Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Outdoor Growing

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Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Outdoor Growing

The huge space and the free abundant light are suitable for growing weed in an open space, especially if you have one laying aside. This is the best scenario that every cannabis enthusiast wishes for because it is already proven that growing weed outdoors produces higher yields. Although this is entirely true, you must be mindful that not all strains are suitable to be cultivated outdoors. In this article, the top 10 cannabis strains for outdoor growing are identified for your convenience. So, read on so that you can plan your outdoor growing!

Before you proceed, be sure to have in mind that the grow area must be exposed to sunlight during the day and hidden from any artificial lighting during the night, the cannabis plant is a very sensitive plant when it comes to lighting, untimely exposure may put the whole plantation to be ruined. Also, be a responsible grower, only grow plants as discreetly as possible even though it is already legal, also follow the specific number of cannabis plants allowed by the state for each individual.

Without further adieu, here are your top 10 outdoor cannabis strains!

1. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia haze is well known for its properties that will make you forget, but also due to the cloud nine experience. This is a highly potent strain that is preferred by many. This strain has also won a couple of awards in cannabis cups. The strain provides creativity and a happy mood, it takes longer to bloom, but it is guaranteed to produce higher amounts of yield per plant.

The strain takes a longer time to grow, but it packs a consistent 21% THC level.

2. OG Kush

The OG Kush is the best choice for growers that are located in a warmer environment and want to grow a strong indica strain. The OG Kush is one of the legends in the cannabis industry; it provides a strong sedating effect and also the laughter-inducing compound that surely lightens up the mood. OG Kush is a go to strain that recreational and medical users prefer.

The advantage of OG Kush is that it is very sturdy against pests and mildew; it only takes 45 to 60 days before it flowers up.

3. White Widow

A lot of growers prefer this strain due to the high content of resin that is found in the buds; this means that the flowers have instant euphoric effects in the human system. This is a strain the majority of beginners prefer due to the moderate physical high but high-intensity psychoactive effects. Also, it handles itself very well in harsh weather conditions. It requires minimal maintenance, which is a plus to all growers.

4. Super Skunk

This strain is one of the best in this list as it guarantees a heavy yield and a less difficult growing cycle. This is coined as the super strain because of its sturdiness and ability to adapt to harsh weather conditions. This strain provides soothing stress-relieving effects and provides a high that is perfect for social gatherings.

5. Northern Soul

This strain is a crossbreed between the Northern Lights and the Skunk 1; the Northern Soul is the heaviest yielder among the strains listed here. It handles itself very well in rough weather but takes longer than usual to reach the harvesting stage. Also, it is a gorgeous plant that has large leaves and has a purple hue in both the flowers and leaves.

It provides a serious punch and a good pain-relieving factor. This strain is one of the go to strains for growers who need heavier yields for the season.

6. Strawberry Kush

The Strawberry Kush can only be obtained by cloning alone; however, if you have the chance to get this rare strain, you will surely enjoy this. This strives to thrive well in any weather condition due to the short growing period. Thus, you will have faster and higher yields, with the rarity and quality still intact.

The potency of this strain is unquestionable; it is a good strain for both beginners and experts. This is widely used due to the uniqueness of its taste and smell.

7. Blueberry

This strain is absolutely indica dominant that gives a very extreme psychoactive effect on the brain. This also is a high demand strain in the market due to its high yield capacity and high levels of THC. This strain naturally thrives outdoors but can be tricky for beginners due to its sensitivity and high demand for sunlight.

For growers that have a lot of experience in growing cannabis plants, this strain is very rewarding due to its beauty. This is one of the most amazing strains in this strain due to its full package.

8. Critical Sour

The Critical Sour is a type of strain that is built for outdoor cultivation, and if treated with love and respect, it will love you back by having huge yields. This strain specializes in physical high and relaxation. The physical appearance of the plant is robust and sturdy; this is also a strain that is very easy to grow.

9. Shaman Regular

This strain is very quick to manifest its effects when it comes to its euphoric high, but it will leave you with a chill and creative phase that will topple all the creative inhibiting strains. This strain is very strong in nature and can resist pests and mildews. It flowers very fast and provides a hefty harvest.

10. Early Skunk

The last strain on the list can live comfortably in cold weather; this is the best strain that people located in cooler climates. This strain is very resistant to the cold breeze and does not need too much sunlight. It is known for its effective euphoric high that is not too intense and can still provide a good night’s sleep.


These are the top 10 cannabis strains for outdoor growing. Before you venture into this endeavor, make sure that you have all the things that you need to protect and preserve the plant. Be patient with your plants and study them in order to further increase their potency and their yield. Most of all, enjoy each phase of the growth and learn from your cultivation mistakes.

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