What is Cannabis Tourism and Is it the Next Big Thing?

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What is Cannabis Tourism and Is it the Next Big Thing?

Cannabis Tourism is basically the process of consuming marijuana by freely allowing people to do so while these people are traveling just to consume it. In is cannabis tourism, consumers were able to have educational seminars while having cannabis tours. 

Many of the holidaymakers were looking for accommodation wherein they can enjoy and relax with their weeds. They tend to do this due to the numerous psychological and physical benefits that were associated with medicinal marijuana. In this case, the demand in cannabis-friendly hotels where the weeds are welcome was uplifted, and as time passes, it rises and rises.

How to Experience Cannabis Tourism

1. Should Know the Regulations

Before everything starts, always check the laws in the area you want to travel to. Make sure that wherever you go, you consume cannabis legally. The legality of marijuana in a place is a must so better to search the legalities of such in places you want to travel. 

2. Check Out Unique Cannabis Activities

Traditionally consuming cannabis is a bit boring, so have some upgrade in consuming your cannabis. You can always check apps such as the Leafly and Weedmaps to find dispensaries near your location. Remember that do not forget to ask the locals to know where their hometown gems to make your journey more exciting.

3. Find your Cannabis-friendly Accommodations

The cannabis industry’s innovation is a very big enhancement in making the consumers find somewhere to consume it. The cannabis industry has already published a website for cannabis travelers, such as Bud and Breakfast. This website enables consumers to help find properties that welcome cannabis users as their guests. 

4. Join a Cannabis Tour

The cannabis tour is a great way to enjoy experiencing cannabis; most especially, you get to travel and be educated. Cannabis Tour gives consumers tours that last for a few hours as well as give a multi-day tour. It all depends on the customer’s decision.  

Is Cannabis Tourism a Growing Industry?

Due to the rise of people using weeds and the researchers prove the medicinal benefits of marijuana. The cannabis industry has evolved to have cannabis tourism all over the world. Cannabis tourism allows people to enjoy the weeds whenever and wherever they go. 

The legalization of cannabis in different states in the world is also rising. It causes people to become more comfortable using it. Also, it enables people to widen the usage of cannabis. Building up different things to grow the cannabis industry, such as having cannabis tourism nowadays.

Different Destinations for Cannabis Tourism

  1. Barcelona, Spain – Barcelona has legalized the use of weeds and has established different Cannabis clubs, and tourists are very welcome. 
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands – This place is the most obvious marijuana tourist destination for cannabis users. Cannabis travelers are much known to this place due to its cannabis legality.
  3. Calgary, Albert, Canada – Calgary allows people to smoke weeds legally as long as they are 18 years old and above. They can only smoke weed wherever the signs of smoking cigarettes are allowed.
  4. Coachella Valley, California – The Valley of Coachella contains the Palm Springs wherein the dispensaries and the massive growth of the cannabis operations, are booming.
  5. Westmoreland, Jamaica – Cannabis usage in Jamaica has decriminalized but is not yet legal. 
  6. Portland, Oregon – Offers a Portlandia Experience Marijuana Tour. It is the latest cannabis offering in the Great Oregon Tours in Portland.
  7. Montevideo, Uruguay – Offers local bars and marijuana farming sites to tourists
  8. British Columbia, Canada – It is where you can find a luxurious cannabis vacation of all time. While in British Columbia, you might also want its neighbor, “Vancouver’s Cannabis Crawl.”
  9. Christchurch, New Zealand – It is a place that is loaded with arts that features dramatic vistas and scenic spots. This place provides educational cannabis vacations.
  10. Berlin, Germany – Provides a museum to educate users about agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing of hemp and its legal aspects.
  11. Remus, Michigan – It has a festival about music, food, and art and gives educational seminars to consumers about the culture of the place and cannabis cultivation.
  12. Auburn, Maine – It recently legalized recreational marijuana. 
  13. Denver, Colorado – Known to have its mountain vistas, ski slopes, and pot shops that tourists usually visit.
  14. Juneau, Alaska – Showcases a “Juneau Cannabis Tours” that includes two dispensary visits, Juneau’s historic downtown, and a growing operation.
  15. Boston, Massachusetts – It is a place that is a hike in cannabis tourism. Provides pot shops and cannabis sight-seeing.
  16. Burlington, Vermont – It is where you can find a wellness trip than a recreational trip, for they do not buy and sell cannabis.
  17. Las Vegas, Nevada – There are tons of licensed dispensaries in this place to experience and enjoy cannabis. A lot of tourists are visiting Las vegas because of plenty of cannabis options. You can easily buy cannabis anywhere in Las Vegas while enjoying gaming and entertainment.
  18. St. Louis, Missouri – Purchasing CBD is the only thing legal, but recreational marijuana is not. Medical cannabis users in Missouri are blessed to still use cannabis even if it is not allowed for recreational purposes.
  19. Seattle, Washington –  This place offers tourist hot spots as well as tons of dispensaries.
  20. Bay Area, California – It is the top cannabis destination that offers tons of dispensaries, such as tour sipping cannabis-infused wines. Enjoy the experience of taking cannabis in California. 
  21. Monroe, Washington – Monroe offers accommodations that allow cannabis consumers to enjoy the high that cannabis brings. Going to Washington is a truly exciting experience for cannabis users.


Due to the rise of cannabis legalizations, the cannabis industry has already widened its capacities. The birth of Cannabis Tourism brings people the urge to experience it. Cannabis Tourism also allows other industries, such as the tourism industry, to rise. 

The Cannabis Industry is becoming the next big thing in this world as its legalization in different states is happening. Cannabis Tourism is yet in the developing stage and can be sooner become more powerful than other tourisms. Cannabis tourism can not be denied the most growing tourism industry because of its widespread activities.

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