Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Beginners

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Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Beginners

As a teenager that is still beginning to be curious regarding the cannabis plant, you often rely on the information that others provide you. That’s a big mistake, the best thing that you can do is conduct research like what you are doing now as you read this article. Do not be the kid that just relies on the information handed to you by sellers because it’s the only thing that you can afford. Be smart about your first cannabis encounter.

As the cannabis market grows, you have to increase your knowledge as well; this will be your best weapon in having the best experience without being swindled, and without breaking the bank. This article will provide all you need to know about the top 10 cannabis strains for beginners like you.

10 Best Cannabis Strains for Starters

The best thing that you can do if you are a beginner in your cannabis journey is being in a place where cannabis is openly talked about, try visiting a dispensary where you can discuss the strains that you have in mind with the budtender. The budtender will provide you with all the information regarding the THC levels, potency, effects, and the perfect way to use the cannabis strains.

However, if you do not have a lot of time to spend in a dispensary, here are some strains that experts recommend for newbies.

1. Blue Dream

This strain is widely used by every level of cannabis smokers. This is a strain that catered almost all of the cannabis smokers. This is due to its mellow and mild effects that do not shock you in any way. Blue Dream is a Sativa dominant strain that provides a relaxing effect as well as a mild high.

It has the capability to relieve chronic pain as well as a fix for people who suffer depression. This strain has a creative jolt that is evident because of its THC content that ranges from 15% to 25%. This strain is widely used by people who need a pain reliever that tastes like blueberry.

2. AC/DC

The strains’ name is just for the purpose of catching the attention of newcomers to the cannabis world. The term might also mean the contrast of the composition of the strain due to its high CBD content and low THC content. This strain is specifically for people who are seeking relief rather than the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Thus, the user keeps on coming back for more, especially when they are suffering from severe pain.

The effect of the AC/DC strain is purely for relaxation and pain relief; there is no evident euphoric high. The smell and taste of the strain may turn off the majority of the newbies, but the strong comfort and relaxation of the body is a great trade-off for many.

3. Harlequin

Who doesn’t love Harlequin, right? This strain is always present in any top 10 list of strains; this is because of its high CBD content and low THC level. The uniqueness of this strain is not only focused on its ability to give relaxation with no euphoric high, but its main strength is the ability to provide maximum relaxation without any sedation involved. This strain will relax you but will not affect your focus and way of thinking, which is why a lot of physically tired people are availing it.

4. Jack Herer

This strain is one of the main stepping stones that you have to face in your cannabis journey; this is a great introduction for the higher tier strains. This is not your average strain; it packs a punch due to its THC content but not to the point that will endanger you if you accidentally OD.

The Jack provides a great but moderate euphoric high. This strain does not give the heavy distortion and motor skill impairment that cannabis legends have, but this will give the energy boost that you need. This strain is commonly used for people with mental problems like clinical depression and PTSD.

5. Plushberry

This is another mild strain that has very good relaxation without the sedating effects. This is an indica dominant strain but with an alternating dominance of sativa. The Plushberry is well known due to its berry taste with a combination of blueberries and blackberries. When it comes to its aroma, it is linked to black cherry. The strain contains 16 to 54% of THC, but what’s more notable is the effects of its CBD contents that help the user to control stress and prevent anxiety attacks.

6. Cannatonic

This cannabis strain is widely used in the medical field due to its CBD contents. This is the number one choice for first-time users because it gives plenty of focus on work and relieves the user from any pain caused by work-related activities.

7. Hindu Kush

This is a strain that is 1 tier higher than the others. The reason for that is the higher THC level and also to its purity of being an Indica strain. This strain often causes the users to cough and experience dryness of the throat. Its effects are immediate once smoked; it gives the strong sedating effects causing users to experience couch locking. This has a euphoric high that leaves you laughing even in the lamest joke.

8. Master Kush

Master Kush has the same characteristics as the Hindu Kush because they are discovered in the same geographic region. Master Kush is an award-winning strain that provides a mellow sedating effect that people suffering from insomnia commonly consume.

9. Girl Scout Cookies or GSC

The Girl Scout Cookies is the right strain for beginners who already know what to expect. It has a well balanced physical relaxation and a good sedating factor. This strain contains a staggering 28% of THC and has a constant 1% CBD level.

The factors that GSC has a famous cookie taste and smell that users really like. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people stick with this strain. Not only that, but it also plays a huge factor in relieving illnesses.

10. Trainwreck

The last strain on the list provides a big step up to the beginner’s cannabis game. It packs a 19% to 26% THC level that brings out the best in you. This is a shocking strain for beginners because it really has its merits when it comes to the euphoric high. It is a quick fix for people who suffer from stress, pain, depression, and PTSD.


For a beginner, this is your tasting menu for the best cannabis strain that you easily find in your local dispensary. This list provides the best that you can use for medical and recreational purposes. Be sure to conduct your research for every strain that you want to try out; in this way, you will not be surprised by the effects it brings.

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