InterGarlactic Budder Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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InterGarlactic Budder Feminized Marijuana Seeds

On our journey through outer space, we found a small intergarlatic nug. We brought it back to the spaceship for lineage/genealogy testing and the outcome was interdimensional. This extremely potent Indica-dominant strain with dense buds drenched with trichomes will leave you with above-average yields. Think twice with this nutty, spicy garlic-like terpene and the alluring buttery undertones. Will leave you cruising through inner galactic dimensions. Be on the alert, UFO sightings reported!

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InterGarlactic Budder is a strain as potent as it is dense, brimming with trichomes while offering extreme pungency. InterGarlactic Budder is an Indica-dominant strain that offers notes of savory leisure that quickly give way to tastes of butter. InterGarlactic Budder is an extremely potent strain with THC levels hovering around 28%.

InterGarlactic Budder is best propagated in a warm and dry environment. Due to the relaxing nature of this strain, cannabis enthusiasts are best if they leave their InterGarlactic Budder for the evening as well as nightly use.


Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant

Genetics: Indica Leaning Hybrid x Unknown Hybrid

Flowering Period: 70 Days

Climate: Warm and Dry

Yield: Above Average

Flavors: Garlic, Spicy, Nutty

THC levels: 28 – 30%

CBD levels: Low

Harvest Period: Mid-to-Late October

Growing Difficulty: Easy


What Are InterGarlactic Budder Seeds?

Few strains in the cannabis world impart an effect quite like InterGarlactic Budder. A strain as notorious for its smell as for its effects, InterGarlactic Budder rose to fruition from an ambitious breeding program featuring hybrid and Indica parents in its genetic lineage. With a name like InterGarlactic Budder, growers will quickly understand the unique notes of herb, butter, and garlic that permeate the room when the strain is consumed and the feelings it imparts as you rocket into space for a euphoric high.

This limited-edition iteration of InterGarlactic Budder provides above-average yields with exceptional power after proper curing. THC levels are commonly reported in the high 20s and low 30s.

A phenomenal strain for growth both indoors and outdoors, InterGarlactic Budder manifests into a large bushy plant with above-average yield results. A closer look at the InterGarlactic Budder bud sites will reveal potent, dense, and trichome-covered buds that sparkle in front of the eye.

A gorgeous plant gives way to growing challenges as the large size demands a larger growing area. As a result, InterGarlactic Budder can grow well both indoors and outdoors, but only when provided with plenty of space for its bushy canopy.


What Are InterGarlactic Budder Effects?

InterGarlactic Budder is a world-class strain for growers looking to maximize the potency of their crop without limiting its quality. InterGarlactic Budder packs an immense punch, with THC levels averaging between 25 and 30%. A powerful Indica, InterGarlactic Budder is one to quickly hijack a smoke session as it leaves smokers feeling glued to their chairs while feelings of euphoria overtake them.

InterGarlactic Budder may be an Indica-dominant strain, but its uplifting and euphoric effects make it a great choice for social occasions. The unique flavor profile of InterGarlactic Budder is by far its biggest attraction, as notes of spice, garlic, nuts, and butter come together to create an experience that is as tasty as it is unique.

The traditional terpene profile of InterGarlactic Budder can be challenging at first for individuals to overcome, but once this has been accomplished, a euphoria-driven and relaxing high awaits its dedicated growers. With large yields in the right growing conditions, it is easy to see how InterGarlactic Budder has risen so quickly up the charts of popular Indica-dominant strains.