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Blue Mylk Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Taking the wrong turn in outer space our crew finds themselves next to Cantina. When the call for food becomes too much, Blue Mylk is the only option. This Indica strain is highly cautioned for the more experienced growers and easily spotted by its green and purple speckled buds covered with stardusted trichomes, leaving a sweet straw, apple, and blueberry aroma. Luckily this euphoric and relaxing strain has our crew covered and ready to continue exploring galaxies far far away.

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Blue Mylk is a popular strain thanks to its dominant blueberry scent, vigorous uplifting high, and delectable flavor on inhalation. A high-yielding Indica, Blue Mylk features THC levels around the 20% mark while showing little if anything with regard to CBD. A fun terpene profile focused on myrcene provides feelings of euphoria and comfort that transcend the traditional sleepy Indica. Ideal in temperate climates, Blue Mylk is ready to harvest by late September. The child of multiple Indica parents, Blue Mylk is a rare limited edition double-bred strain that imparts scents of chamomile, bread, and blueberry.

Strain Specifications
Type: Indica-dominant

Genetics: Double Bred, Indica Cross

Flowering Period: 45 Days

Climate: Temperate

Yield: Large

Flavors: Sweet, Fruity, Floral

THC levels: 20%

CBD levels: 0.5%

Harvest Period: Mid to Late September

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What Are Blue Mylk Seeds?
There are Indicas, and then there are double-bred Indicas like Blue Mylk. Blue Mylk seeds have garnered relatively universal acclaim thanks to the towering and highly productive plants they produce. Blue Mylk is an incredibly popular strain that is most remarkable due to its unique terpene profile, which brings about scents of dough and blueberry.

A favorite strain for new growers and experienced green thumbs alike, Blue Mylk seeds are easy to guide toward production as they routinely present high yields regardless of their indoor or outdoor location. Blue Mylk promises buds that smell of blueberry while producing an energizing smoke from its purple-hued colas. One of the calling cards of this strain has been its uniformity during production and its unique and complex color profile. Paying careful attention to the plant and its colors can yield important information regarding its overall quality and health.

What Are Blue Mylk Effects?
More than just known for its startling terpene profile and pungent aroma, Blue Mylk has become popular across the industry for its sedating and relieving effects. Purple speckled buds that have been sprinkled with starry fields of trichomes can be ground into a joint or packed into a bowl for a euphoric, relaxing, and potentially sedating experience. Whether you aim to explore a book by your side or the movie on your screen, Blue Mylk makes for an amicable companion.

Blue Mylk features a rich aroma that quickly transitions from merely smelling good to truly feeling good as the delectable taste turns into a full-bodied high. With a focus on the cerebral side of things, mental fog will lower over your mind as you fall away into a state of bliss that is as out of focus as it is comfortable. Some users report feeling full-bodied tingles that become increasingly comfortable as the high develops.

Blue Mylk is a fascinating Indica-dominant strain that provides an energizing smoke that can quickly give way to a sense of serenity and relaxation. With a shortened flowering time of just 45 days and a terpene profile brimming with Myrcene and Caryophyllene, it is easy to see why growers are reaching for a bowl of Blue Mylk.