How to Promote Your Cannabis Seeds Business on a Budget

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How to Promote Your Cannabis Seeds Business on a Budget

A few decades ago, if someone would come up to you with an offer to run a cannabis dispensary business, they would be called insane. The low profit and legal issues that cannabis face would immediately shut down your business. Today, setting up a cannabis business is much easier. The cannabis industry is steadily making a profit after it was made legal in many different states in the US. In 2016, North America saw an increase in 30% sales, and it is projected that by 2012, the industry will have more than 20 billion dollars of sales.

With this much promise, the cannabis industry is buckling up for some major competition. This can be very difficult for startups who want to promote your cannabis seeds business on a budget. This article will discuss what it takes to start a cannabis seeds business and how you can promote it.

What Is A Cannabis Seeds Business?

Simply, a cannabis seeds business is an establishment or a business venture that solely supplies seeds to cannabis cultivators. However, a decent understanding of the cannabis seed market is also essential to many cannabis seeds business owners. Most owners tend to be cultivators themselves, but others are simply trying to make a profit out of this lucrative business venture.

When it comes to an understanding more about cannabis seeds business, learning the basics is key to its success. The first concept that every business owner should know is the three basic seed varieties of cannabis. Those who want to put up a business need to know how to identify regular seeds from the auto-flowering seeds and the feminized ones. Regular seeds are just regular cannabis seeds that grow into male and female plants. Auto-flowering seeds are regular seeds that do not need to follow the light cycle to grow and are often regarded with their very quick flowering period. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, are bred so that they will always come up with female plants.

You might also want to start with learning the identity of your business. Some would want to be cannabis seed banks that produce seeds or breeders who want to breed different strains and sell them. There are also seed brokers who buy and sell cannabis seeds from the breeders.

How To Promote Your Cannabis Seeds Business On A Budget

When it comes to promoting your cannabis seeds business, it can be quite challenging. Every challenge does not mean doom to your business. All you need is preparation and a bit of creativity and out of the box thinking for your business to thrive in this current situation.

  1. The first thing that you need to know is to identify your target audience. It is very important to know who are the ones that are interested in the products that you want o sell. Having a deep understanding of what your buyer’s needs and demands are will help you with your business. Good market research is a great tool to promote your business towards a certain audience. You can simply ask around and see which seeds are best suited for your customers and which ones target future customers. Learning your region is also key to the type of seeds that are viable for growth in your area, which means they are more in-demand than usual.
  2. Social media marketing is another great way to promote your business. People nowadays tend to go to social media as a cheaper way of promoting their business. All you need is to learn the basics of social media and knowing your target demographic. As soon as you have the right tools for your social media campaign, you have all the options that you need to start up a business online.

    However, you might have to be more careful concerning social media as it still currently has a lot of restrictions on cannabis seeds. There are a few options that you can take with marketing and promoting your business through social media, but it can prove to be a challenge, especially if you live in an area where there is a strict regulation against cannabis.

    Social media marketing can be quite restrictive, but it does not mean that it is not effective. You can check out Bing or Instagram and create a profile to promote your business. You can also run a campaign on YouTube and other media platforms and see if they can reach your target audience.
  3. Use reviews to generate more advertisements for your business. Post reviews or share them with your audience, so they will know how effective your product is. It can reach a new set of audiences and allow your business to become legit. If you add an extra effort to marketing user reviews to others, it brings a lot more promotion without having to do all the hard work.
  4. Email marketing is another great way to promote your cannabis seeds business without having to shell out a lot of money. A weekly newsletter or email campaign for sales and promotions to your target audience should bring profit to your business venture. It is one of the most effective methods of getting in touch with your current audience and make sure that they stick with you.

    People check their emails every day, and if you provide them with constant updates with your products and services, they are reminded of your business. Add in a promotion or a discount coupon that is exclusive within the email, and you get yourself loyal customers who will be waiting for your emails to get the exclusive discounts and bonuses.
  5. Online visibility is key to promoting your business. This is why many businessmen turn to online solutions to market and advertise their products. Users often research online on what type of products they need. Tap onto content creators to make exclusive content for your product for an affordable price, and you get an unlimited amount of people reading your content as they try to do their research for a certain product.

    When it comes to online content, make sure that you have high-quality, informative content that aims to educate your customers but also leave them wanting more out of your product. It is a delicate balance; hence searching for the right content creator for your venture is key to success. An in-depth content can drive more audience to your business.


Setting up a business is already tough. Setting up a cannabis seeds business is even more challenging. The rules and regulations for cannabis have always been very tight, but there are still ways for you to make a profit. All it takes is creativity and taking advantage of the power of social media and the internet. If you want to learn more about promoting your cannabis seeds business on a budget, the suggestions above should be the key to your success.

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