How to Get a Job at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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How to Get a Job at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The medical marijuana industry is one of the most stable and fastest ways where you can earn cash as an employee. The medical marijuana industry is completely legal, which already removes any legal risks in your career if you choose to work in a dispensary. This article will be your guide on how to get a job at a medical marijuana dispensary.

The unemployment rate in the US is getting worst from year to year, and a lot of citizens are having a hard time finding jobs. Fortunately, the cannabis community has been growing exponentially and consistently over the past few years; this means the bigger the business, the more jobs can be offered. More ad, more people are gaining interest in this field, not because they do not have a choice, but because the pay is relatively competitive.

How to Get a Job at a Medical Marijuana Dispensary – What You Need to Do

Choose the Right Position

A cannabis business is a real business and function as a business. It does not work like the way you imagine right now. Especially if the business is a medical dispensary, the business setting is very professional, and a lot of positions are available to make the business function. The best thing that you can do is to study every position and know their specific roles. By doing so, you can match the skills that you have in order to know the right position where you can work productively. Narrowing down the things that you can and cannot do is important so that you will know what can be improved and where the employer can place you.

There are a lot of positions available, but you can always start at the bottoms and work your way up to the top. You may begin as a budtender or receptionist where you may handle the front of the house as well as carrying out customer orders, answering inquiries, providing product information, and informing customers about promos and discounts. 

Also, if you have ample knowledge about management and operations, you may end up as a store manager or supervisor.


After you have identified the position that you prefer, the next thing that you have to do is selecting the best dispensary where you can work. Have a list of dispensaries with an open position and start to review them one by one. Check for any red flags that will discourage you from choosing a specific dispensary. Check the environment if it will fit your preference; this is, in fact, where you will spend most of your time on a daily basis. Having knowledge about the business is a good point that recruiters really notice, so do your best in studying the company details.


A great way to be instantly hired has cannabis certifications and training. Since you are deciding to enter a professional environment, recruiters often look for people that already have a background on the products themselves. Formal training and education is also a must so that you can prove that you really have the knowledge they need in order for you to work productively.

Completion of cannabis training courses are also assets that you can use to revamp your resume in order for you to be noticed. Your resume must exactly answer their questions and what all the things that they need. By doing so, there is a huge chance that you will get a job. Also, it is better for you to have those certifications and training as they are added knowledge and skills that will make you even more knowledgeable. Having many certifications, awards, and training completions are not only stars in your resume, but these will help you to step up the ladder easily in the future.

Cannabis Knowledge

If you are aspiring to wok in a medical marijuana dispensary, you must have knowledge about cannabis. Knowing them by name is not enough to get you the job, you must also know their effects as well as their medicinal value. You must know this information so that you may easily answer customer queries. This is very useful in your way to the top; ample knowledge will prove your worth to the company, especially to the recruiters.

Having knowledge about the products by heart will give you the ability to sell the products properly as well. You will be able to sound professional and sincere when facing customers with medical conditions that need to be resolved by the products that your future company is selling.

Staying Updated

Any industry is subject to change and improvement. There are products and services, as well as job descriptions that are being updated from time to time. This is why the information that you have now must be in line with what’s new and what’s trending in the market. In this way, the employers will now that you have a genuine commitment to the craft as well as a passion for obtaining the job opening that they have.

The best part of being updated has an opportunity to get the best position for you, and there is huge room for growth and promotion. Thus, it will give you the opportunity to earn more for your needs and your future.


The key at how to get a job at a medical marijuana dispensary is knowledge; the more knowledge you have means, the more you are qualified and useful for the company. So just be there on time and ace the interview by being honest, sincere, and knowledgable. Be professional at all times and treat everybody with respect. 

The medical marijuana field has a lot to offer; it is a great way to start fresh and to build a career that you will surely love. Just make sure that you be your best at all times. If you fail in an interview, just look back and identify what went wrong and try to correct it. Just get back on the horse and try a different approach.

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