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Chunky Nova Autoflower Feminized Marijuana Seeds

As our crew’s mission was coming to an end, they set out for one last expedition.They stumbled across the birth of what is now the Chunky Nova. This moderately easy Indica strain is an explosion of purple and green and dipped in trichomes with wonderful notes of citrus and diesel. This strain will leave you hungry for more expeditions while finding a creative and focused way to get through your day.

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Returning from deep on a journey into outer space, a crew of growers came back with the seeds that would turn into Chunky Nova.

Named after its bag appeal and production process, Chunky Nova is an indica strain with THC levels hovering between 18% and 22%. With minimal CBD levels and a quick turnaround from seed to harvest, Chunky Nova has quickly found itself spreading to grow rooms throughout North America.

Chunky Nova is the child of a cerebral indica and Alien Melon Auto, which leads to its sedating, relaxing and comforting effects. Thanks to the warm blanket of comfort the strain provides, Chunky Nova is best reserved for evening use.

Strain Specifications
Type: Indica

Genetics: Unknown Indica x Alien Melon Auto

Flowering Period: 75 – 80 Days

Climate: Mild

Yield: Medium

Flavors: Sweet, Citrus, Fuel

THC levels: 20%

CBD levels: Low

Harvest Period: 75 Days

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What Are Chunky Nova Seeds?
Originally bred in homage to a funk band, Chunky Nova has turned into a revered albeit rare and limited edition indica strain. Chunky Nova seeds grow into dark dank nugs with protrusions from every angle. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation and gifted with a medium yield, Chunky Nova is quickly turning into a strain for every style of cultivar and every smoker’s palate.

While hard to describe after a single hit, repeated sessions with Chunky Nova will reveal strong citrus notes led by a tangerine nose. Lingering behind the nose, cannabis advocates will detect notes of fuel and skunk that lurk beneath thanks to its headband lineage.

Easy to grow in just about every climate, Chunky Nova seeds quickly transition into explosions of green and purple, speckled by the stars of countless trichomes. The ease-of-growing difficulty level is low enough to make any grower, novice or expert, look like a champ.

What Are Chunky Nova Effects?
Chunky Nova is a traditional indica strain that comes with modest THC levels floating between 18% and 22%. With minimal amounts of CBD and a quick turnaround from seed to harvest, Chunky Nova has become a favorite strain for medicinal growers and recreational advocates alike.

As a traditional indica, Chunky Nova brings about citrus notes that give way to a sense of relaxation and sedation. As smokers continue to enjoy their experience with Chunky Nova, they will also notice themselves sinking deeper and deeper into their couches. A heavy brain fog is soon to follow users after they spend some time with their cannabis, leaving their thoughts as loose as their body is relaxed.

More than just a sedating and relaxing indica, Chunky Nova also provides a cerebral and mind-expanding high that eventually leads to creativity and focus. On days with little to do but sit back and create, few strains could accompany your adventures more appropriately. Be aware that frequent trips to space with Chunky Nova can lead to the onset of munchies, so keep favored snacks on hand.

Due to the heady nature of the strain as well as its pronounced effects, consumption of Chunky Nova should come long after the major chores of the day have been tackled. Chunky Nova can quickly lead to couch-lock in the unaware.