Top 5 Most Delicious Cannabis Strains

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Top 5 Most Delicious Cannabis Strains

For cannabis smokers, smoking marijuana isn’t entirely because of its psychoactive effects, other people enjoy smoking weed because it packs different flavors that are truly amazing and palatable to their mouth. For people, potency and containing high levels of THC don’t cut it, they prefer to take a different route, and that route is through delicious and sumptuous flavors that explode!

In this article, you’ll be learning some of the most delicious cannabis strains you can encounter in your cannabis journey. So, buckle up your seat and enjoy this delectable journey ahead!

1. Sugar Black Rose

When you talk about providing the best of both worlds, overwhelming potency, and a dazzling array of flavors, Sugar Black Rose easily comes to mind. Cannabis smokers prefer this strain because it doesn’t blow you away with THC, as it contains around 18% of it, an average content.

Just like the name suggests, this strain packs a nice punch right into the head that fills you up with calming waves of euphoria that easily sedates your body as you succumb to the incredibly relaxing effects. Aside from its effects, the flavors are tasty, from a sweet and sugary taste that maximizes its parent’s genetics. You can enjoy a hint of earthy and musky aroma and flavors that is soon followed up by sweet candy notes and floral undertones from the first hit. Indeed, a masterclass of its own.

2. Strawberry Cough 

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa dominant strain resulting from the Erdbeer Strain and an unknown Indica. The result holds true to its strain name, and the Strawberry Cough will surely delight your taste buds as it has some of the most profound flavors you can think of, from sweet berry notes, down to every bit of strawberry flavors.

Aside from its flavorful offerings, the Strawberry Cough is bound to keep your worries away as it is great for alleviating pain and anxieties. With a whopping 22% to 26% THC content, prepare yourself as you engulf on an energetic journey, which will give you lots of creativity and a clearer mind. If you want to use it as a treatment for your nagging pain, then so be it. Strawberry cough is a smoker’s dream if you consider THC and flavors a key element to having a high-quality strain.

3. Big Buddha Cheese

Big Buddha Cheese caters to the need for smokers who want to enjoy a tremendous high without being overwhelmed with traditional cheese flavors. Although Cheese strains are known to possess some of the highest THC content, the Big Buddha Cheese only has 18% of THC, perfect enough to be smoked during the entire day without fear of being sedated. Another thing to note with the Big Buddha Cheese is how easy it is to grow, growers have taken a liking out of this because of how fast if flowers.

Big Buddha Cheese swarms the user’s taste buds with strong and intense flavors of cheese. With its strong cheese flavors and pungent smell, it will take you back from the days where you get to enjoy a slice of cheese without being scolded by your mom. The high which this strain brings radiates your soul into a whole new level of euphoria that will leave you relaxed and calm for a long duration. People like this product are the duration of the high, quite long, which means people will experience these effects for extended periods. A pretty bold and intense strain, right?

4. Lemon Shining Silver Haze

As sleek as its name is, the Lemon Shining Silver Haze hits you directly right in the sweet spot. This Sativa dominant strain is a cross between two classics and legendary strains, namely, Haze and Skunk X Northern Lights. This award-winning strain took home accolades and set the industry ablaze for its potency and effects.

The Lemon Shining Silver Haze is not one to belittle. It has 25% of THC goodness, great enough for hardcore stoners to experience what they seek within cannabis, a powerful and mind-blowing high full of dazzling flavors. The effects are quite long-lasting, and you are sure to be greeted with lots of positivity and laughter. Lemon Shining Silver Haze has a spicy and sweet tone combined with citrus fruits and herbal flavors. To match its taste, the aroma is pretty enticing with an intense scent of lemon. So, if you happen to come across this legend, have a smoke of it and be mesmerized by the potency and flavors.

5. Game Changer

If you want to take it up a notch, might as well try this one. As the name implies, this could change the game for you and your buddies. The Game Changer is a hybrid cross between the Thai Landrace called Green Thai, and the Purple Dragon. This strain is extremely potent, THC level clocks in at a staggering 29%. They aren’t for the faint-hearted; this strain is for hardcore stoners who want some action combined with palatable flavors.

Although it is intensely potent, the Game Changer strain boasts delicious and mouthwatering flavors of grapes and other citrus fruits. The effects transcend to that of its parents. The effects are what separates this strain from the rest of the competition. The effects can be described as hypnotic with a therapeutic relaxation of the mind, body, and soul. Sedation is inevitable, and be sure to have your bed ready when you try to smoke this one. Nonetheless, the name speaks for itself.


People will always have different tastes when it comes to smoking cannabis, whether they want high THC cannabis or delicious cannabis, it’s really up to them. The fun part is that regardless of which you choose, thousands of cannabis strains out, there can please their taste buds.

However, if what you’re after is for the taste, you have a great group out here waiting to be tasted. Most of all, these are some of the most delicious strains you might come across in your cannabis journey. So, if you happen to find them, give them a nice hit!

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