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Bruce Banner Feminized Seeds

Bruce Banner marijuana is a Sativa leaning hybrid that was aptly named after the alter ego of the famous green monster they call the Hulk. It is considered one of the strongest strains available in the mainstream cannabis market today. Although timid and regular looking, just like the comic character, dr, banner, this weed when consumed will bring out a monster of a high that transcends to a different level of upliftment and relaxation!

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Bruce Banner weed strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid with a genetic composition of 60% to 40% Sativa to Indica ratio. With a THC level that measures at an astounding range of 23% to 29%, this weed is one potent monster that will leave users in awe for its awesome capabilities in bringing “high” to the next level! The high psychoactive properties of the weed make it an effective medical cannabis strain often used to treat both mood and pain-related conditions.

Origin Of Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner’s cannabis strain is a product of a breeder named Jason Holck from Dark Horse genetics. Bruce Banner strain genetics is a cross between the legendary OG Kush and the funky and couch-locking Strawberry Diesel cannabis strain. The result is this uplifting weed with a heavy body stone effect. Several phenotypes of this strain have been produced due to its extremely high potency. Bruce Banner #1, #3, and #5 were the most popular among the many varieties.  This weed was among the potent strains ever to be measured in the High Times Cannabis Cups. They are extremely popular in Colorado, but have since been found in different parts of the US and even globally!

Effects Of Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner strain effects start with a powerful head rush that will have users clinging to their seats as a powerful euphoric feeling will happily engulf the user’s minds! This paves the way for a mood upliftment where they will start to feel pure elation building within. A carefree and positive attitude will be experienced as the user starts to radiate a confident and motivated demeanor!

As the cerebral spark continues, a warmth will envelop the user’s entire body and send waves of relaxation all over. Muscles and joints will start to loosen as relaxation turns into sedation. This state will only slow down the user’s mobility but their minds are still fully functional and aware of their surroundings.

Medical Uses Of Bruce Banner Strain

The intense psychoactive effects of Bruce Banner weed have made it a valuable asset to the medical cannabis community. The euphoric and mood uplifting nature of the weed is a perfect mood enhancer as it effectively helps users fight against stress, depression, and anxiety. It enables the mind to block away from all the negativity that lurks inside their heads and replace them with happy and positive thoughts. 

The anti-inflammatory and palliative characteristics of the weed help alleviate medical cannabis patients suffering from fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, joint inflammation, and a host of other pain-related disorders. It effectively numbs away the pain allowing the user to be productive and functional without feeling any discomfort.

Taste And Aroma Of Bruce Banner Strain

The aroma from these green giants buds is a pungent diesel-like odor that has some floral and strawberry scent that tones down its pungency. It gets even stronger once the weed touches the tongue as pungent damp earth flavors greet the users which blend with floral and berry-like tastes. Faint notes of sweetness remain inside the mouth as an aftertaste.

Growing Bruce Banner Seeds

Bruce Banner’s feminized ganja is very easy to care for and can be cultivated by novices to gain that much-needed cannabis growing experience. They are versatile enough to be grown indoors or outdoors and prefer a warm and sunny climate to thrive. They are tall growing weed so topping them will control their upward growth. Topping also induces more lateral branches to grow thus making way for new growth areas for new nugs to develop. They will be ready for harvest in 9 to 10 weeks and produce a robust yield of 300 to 500 grams of top-tier Bruce Banner buds!

Bruce Banner Feminized Strain Specifications

Type: Indoor/Outdoor
Growing: Moderate
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Indica/Sativa: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
Effect: Mind High
THC: Very High 23%
CBD: 0.10%
Country: USA
Yield: Up to 300 grams indoor / 500 grams outdoors
Genetics: OG Kush + Strawberry Diesel