Weed Vending Machines: The Future of Convenient Cannabis Buying

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Weed Vending Machines: The Future of Convenient Cannabis Buying

The introduction to marijuana’s broad scope of treating medical conditions became the town’s talk with its questionable bearing in society. While it’s true that cannabis is indeed full of adversity, the powerful properties it has should not go unnoticed. After all, scientific studies already proved that part.

The problem in purchasing medical marijuana for medical patients is the long and struggling process of going through verified documents though you already have supporting ones to certify that you have a particular ailment. But, the future of convenient acquisition of medical cannabis is now on the run with innovative ideas that surround weed vending machines.

As of the moment, buying medical cannabis is now in good terms with high-tech modes. The weed vending machine is the solution patients have been waiting for, and it’s the light of hope to those who cannot afford to exert extra effort to have their medical marijuana card. In this article, the discussion will affirm if weed vending machines have what it takes to be the future in the cannabis industry,

What is Weed Vending Machines?

Like any regular vending machines, weed vending machines are just the same. The difference is that you have a pool of medical marijuana selection to choose from, which might vary in potency, flavor, texture, effects, and benefits. Still, it’s a remarkable innovation to say at least. 

According to the demonstration videos, weed vending machines aren’t limited to the device that we used to see when we go for a drink or a snack. Customers can add their most convenient experience of acquiring medical cannabis. For better usage, the customers will only have to use dispensary software online that connects with the vending machine. Then, upon payment, the device will place the product on the opening part and is now up for grabs by customers.

There’s also an on-site process that will allow customers to order through weed vending machines similar to regular ones. Compared to hands-free methods, the on-site is more swift and can only take a minute of your time. 

One the other hand, weed vending machines are still under probation to see if further improvements can maximize the experience. Despite being a success on its first run, retail weed shops might face issues with the loss of customers due to the new innovative design made by capitalists to expand their profit.

Nevertheless, if the purpose is to play a crucial role in a customer’s part, then there would be no use of protest against high-tech ways by smaller businesses. After all, that’s the critical part of being a member of the dynamic cannabis industry. You will lose if you cannot find a way to catch up with what’s trending. 

The Main Purpose of Weed Vending Machines

Before the arrival of critically-acclaimed criticisms, weed vending machines are supposedly a test run for manufacturers to see if the modernized and more accessible way would be more prominent among users or is the traditional model will prevail. Based on applauds and other suggestions, the test run is now a product for consumers.

In this present time, weed vending machines’ sole purpose is to provide less-hassling procedures in purchasing medical cannabis, with limitations, rather than taking your time in searching for the best retail dispensaries. Also, it aims to instigate the incorporation of reconstruction and recalibration of giving medical marijuana services.

But, in any way, it should not be the critical cause of smaller weed establishments to go bankrupt because it’s only making a slight appearance in selected areas that legalizes the use of marijuana. However, due to the rising number of converting customers, retail shops will continue to raise their issues unless they chose to embrace modernization.

Improvements Made on Weed Vending Machines

Just because it’s a vending machine doesn’t mean you can access it anytime you wish. Remember, weed vending machines’ primary purpose is to bring medical patients into a whole new level of ease and comfortability. Meaning, if you’re not a medical marijuana user, then you’re not allowed to purchase on this machine.

As a result, improvements are in process to ensure that only medical patients can access this helpful model of purchasing convenience. The following enhancements are:

Swipe your Medical Marijuana Card

Patients who already acquired medical marijuana cards can swipe their cards onto the vending machine’s identifying surface and driver’s license, so the device will know they are past eligibility requirements. 

Create an Account for Easier Purchase

The provided information is not the only way to track patients who bought from weed vending machines because a camera will be set up to analyze biometrics. In this way, customers will be able to create an account for easier purchase completion in their future visits.

As of the moment, medical IDs are yet to be processed by the machine. Consequently, one person should be present inside marijuana dispensaries, which offer vending machine services to check the customer’s identification card.

Accessible Identity Verification Through Advanced Biometric Analyzation

The machine might need customers to provide their fingerprints or have a retinal scan to guarantee the identity so the device would record past visits and purchases.

There are also certain limitations to bear in mind, such as bot’s aren’t allowed, not that you can have one anyway. But, of course, to be sure, the camera, as recalled before, will detect if the person is present in front or if another high-tech machine is availing the product. Also, the same regulation about medical marijuana is existing, and it’s a must for medical dispensaries to ensure that they adhere to the rules.

The Benefits of Weed Vending Machines

Now that you’ve heard everything there is to know about the weed vending machine; you might want to proceed to the benefits, the most crucial part of the machine’s development. For starters, there are only two necessary benefits that you will gain from weed vending machines. 

Easier Access for Medical Marijuana Patients

As a medical marijuana user with records of verified medical conditions that cannabis can treat, having a more convenient way of purchasing the medication you will need is something to look out for in this time of capitalism in dispensaries. Since you already have an underlying illness, stress should be the last thing to consider having to evade the worsening of sensation. Finding the right medical marijuana dispensary is a stressful task.

Embracing Modernization for a Hassle-free Way of Acquiring Medical Marijuana

On the other hand, weed vending machines will pave the way for a modernized mode of getting medical cannabis. In this world of devices and phones, people’s expertise usually revolves around that, and you cannot be left in the dark, knowing that opportunities are waiting for you online. With vending machines’ improvement, the online acquisition of medical marijuana will be more accessible for incapable people. 


Weed Vending Machines did not get its title as the future of convenient cannabis buying for nothing. So, it might as well upgrade while manufacturers still can and update features that will bring customers in optimal situations.

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