connection with these people to promote your brand to new people and get authentic connections.  With this, you are not only promoting your brand but also educating the youngsters of the old stereotypes of cannabis. 

Do Make a Great Impression

Choose your target audience and let them understand your brand. Create a campaign that promotes your business and make sure to set up a website that is clean and tidy to look at and simple to navigate so your audience will have a great time exploring your brand. 

Do be Informative

Business is not always about selling. Make sure to provide information as well. Since cannabis has a bad reputation and people are still stereotyping it, it is better to promote information as well and provide links that support your brand and product. It does not only allow people to get informed, but also promote your business as well. 

Do be Valuable

Yes, it is true that selling and making sales are great, but of course, it is not only the thing that matters most. It is also important to allow your customers to feel heard and not make them rush to have a decision. If they are struggling to make decisions, help them by giving them a moment to think and ask for their needs. Assure them that they can always visit when they know exactly what they need. 

Do Extend Your Patience

Not everyone will be nice and pleasant to you, but in every business to take, it requires a lot of patience to deal with customers. If you choose to rather escalate the situation, you are only putting your business into a mess.  Always remain as calm as possible, and if the customers show an uncontrollable attitude, security can also help. 

But as much as possible, maintain friendly vibes and connect with the customers as always. This way, you will be able to build a rapport and connection that makes them come back and be interested in transacting with you.

The DON’TS of Cannabis Business 

Don’t Show Unprofessionalism

Represent your business and product in the most professional manner. Regardless if cannabis and recreational use of it remains to unlawful to some places, it is essential that the medical advantages of the herb are highlighted as well. Don’t go against the laws in promoting your business. Follow according to the rules and limitations. It can be very complex to understand the whole process of cannabis, but you maintain professionalism. 

Don’t Attempt Too Hard 

Genuine connections are not made overnight. It requires genuine understanding and engagement to make it work. Do not try too hard to relate to others and just represent your brand to others authentically. 

Don’t Ignore Laws

There are businesses that have established their own way and unique representation of their brands. Do not copy them and duplicate their trademark. The possibility is that you will get sued for copyright infringement and ruin your business completely instead of making it successful. Be original as always, and make your own representation. 

Don’t Ignore the Perception of Customers

Always keep in mind that the perception of people about your business and how it operates are important aspects to consider. It is essential that you are promoting the essential benefits of cannabis and killing the stigma attached to it. It could allow you to make more wide connection to customers and cater to diverse audiences. 

Don’t Include the Minors

Never ever attempt to seduce and include in your marketing strategy and campaign the minors. Be always smart and strategies where your campaigns should focus on and how you will represent your brand. Remember that there are certain areas and places that restrict the minor people from using cannabis regardless of the purpose. Also, recall that not everyone is well informed of the benefits of cannabis; hence there will be some people get offended when they see your marketing and get overly concerned about their children seeing your business promotion. 


All the cannabis businesses have to take part to make the stereotype of people on cannabis and create a more accurate and reasonable technique in marketing. Create your own brand that is authentic and make a remarkable representation of your business. Not everything is allowed in the business, especially when it involves cannabis that has a lot of restrictions and laws to regulate and follow. Know that not everyone is your target market, and the target audiences must be treated with genuine care and treatment to maintain your business thriving.

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