How to Get a Job at a Cannabis Dispensary

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How to Get a Job at a Cannabis Dispensary

Do you need a job or an activity that will fit your personality and lifestyle? Then this article is made especially for you. This is everything you need to know how to get a job at a cannabis dispensary.

This article will tackle all the requirements needed to land a job at a cannabis dispensary. Also, keep positions and their functions will also be discussed for you to know the wide varieties of positions that you can choose from that will fit your character and personality. This will also provide you with the ideas on the process that you will undergo in case you want to apply yourself in this field.

Type of Jobs in a Cannabis Dispensary

The cannabis industry is a rapidly growing industry. It is expected to have a value of 6 billion dollars by 2025, which is why possibilities and growth are endless. More and more jobs are being created by the hour due to the different functions that are applied in growing businesses, which why there is a lot in store for you. From entry-level to management positions, there are a lot of positions to choose from depending on your educational attainment and knowledge about the field.

The most sought after entry-level position are the jobs that you can find in a medical cannabis dispensary. This a great way to start if you do not possess any knowledge or experience. The difference between medical dispensaries from recreational shops is professionalism and process. Medical dispensaries cater to patients with specific illnesses and conditions that cannabis can cure. In line with this, you will be required to know all the medical properties and benefits of each strain. These positions will greatly be your stepping stone in achieving more in the future.

The positions are listed below:


Budtender is an entry-level position that the majority of aspiring applicants choose; this is one of the most popular positions in this business sector. Essentially, budtenders are salespersons who provide all the needed information regarding a particular strain, such as its effects, uses, direction on how to use the product, and other alternatives. 


Receptionists are the front of the house. They must have exemplary customer service abilities that will enable them to assist the customer professionally. The responsibilities of a receptionist are tending to the customers’ initial needs and informing the customer of the new products and services that the company provides as well as giving the customers knowledge with promos and discounts.

Dispensary Manager

This position is one of the targets of existing employees in a dispensary, gaining experience through entry-level positions will allow being promoted. This position is designed to properly manage a dispensary and lead it to reach its goals and daily deliverables.

How to Get a Job at a Cannabis Dispensary –  Thing to Consider

Always be Professional

The cannabis industry has already adapted to the professional standard. Due to the demand of cannabis across the country, many businesses started to grow as an empire. Your goal to be hired must be serious, so you have to take the company seriously, dress up properly, and treat everyone you encounter professionally. Be mindful of your words, be polite, and react to humor respectfully. A good impression lasts; your first good appearance must be consistent throughout your stay.

Never Ever Attend While You are Stoned

Going to work and attending an interview while your high will guarantee you to lose a job or not be hired. The fact that you are applying for a weed company does not give you the right to work while high. The cannabis industry condemns the usage of cannabis during working hours, which is why you should never ever do it.

Company Knowledge

One way to impress a recruiter is knowledge about their firm and what they do. You must show you have a better understanding of the company’s’ goals, culture, ethics, and mission. You must also know what customers they cater to and what products they offer in the market. 

Know Your Cannabis

As an aspiring dispensary staff, you will have to provide all the information the customer needs about the product. So before you decide to apply, do your homework by visiting the dispensary and start interacting with the staff, bombard them with questions so that you will know how the way they deliver information while gaining knowledge about the product.

Resume Tailor Fitted to the Cannabis Industry

The majority of cannabis dispensaries require formal education. When applying to a dispensary, do not forget to showcase your cannabis knowledge and experience. If you have cannabis experience and training, list them down.

Background Check

Be sure to pass the background check; you have to be upfront and honest with all the information that you will supply the company. If they ask you personal questions, answer them politely and honestly. Most of all, the law requires that all workers in a dispensary must not have a criminal, having one will prohibit you from being hired

Be a Cannabis Training University Certified

It is a plus if you have a training certification regarding cannabis. This will give you the knowledge and drive that you need to work as a functional individual in a cannabis firm.

Ace the Job Interview

Take control of the job interview. One way to do that is by asking questions relevant to the company as well as the position. This will make the recruiter feel that you have a genuine interest in the company as well the position. Learn to market yourself as a solution to the companies needs. However, do not overdo it by overselling yourself.


That is all you need to find out how to get a job in a marijuana dispensary. All you need to have is the proper drive, passion, commitment, and motivation for you to get a job. Just make sure that you will follow the tips above, and surely you will succeed.

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