Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Indoor Growing

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Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Indoor Growing

Indoor growing has been booming for the past couple of years due to its effectiveness in producing high quality yields. The ease of growing indoors is also an advantage that the majority of growers want to avail, due to the ability to manipulate the environments where the plants grow.

Also, the advantages of growing cannabis indoors outweigh the cost for setting up the grow area, since the indoor growing method manipulates the climate and temperature, the plants have a high percentage of growing well and more potent as well as the protection against harmful elements.

This article will provide the top 10 marijuana strains for indoor growing.

1. Super Skunk Automatic

The Super Skunk Automatic is the strongest Skunk strain; it is incredibly sturdy and very ideal for any indoor grow areas. This is a powerful indica dominant strain that gives effective sedating effects. This strain is fairly easy to maintain, and you can simply leave it be with the male plants, and also, this does not need to be pruned or trimmed, but if you have that diligence in you, you may still do so in order to increase the yield.

2. Northern Lights Automatic

This is a special strain for growers that want to experience a bit of challenge. This is a strain that is intended for indoor grow areas. This strain is powerful and easy to grow; the leaves of this plant are very sturdy. It has a very fast flowering phase, and this plant is relatively small.

3. Northern Lights Haze #5 Feminized

As you grow in experience and knowledge in cultivating the cannabis plant, you are also more open to rare strains that provide challenges in the whole growing process. If you are up for the challenge, then the Northern Lights #5 Feminized variety is the one that you should work on. This strain is the kind that needs a lot of attention, as well as a lot of patience. The branches of this strain need constant support in order to grow properly. However, the rewards are fulfilling because this strain is high yielding and also provides high potent yields that you can boast.

This requires mad skills and a lot of patience in order to perfect the process of growing.

4. Big Bud Feminized

If you need a plant that will produce a monstrous amount of yield, this is the plant for you. As the name suggests, the buds are indeed big when fully matured. Since the strain is feminized, it will provide more yield than usual. This is the result of long hours of experimentation and a combination of legendary yields.

5. Silver Haze #9 Feminized

The majority of the growers stay away from the Haze strains due to the long waiting time in order for this strain to grow and mature. They are very sensitive to light and must strictly follow a light pattern in order to attain full bloom. Although they are hard to maintain and grow, they become rewarding during the harvest season. The strain is worth the wait due to the large yields. But the setback for this strain is their size; once you grow these indoors, you are limited with a few numbers of plants.

6. Maple Leaf Indica

The market and the cannabis growers community have highly favored the pure indica strains due to ease of breeding them as well as growing them. Not only that, but the indica strains are also dominant when it comes to demand and popularity. Luckily the Maple Leaf Indica surpassed the heavily saturated market that often snobs indica hybrids. This strain has proven itself by having unique beauty and strength.

7. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is the go to weed strain that both beginner and expert growers and smokers use. This strain is well balanced and easy to maintain. This strain is truly an award winner due to the increasing titles it wins for every cannabis cup. If you need something that you can start with and something that you want to study, this is a common strain that you can work on. Its yield is average, as well as its potency. This is perfect for people who just want to feel light and relaxed.

8. Shiva Shanti II

The Shiva Shanti is one of the best strains that provide a mildly euphoric high and a relaxing feeling. This is a strain that is very affordable for every beginner that is really on a tight budget. It is fast to grow and very forgiving if you have made mistakes along the way, and since this is relatively cheap, you will not worry enough if you fail to maintain it properly. But, this is a gem if you do the growing process correctly, it will provide the yield that you would not expect from a cheap strain. This is an indica, so expect this to be a sleeping aid.

9. American Dream

The American Dream is ideal for growers that want to produce consistent buds in a fast cycle. This strain is a combination of a bunch of hybrids that can be found in Jamaica and Hawaii. This plant is physically thick and sturdy with buds that are pointy, which looks like a pine tree. This is a type of strain that is easy to work with. This is a crowd favorite for growers and smokers alike.

10. Skunk Automatic Strain

The Skunk Automatic strain is the easiest skunk to grow out of all the skunk variety. This is also a budget-friendly strain that is fun to cultivate and rewards you with good quality strains. This strain, like all other skunks, is a winning breed; all the good qualities of the high-value skunks, are passed down to the newer generation. This can be grown even by dummies in the world of planting. The strain typically flowers within five to six weeks; when it reaches this period, you will be surprised with a very dense bush that will give you a satisfying harvest.


These are the top 10 marijuana that you can grow indoors; this article covers the type of strains based on their difficulty when cultivation as well as their effects and, most especially, their price. There are a lot of strains that you can choose from, which will bring joy to your indoor grow area. No matter what you choose, be sure to love the plant and enjoy taking care of it. Happy growing!

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