Area 51 Fruitz Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Area 51 Fruitz Feminized Marijuana Seeds

As of April 2022, rogue cannabis agencies working with NSA, FBI, and the CIA are now able to release Area 51 Fruitz to the public. This top-secret cannabis strain was bred with an extraterrestrial Sativa labeled as a top secret space grow project for intermediate growers. A vibrant green buds covered in out-of-this-world trichomes. With hints of papaya, tropical fruit this variety of plants will give you a moderate yield leaving you uplifted and ready to take on this world!

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Area 51 Fruitz is a prized sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is popular for its sweet finish, strong genetics, and soaring high. As an energizing hybrid, Area 51 Fruitz features THC levels ranging between 20% and 25% while manifesting little if any CBD.

The child of mysterious sativa-driven parents, Area 51 Fruitz is a limited edition hybrid best reserved for morning and afternoon use. Strong green buds are decked out with sparkling trichomes to give an additional aesthetic appeal to an enjoyable flower. Bred in the Humboldt Region, Area 51 Fruitz is quickly becoming a staple in the gardens of growers everywhere.


Strain Specifications

Type: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Genetics: Unknown

Flowering Period: 6 – 7 Weeks

Climate: Temperate

Yield: Medium

Flavors: Sweet, Fruity

THC levels: 20% – 25%

CBD levels: Low

Harvest Period: September

Growing Difficulty: Easy


What Are Area 51 Fruitz Seeds?

Area 51 Fruitz is a rare limited edition sativa-dominant hybrid strain featuring a split of 80% sativa and 20% indica. A heavy hitter, Area 51 Fruitz reaches THC levels between 20% and 25% while providing a soaring high that can quickly lead to energy and anxiety if consumption isn’t measured. Whether consumers are looking to sneak into Area 51 or fly a ship into outer space, Area 51 Fruitz is said to provide the energy for the mission.

Area 51 Fruitz is well-known not just for its bizarre name but also for its unique taste. Area 51 Fruitz features a tropical flavor that is as fruity as it is citrus-laden, leaving users couched between uplifting citrus and grounding earthy pungency. Area 51 Fruitz is gorgeous as it features dark green buds with undertones featuring dark amber. Orange pistils fight through bud that is layered in a sticky trichome coating to create a sight as wonderful in appearance as in the smell. Some growers compare the smell of Area 51 Fruitz favorably to apricots with hints of fruit throughout.

Easy to grow and adaptable for both indoor and outdoor environments, it is easy to see why people are turning to the papaya-fueled Area 51 Fruitz as the sativa of choice for their indoor and outdoor gardens. With flourishing genetics that prosper in both indoor and outdoor applications, growers are only a purchase away from a reputable seed bank before they can start cultivating Area 51 Fruitz of their own.


What Are Area 51 Fruitz Effects?

A creative and giggly high, Area 51 Fruitz tends to fill its consumers with a soaring sense of ease that melts away the day’s stresses while spicing up daily conversation with giggles and smiles. Uplifting in nature with a sativa’s general profile, Area 51 Fruitz provides consumers with uplifting feelings, a jolt of euphoria and a burst of energy. Onset is said to begin in the body before getting into the head and behind the eyes.

While Area 51 Fruitz provides an ambitious high for sativa advocates, the strain can cause anxiety in novice consumers. Assess tolerance before consuming Area 51 Fruitz to prevent any unexpected trips to the cannabis cosmos.