Best Marketing Options for Your Weed Business

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Best Marketing Options for Your Weed Business

Having the best marketing strategy is the ideal way to promote your weed business. However, there are still many restrictions surrounding weed marketing, such as legal CBD products, which is the main reason beyond different businesses in certain marketing approaches. The great news is that many states started to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational uses making weed businesses begin to grow and earn the profit during this modern-day.

Even many states started to legalize the use of weeds. There are still some states that restrict marketing advertisements on both content and digital social media marketing. As they limit weeds’ visibility, the marketing industry looks for creative tactics to market their weed products still. To increase sales, you must improve your products and uplift understanding about your weed products. 

Make it happen. Take a look at the best marketing options for your weed business:

1. Aim for the Local Market

Using aiming the local market can make your product immediate visible for consumers because of lower cost. Even having a website for your product is important to increase sales. You may also consider focusing on local markets, especially in states where weeds are legal. By aiming for the local market, you can immediately get a lower cost kind of advertiser. 

Here are some tips when targeting the local market:

  • Compared with online advertisements and high-cost printing, local media may provide ruthless prices that can easily help you reach related consumers. You should also try to get your product listed on Google to easily visible for people who look weed products locally, making it easier to locate your shop in Google’s search results.
  • You may consider investing in advertising on billboards. Though it seems expensive and unfashionable, it can still attract most of the crowd interested in weeds. But, keep in mind that you should place your billboard in states where weeds are legal and are sensible about what message you want to share for consumers.

2. Work Together with Marijuana-Friendly Ad Networks

As the legalization of weeds increases in many states, there are many different marijuana-friendly advertisements exist. Through advertisements, you can easily grow your weed business in both publishers and even advertisers. 

If you are having a hard time promoting your weed business using different social media channels, you should consider trying different ad networks for your product. These certain weed marketing platforms exhibit advertisement in either medical weed or recreational dispensaries on different websites.

3. Post Customers Review

Posting your customer’s review is one of the best weed marketing strategies to get the instant display to your target viewers. 

Here are the advantages of posting customer reviews:

  • Posting customers review can help you grow your product recognition, increase your sales, and easily develop trust for other consumers. You may post customers review for different magazines and popular forums which allow related topics of weed products.
  • Posting customer reviews on famous sites can support you build up your backlink feature, reach your goal return of investment, and boost your search rate.
  • Try to look online for reliable websites which permit posting customer’s review of weed products. But, remember that before trying to address them for your subject product, you should first read the regulation and demand of the website contributor. 
  • You must create a very efficient customer review strategy for your business. Focus on developing informative ideas that enumerating different benefits of your weed products. Producing comprehensive content on famous sites will help you boost marketing your products.

4. Search Engine Optimization for Marketing Weed Products

Search Engine Optimization can be a functional strategy to market weed products for weed businesses. The secret behind effective SEO is an in-depth keyword technique which is a high-quality content to boost your site. 

Check the following SEO tips:

  • SEO does not require other advertisements, so you will always own what is in your content. SEO’s content procedure is usually operating manually as the content in your site is required to be enhanced for search engines to set on the certain authority of your website. It can easily rank up the content in search engines.
  • By making your domain authority higher, the more your website page rank up higher in search engines. Prospective customers looking for information about weeds and related products will learn more about your products, prompting them to purchase eventually after seeing your site.
  • You can use organic search for marketing your weed products without restricting other advertisements. Using content marketing schemes and SEO can help develop and boost your domain command and related sites. 
  • The main objective of using SEO to market your weed business is to boost search engines’ ranking. It can also improve your online weed products’ visibility, leading to an increase in website sales. 

5. Prioritize on Teaching the Readers

It is proved that teaching and helping viewers is more effective compare to just selling your weed products. Not all consumers are mindful of the advantage of using weed. You must focus on teaching appropriate lead and must spread consciousness about weed usage.

Target educational content on weed-related themes and include different visual and social media content and blog posts ideas. 

Other topics you can search must contain about:

  • Medicinal benefits of marijuana 
  • What to consider before purchasing weed
  • Growing marijuana
  • Different kinds of strains
  • Other forms of marijuana
  • Marijuana for recreational purposes

Adding educational content that teaches customers makes people see the good and authentic side of your weed products. This strategy can easily grow the audience and build confidence in your weed businesses.

6. Influencer Marketing

Since influencer marketing has immediately risen for past and present years, it is more popular on Instagram and Twitter. Instagram is a photography-based social networking service widely used today which does not allow advertisements that promote weed and other related products. 

However, weed products can still be able to promote the organic formation of weeds. Weeds are not completely prohibited on Instagram. They just intend not to promote it for everyone. 

Choosing appropriate individuals who can align your business and services’ content is the toughest part of influencer marketing. 

New companies go through a deep brainstorming session to point out the culture and product identity in the weed industry. Once your company has its own culture, then the method of finding influencer marketing will be started.

7. Make Creative Content in Pinterest or on other Platforms

Since the usual social media marketing address does not help with weed marketing, you must be creative with your content posted through Pinterest and other platforms. To make your visual content creative and easy to catch attention, you must focus on planning the best visual content. You may try creating different creative photos, videos, and infographics that comes with proper hashtags. 

You can also consider other options by posting weed theme items such as mugs, t-shirts, hats, bangles, and bags. This can help your website generate more traffic. But, it would help if you hold back from selling weed items on Pinterest or other platforms. Many platforms still do not tackle links connected with weed products and online dispensaries. You can also add the link of your weed business with other related educational content, but always mention disclaimer that only legal age viewers can view your website.

8. Market Your Weed Business Through Event Marketing

This option is considered a popular approach for weed-related businesses to connect with weed consumers directly. The idea of meeting your target customers face to face on a certain basis is a favorable chance for weed products to understand the goal market, modified the products with the best service, and knows consumer’s demand. 

Here are some goo-to-know info about marketing your cannabis business via event marketing:

  • Since most of the weed products are located in states where weed is considered to be legal consumption, you do not have to get trouble being blocked ads as you are doing events in the legal state. 
  • You can promote your events through your marketing staff or contracting with agencies. Event marketing can easily externalize in event companies that have a great connection with appropriate venues and target partners. 
  • The good thing about event marketing is that you can do it consistently. Try making your event as fun as you can, since no one wants to go to a boring event. Try making positive ideas to engage people who attend catch interest in your weed products.

9. Market with the Use of Radio Ads

Another option that may work for your weed business is by the use of radio advertisements. Though most of the broadcasting does not accept ads about weeds in past years, these days, there are many different broadcasting companies accept about weed advertisements. Choose for a radio station that targets a demographics audience as it can immediately assist you in making your aim promotions. 

Most consumers understand your goal learnings once they heard your weed add thrice or more. However, finding radio stations that permitted weed ads is quite difficult to find as there are state laws that prohibit advertisements about weeds. The ideal thing about using option is that you can use cheaper satellite radio to connect with your target prospects.


Marketing your weed business is quite tough for beginner companies, as most media platforms have restrictions when it comes to promoting weed products. For choosing the best marketing options, you must first change your outlook on social media and content marketing. Aside from selling your product, you must also target on developing awareness about your brand. You may add creativity while promoting your brand to grow your business.

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