Profitable Cannabusiness Ideas to Try This Year

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Profitable Cannabusiness Ideas to Try This Year

Cannabis has been in business for several decades now, albeit it has been so without us noticing its major profits. It was not until a few years ago when the movement to legalize cannabis exposed many of us that the cannabis industry is also a very lucrative business venture. Not only does it promote a steady income for small-time businessmen, but it also poses a large profit for those who know how to take advantage of its versatility. 

With its promising sales only going higher and higher in the coming years, more and more businessmen are trying to find out how to excel and get ahead of the competition. Read down below to learn some creative yet very profitable canna-business ideas you can try this year.

Profitable Cannabusiness Ideas to Try This Year

1. Breeding

One of the most profitable cannabis ventures that you can do is to start breeding different strains of cannabis. With over thousands of different cannabis strains, you can look for the popular ones to breed and find obscure ones to market as an all-time favorite to make your brand. Breeding can take time and experience to perfect, but when you do, you can sell high-quality strains to cultivators and dispensaries all over the country.

Breeding also lets you experiment with many strains and create new ones. Clients will be sure to contact you to provide them with consistent supplies of different strains to sell to their regular customers. If you have a background for cannabis cultivation, it is time to start breeding and make the most out of this industry.

2. Craft Your Merchandise

If you are in a state or area where it is still illegal to purchase and sell cannabis, you can always create your merchandise based on the products that can be sold within and outside your area. You can design your shirt or other products with cannabis prints as they are more popular in many different areas in the country. You can also tap the world of social media to make sure that you widen your reach and even ship your products from across the world.

Over the past few years, there have been countless different products that contain forms of cannabis. CBD oil, CBD water, edibles, soaps, lotion, shampoo, and many other consumable products have been introduced to the market. You can still jump into the competition as the market is still fresh and new. While the competition is stiff, it is only a matter of time before you can produce your brand of cannabis and cannabis-related product to market.

One good cannabis-infused product that is highly profitable is edibles. Hash brownies and CBD oil are in-demand these days that you can not go wrong with making a profit. Selling weed edibles is an ideal business venture for those who want to kickstart their way into the industry. Weed edibles are sold across the country and are very in-demand these days.

If you want to find a niche group of audience, you can always go for the homemade beauty products such as hemp soap or shampoo. They contain good amounts of all-natural hemp and CBD that is highly beneficial to the body, making it a perfect choice for people who want to go all-natural. The use of medical-grade marijuana and infusing them to make cosmetics is another business venture that you can truly make for your own. Imagine creating your line of lipstick based on medicinal marijuana and watch as it grows right in front of you.

3. Start Your Own Social Media Channel

Speaking of social media as a great marketing tool and strategy, you can start your channel, blog, or profile on many different social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter. Social media is the king of marketing nowadays. Millions of people go online on social media to connect with people. As a business-minded individual, this should be your key to expanding your horizons and get in touch with your target audience to sell your brand and products.

Not only will the business be profitable, but you also make a name for yourself within the realm of social media. This makes it easier to advertise your product and allow you to connect with other entrepreneurs that could be open for collaboration for even more business ventures and profit.

4. Be A Marketer

If making cannabis-based products or breeding different strains is not your thing, you can still make the most out of marijuana as a marketer. With all the medical properties and health benefits you get from consuming marijuana-based products, it is very easy to market within your community. Through the use of your social media channels, you can easily become the middle man and start a business by re-selling these products so that it can reach a wider audience. 

You can contact different companies to let them know that you are planning on promoting their products. You can also buy and sell or directly start a collaboration with them to make your business venture more profitable. If you already have an audience based on your social media channels, you can easily start this campaign and make a profit in a short amount of time.

5. Start A Cannabis Concentrate Extraction Venture

Before cannabis-based products are made and sold to the market, they are first harvested and extracted. Cannabis has different substances that are extracted to make different products. These extracted concentrates are a viable source of income, especially within the cosmetic and medical industry. You can even start your extraction business for people who want to make weed edibles. While this is a very niche venture, you can always rely on a stable set of clients to provide you with a steady income. The industry might not be big today, but as soon as the cannabis industry takes off, you should be years ahead of your competition.


The cannabis industry is slowly becoming a gold mine for many individuals who want to start their own business. While these ideas may take some time to become fully imagined, there is still so much room within this industry for business owners to grow and proliferate. The extent of the industry’s potential has not yet been fully realized, but the potential for it to be a powerhouse is there. It is all up to you to find which one suits you best.

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