How to Sell Marijuana Legally: Guide for Beginners

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How to Sell Marijuana Legally Guide for Beginners

The cannabis market is growing in numbers, profits, and also fame. A lot of people are gaining interest in the topic of weed as it began to be completely legal in Canada while the US is still underway. But regardless of that, having a cannabis business will surely give you the opportunity to be successful. In this article, we will give you everything you need to know how to sell marijuana legally.

Starting Up

In order for you to be successful in having a cannabis business is by having the correct reason for selling it in the first place. You must have the correct motivation and drive to keep the business running. A good way to start up a cannabis business is knowing the purpose of selling besides the money. Some successful cannabis business owners started out not because of the money but their drive to challenge society and to prove to the society that cannabis is not bad.

Meanwhile, others have the motivation to help people to gain access to a natural and sustainable source of solutions for certain illnesses like anxiety, depression, chronic pains, arthritis, and many more. 

The motivation of these certain individuals was not totally about money, but because they have a passion for something. You must have that; you must find that before starting up your business. You must answer the questions listed below.

  • Why am I starting this business?
  • Am I doing this for myself, for others, or for someone I love?
  • Am I ready for the responsibility?

Whatever your inspiration and motivation that you have, you have to make sure that everything should be legal and never be enticed with shady deals that can potentially end your career as well as facing certain consequences.

Guide on How to Sell Marijuana Legally?

Professional Assistance

The best advice move that you can do is consulting with professionals such as hiring your own lawyer; they will guide you in terms of the laws and regulations that you need to consider before selling any cannabis products. They will also assist you in licensing and all the legal matters in opening your shop. The professional assistance may be costly at first, but it will be worthwhile, this is due to facts that you need to comply with the laws that a certain state that your store will be located. This move will let you keep all the records in place and will also ensure that your shop will not encounter any problems in the coming years. These professionals will safeguard your business.


Having a deep pocket is needed for weed business. Loans are not exactly granted easily by banks for cannabis business. The banks believe that it is a risky business that they do not want to get involved with. With these facts at hand, starting up a business is hard at first if you do not have the minimum amount of 250,000 grand that is required by the government. So before getting a license, you must put up the capital that is needed first. The best way to do this is by securing a savings account where you can build up the capital until it is completed. Also, you can find investors that are willing to gamble in your startup, but it is a longshot since the majority of the investors are already tied up with older and proven cannabis businesses.


There are fees involved in starting up a cannabis business, and these fees are not cheap. You must be prepared and also well informed regarding the fees that need to be paid. You may inquire first by having appointments in the licensing department and ask if there are different payment terms that can be used to settle the fees. An easier way is getting the third party licensing services that offer packages that will do everything for you for a specified amount.


Never engage in selling cannabis illegally. The best way to do it is by using the correct channels of selling. The first step in that is by obtaining a selling license and a business license or even a license to be a grower. In this way, you will have the freedom to do your thing under the covering of the laws. Also, know the limitation and the provisions of your licenses. Being knowledgable regarding your rights will surely safeguard you from any risks and any legal claims that people might throw at you and your business.

Marijuana Stocks

Depending on the state where you are located, the marijuana stocks may be limited, and you will opt-in buying different marijuana seeds and growing them yourself in order to have the varieties and exclusivity of marijuana strains that only your stores will have. Always remember to only deal with licensed cannabis growers and suppliers to ensure your safety as well as your company. You must always put into mind that you are carrying sensitive products that need to be handled delicately fro every aspect.

Be a Special Store or Seller

The market is already saturated with a lot of cannabis businesses, and there is still illegal competition to deal with, which will be very hard for you to reach sales goals. What you need to do is to make your products, service, and store to stand out above the rest. Make everything you do unique and different.  Make the customers’ transaction a good and satisfying buying experience. Make the customer feel that they are valued and provide the needs and exceed their expectations. Be loyal to the by providing consistent products and consistent after-sales services.


The only legal way on how to sell marijuana legally is by obtaining a selling license and building up a place where you can sell it. Certain laws and regulations prohibit the sale of marijuana in public spaces, which is why you must have a compliant place to distribute your products. Another way in legally selling weed is by gaining a growing license and selling your harvests to local dispensaries, which is a long shot since the majority of the cannabis dispensaries already have deep relationships with their suppliers. But do not lose hope; everybody starts from the bottom, which is why the only way is to go up!

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